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FRSA Flash for 21Sep2012

  1. 1. Knighthawk Government Organization TF KnighthawkHave questions or concerns? Be sureto contact your FRG Leader or FRSA. FRSA FlashHHC September 21, 2012Jennifer CannonAlpha—Deathstalker 9/22 – Adirondack Railroad Fall Foliage Trip – Parks andCarole Barlow Recreation 9/22 – UFC at Winner’s Circle – BOSSBecky Blanchard 9/22 - Trash to Treasure 10-1PM - Crescent Woods Commu nity CenterC/Co—Warlords 9/25 - Investing 101-ROTH IRA 9-11AM - ACSCasey Greene 9/25 – Teen Image-Makers Photography Club – Youth Cen- terHeidi Woerheide 9/25 – Family Night: Horseback Riding – The CommonsD/Co—Dragonhawk 9/26 – At-Home Career Fair – Army Community Service 9/26 – Teen Cooking Club – Youth CenterShaunna Fitzpatrick 9/27 – Federal Employment Workshop - ACS 9/27 - FRG Book Club - ACSKimberly Perez 9/29 - Meet the Author: Hope Marston - McEwen LibraryE/Co— Knight Rider 9/29 - Skate Jam - Youth Center 10/1-14 - Clothing Give-Away Drop-Off – ACSSterling Reep 10/1-2 - 1BCT DONSAF/ Co—Firehawk 10/1 – Homemade Christmas Group – ACS 10/2 – English For Speakers of Other Languages – ACSJamie Sampsel 10/3 – BOSS 5K Fun Run – Magrath Sports Complex 10/3 - OPSEC Safety for Families 10:30AM-12PM - ACSWendy Everett 10/4 – Employment 101 – ACSF/Co—Pathfinder 10/5 - DIVISION DONSA 10/5 – Couponing Class – ACSAna Hume 10/5 - In Her Shoes: Living With Domestic Violence – ACS 10/8 - COLUMBUS DAY/DIVISION DONSAChristina Perdue 10/9 - EFMP Support Group – ACSAdvisors 10/9 - Key Caller Class – ACS 10/9 - Build Your Own Business – ACSRebecca Braman 10/12 - Veterans’ Information Day – Dulles State OfficeJessica Chilson Building 10/13 - I’m Alone Youth Training - School Age CenterFamily Readiness Support 10/19 - Coping with Deployment Class - USO 10/26 - Daytreat 9:30AM-3PM - Po Valley ChapelAssistant 10/26 - Haunted Hayride - Remington ParkKelley Arnold 10/27 - 2BCT Haunted Hotel315-774-1373
  2. 2. Upcoming Task Force Events:Spouses lunch: Topic “ Coping with Stress TF Knighthawk Org. Dayon the Homefront” Location: TF Knighthawk HangarDate: 27 Sep 2012Time: 1145-1245 Date: 18Oct 2012Location: TF ClassroomJRTC Town Hall MeetingLocation: MPA More information and flyers coming soon for allDate: 9Oct 2012 events! If you have any question please contact Kelley Arnold, FRSA 315-774-1373.Time: 1000-Noon, 6:00pm—8:00pm OBSTACLES: TF 2-10 KNIGHTHAWK 1.Mudd Hill - A huge mound of dirt soaked in water Presents… “THE ROUGH MUDDER” 2.Face in the Mud - obstacle set up with stakes and 550’ chord to set up a low crawl Who: Soldiers and their Families When: 29 September 2012 @ 0900 AM 3.Sand Trap – a pit of sand runners will bearcrawl acrossWhat: A 5k Obstacle Run (think you’re tough?) Where: TF 2-10 Knighthawk Hangar 4.Slippery Slalom - runners will have to go up and down Why: To have fun and get muddy! through a drainage ditchBring your families, activities for all ages! Or justcome on your own! 5k Run with mud/water 5.Mud Marsh - this drainage ditch will be filled with aobstacles to test your toughness. You will get shallow pool of watermuddy and dirty. This is an off-road course, nopets! 6.The Web - Netting is staked down, forcing the participants to crawl under/through$10 Entry Fee – All money goes to support the Soldiers!$10 for a “Rough Mudder” T-shirt. First 150 guaranteed a T-shirt.Please Contact CPT John Meier for entry form and any additionalinformation. 315-774-1313 7.Gauntlet - The final stretch of this race will be lined onThere are a couple different ways to pay for the event. A check both sides with water sourcescan be written, payable to CPT Martinez (Fernando Martinez) orus can pay cash. CPT Meier will be in the office all next week ifyou want to drop off your money, or they can bring their moneythe day of the event. We will have a table set up for registation.CPT Meier would ask anyone who is planning to participate to ** Each obstacle will have at least 1x Safety/Instructorsend him an email (information is on the above flyer), or givehim a call so you can by added to the list and a T-Shirts can beset aside. CPT Meier would like to receive the entry form priorto the 29th.
  3. 3. Children may participate in this run, for every child participating a con-sent form MUST be filled out.PRICE:Per person: $10Family of 3+: $25
  4. 4. A power outage has been scheduled for 29 September 2012, starting at 5 am and will continue until 6 pm. Theoutage will take place close to the intersection of South Riva Ridge and Nancy Drive and at the intersection ofChapel Drive and South Riva Ridge. The reason for the outage is to upgrade the current power lines and makeCoblenz Circle able to be back feed from another direction. We are combining two outages into one. The outagewill be for the same 12 hours but ¾ of the homes will only be out of power for up to 4 hours. Below is a break-down of who will be affected and for how long. It will affect the 9000 area housing (Coblenz Circle only), MP Sta-tion, CID, FD, CDCs, Main Post Chapel, Car Wash for approx 12 hours starting at 5 am. The following housing areaswill be affected for up to 4 hours starting at 5 am. 9000 area(9050 thru 9086) 9100, 9200, 9300, 10800. Again, theoutage is scheduled for approx 12 hours but if done sooner power will be restored immediately. If you have anyquestions please contact Jeff Carroll at 523-0458.
