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March news

  1. 1. Family TimesSouth Carolina National Guard Family ProgramsIssue No.2 March 2011 Trade in your M16- Lean, Mean, DADDY machines! All About Soldiers. Veterans. Families. Never Alone. Salute to Soldiers Nominate your soldierOn the cover: SSG Jason Sims and son Brigham, 2 years old
  2. 2. Director’s Cut Welcome to our Spring Edition of Family Times: Here we are in spring time with the First Annual Army and Air Military and Family Appreciation Day this Saturday at McEntire Joint National Guard Base. This will be a spectacular event for the entire family. There will be concerts by Coastal Breeze, Bodega Roja and more. There will also be plenty of activities for kids. The Department of Natural Resources is bringing their Outdoor Heritage Mobile Education Trailer which is a hunting and fishing simulator. This will be the largest Family Day the South Carolina National Guard has ever produced and the weather is supposed to be great. You will see an advertisement later inthis issue for more information. Registration is now open for our Annual Youth Camp. This is a great opportunity for your kidsfrom ages 10 to 17. We are going to Camp Bob Cooper again this year on beautiful Lake Marion. It runsfrom July 24th - 30th. It’s only $150 for the whole week with many activities including parasailing. It’s agreat time for our kids to interact with each other and share the experiences of being in the NationalGuard Family. Applications are available on our web page at . Then go toResources/Family Programs/Youth Camp. All of you wonderful Family Readiness Group volunteers out there are the backbone of FamilyPrograms and we want to tell your stories. If you are having any fund raisers or any other events youwould like for us to publicize, please contact Specialist Bonita Patrick at 803-806-4400. If anyone out there has any old or broken cell phones, please get them to any Family Programsstaff. We can turn them in for calling cards that we can send to deployed Soldiers and Airmen. It does notmatter what kind of shape the phones are in. It saddens me to tell you that we have lost three members of our Family Programs Team. MikeBower, our Senior Family Readiness Support Assistant has moved to another career opportunity. JasonMarsh, a member of our Yellow Ribbon Team, has also moved, starting his own business. And last, butcertainly not least, Tina Brown, one of our great Military and Family Life Consultants, has accepted aposition with the Veterans Administration in Richmond, VA to be closer to her family. We wish all ofthem nothing but the best of luck for the future and they will be missed terribly. Please let us know what is going on in your unit, your family and your community. We are all inthis together and together we are stronger. May God bless all of you.Debbie McNameeState Family Programs Director 2
  3. 3. NCOIC Family Programs has seen a Golf Tournament to lot happening lately. The happenings Benefit the 1221st include:  Units leaving and returning Engineer Clearance Co. (Sponsored by A Child’s Answered Prayer and the  Family Appreciation Day at Family Readiness Group, Batesburg & McEntire (April 2nd) Graniteville)  April is Military Child Appreciation Month TEE OFF FOR THE  Preparations for Youth Camp are TROOPS !! under way  Three of our team members have gone to other careers It is wonderful to see so many activities for our Soldiers and Families. Every activity is another opportunity someone is helped,supported, informed, or encouraged. When: Monday, April 18, 2011As we continue to face tough times, we need to remember the basics of 9:15-9:45caring for our battle buddy: Registration and Team Photos 10:00 A.M.  Everyone needs a buddy Shotgun Start  Keep track of your buddy  Ensure your buddy is safe Where: Columbia Country Club  Double check that your buddy has what they need 135 Columbia Drive Blythewood, SC 29016 Remember that we are in this together and there is help available.If you are concerned about your buddy, ask for help on his or her Why: All proceeds will benefitbehalf. Simply expressing concern will make a huge difference for the homecoming celebration forthose who are down. the 1221st Eng. Co. Let me also encourage Family members of deployed Soldiers to Immediately Followingcontact the Family Assistance Specialists (FAS’s). Our FAS’s are Tournament: Lunch, Awards, Prizes, and Give-required to contact the next of kin for deployed Soldiers at least once awaysevery month while the Soldier is away. If you are not hearing fromthem, they probably have bad information on how to contact you. We For more information pleaseare all part of this Family we call the South Carolina National Guard contact Stephanie Maroney 803-404-7066and no one should feel they are facing anything alone scbcjc28@yahoo.comSFC John PeavyFamily Programs, NCOIC 3 About out sponsor-
  4. 4. News From Above As a Chaplain Candidate, it is sometimes overwhelming just to hear all of the challenges our Soldiers arefacing. Our Soldiers are all individuals who have recognized the necessity of putting on the uniform, training,preparing, maintaining readiness, and spending long periods of time away from home in the name of our Nation’ssecurity and liberty. Our Soldiers act with urgency and an awareness of the duty they have—and they volunteer allthe more to serve for the good of the Unit, the State, and the Nation. However, this service frequently takes its toll onthe personal lives of our Soldiers and their Families. ―Resiliency‖ in our Soldiers’ spiritual and mental life is the goal; but what does that look like? Take twohypothetical Soldiers. Say, for example, both are in the same unit, both are on the same patrol in Afghanistan, andboth are involved in the same roadside blast. One Soldier returns home and seeks to process what he has beenthrough. He monitors his thoughts, behaviors, and physical responses. He is patient. It’s not always easy, but overtime, he comes through a more well-balanced individual than before the deployment. He even comes to see the trialsand valleys he has gone through as a blessing in disguise. As the old hymn says: God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform; He plants His footsteps in the sea And rides upon the storm. Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take; The clouds ye so much dread Are big with mercy and shall break In blessings on your head. The other Soldier is not so patient. He returns home and withdraws from any help available. He wants thestress he feels to be gone. He becomes frustrated, and that leads to all kinds of other personal challenges—whichonly compound the problem. This is nothing more than an overly-simplified analogy. Nevertheless, your Chaplains are working before,during, and after deployments to give that second Soldier the resources and tools he needs to be more like that firstSoldier. Your Chaplains are working before, during, and after deployments with Families to foster understandingand equip people to be able to work through these challenges. The Guard is a Family. We want to bear one another’sburdens, and we rush to one another’s aid. Your Chaplains are privileged to serve such extraordinary Soldiers andFamilies, and we are continually seeking how to best provide Comprehensive Soldier Care.By: 2LT Blake T Law, Chaplain Candidate CH (2LT) Cecil Costadani SFC Brandon Brown Chaplain Chaplain Assistant (803) 806-1799 (803) 806-2247 4
  5. 5. Coming Soon Kathy Dent Event Coordinator 803-206-5706 A Special Appreciation Day is scheduled to be held on April 2, 2011 at McEntire Joint National GuardBase in Eastover, South Carolina. This day of festivities is all about our Families. Activities and the fun start atnoon. The Youth Services area will offer activities that include: a children’s suite area (ages 0-5 for short ternchildcare), OMK programs (photography, sun safety, and volcano building), Bunky’s Fun House, DNR Huntingand Fishing simulator, and sport activities hosted by the Boys & Girls Club. There will be bands, food, andfamily fun all day long! Enlisted Soldiers and Airmen on duty will be provided meals. There is no entrance feeor parking fee and snacks will be available to our children and youth. We are excited about our day to give a big ―Thank You‖ to our Families and to show them how much wevalue what they are doing to support our Military, our State, and our Country. All SC National Guardsmen, Air and Army, their Families, Retirees, and sponsors are invited to attend.Please save the date April