  5. 5. Managing Military ID Cards Just Got EasierBy Lisa DanielAmerican Forces Press ServiceThe center has launched its RAPIDS -- Real-timeAutomated Personnel Identification System -- self-service portal to allow anyone with the Defense Departments common accesscard, or CAC, to apply for family ID or retirement cards or update dependents statuses online."Its really exciting," Mary Dixon, the centers director, said. "Weve been working for some time now to try to improve and trans-form our whole ID card application process so people can do things online and not spend long hours going to a site and waiting tobe seen."The change may seem procedural, but its impact will be big for those who, without it, have had to spend countless hours waitingin line with their families to get ID cards. Before RAPIDS, service members, retirees and families had to go together to a DefenseManpower Data Center to submit an application form and wait while the ID card is being made, Dixon said."This is big project," she said. "It takes away time from your work, and if you are separated – maybe the spouse is out on a ship oron deployment or your child is away at college – it makes it a huge problem."Now, the CAC holder can go onto the RAPIDS site, call up the listing of their dependents, and fill out and digitally sign form No.1172-2 for their family members to receive an ID card. That family member then can go alone to the closest DMDC office – theyare listed on the website and linked to Google Maps <blocked> for driving directions -- to pick up thecard, Dixon said.“RAPIDS” is a win for both the department and families, the director said. "You can do this from your desk," she said. "As long asyour computer is CAC-enabled, it could be from your home or office. You can do it without going to a physical site, which ishuge."The site also allows you to get a DOD self-service user name and password, known as a DS Logon, which allows you to accessseveral DOD and VA websites with the logon information, rather than a CAC. DS Logon, which is available only to CAC holders,also has a "premium account," which gives the highest level of access, allowing you to view personal data about yourself in theDOD and VA systems, apply for benefits online, check the status of your claims and update your address records. You must applyin person for the premium account.DMDC will continue to expand its self-service options to include changing email certificates and information about family mem-bers, Dixon said. The upgrades include an effort to put the fingerprints of new recruits into the system, so lost paperwork caneasily be replaced, she said.Dixon said she hopes the site also will one day include alerts for when an ID card is about to expire, and will be integrated withDMDCs MilConnect website to access allDOD and Veterans Affairs benefits."We still have to have the face-to-face, which is important for legitimate ID proofing," she said. "But were saying, What are theways to reduce the time you spend at the sites?"
  6. 6. News From Your Sci-Tech Museum Find out about: 1) Free Telescopic Observing Night To Feature Our Moon 2) Sci-Tech To Be Open On Columbus Day With A Special Deal 3) New Display Of Indian Artifacts 4) 100 Years of the Electronic Vacuum Tube 5) Strategy Game Club Returns To Saturdays 6) Our Wish List1) Free Telescopic Observing Night To Feature Our Moon - Join us for a free observing session on Friday, September 21, at 8:00pm at the Perch River Air Monitoring Station. This is a free event, with telescopes set up to view a variety of celes- tial phenomena, learn about some of the constellations, and see how to find directions from the stars.2) Sci-Tech To Be Open On Columbus Day With A Special Deal - Sci-Tech will be open on Columbus Day, Monday October 8, from 10:00am to 4:00pm, with a special deal for children. Any child who brings in a newspaper story about exploration or discovery on Columbus Day will be admitted for just $1.003) New Display Of Indian Artifacts - Dont miss a new display on Sci-Techs first floor, showing a variety of American Indian arti facts. Included in the display case are dolls, sewing tools, arrowheads, flint cutters, and even a totem. Tribes represented in the display include our local Onondaga Nation, cliff dwellers, Mashpies, Navahoes, Seminoles, and more.4) 100 Years Of The Electronic Vacuum Tube - The vacuum tube was critical to early electronic technology, and drove thedevelopment of radio, television, telephone systems and computers. Although a crude forerunner was developed by LeeDe Forest in 1906, using what was known as the "Edison Effect" to demodulate radio signals, it was not until about 1912that the modern tube was born.5) Strategy Game Club Returns To Saturdays - Our Strategy Game Club, the Syracuse Wargamers, play a variety of boardand card strategy games as well as chess. Starting on October 13, they will again be meeting each Saturday morning at10:00am on Sci-Techs second floor. All teenagers are invited to participate6) Our Wish List - To help us prepare new exhibits and programs, wed like to ask you to look around your garage or base-ment, and see if you have any of the items we are searching for. Our complete wish list is on our web site, but there are a few items we hope to locate quickly. These are: Bicycle generators - the type that rub against a bicycle wheel to power a headlight High intensity illuminators - medical/fiber optic OK Small kiosks - display units Plexiglas - Acrylic plastic - sheets or scraps, but clean Drill Press Film reel winders - for 16mm or 35mm film, or editing station with reel winders Low pressure sodium light (yellow light) Micro-Amp meters Small X-ray viewing box If you can help with the donation of any of these items, please contact Steve Karon at Sci-Tech - 788-1340 Sci-Tech Center of Northern New York 154 Stone Street Watertown, NY 13601
  7. 7. Happening at ACS
  8. 8. Looking for a job??Check out our vFRG page as the ACS Job Bank is updated weekly!!!
  9. 9. Exceptional Family Member Program at ACS
  10. 10. Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Material presented does notrepresent the views or endorsement of TF Knighthawk or the United States Army. This material is for personal use ofthe readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.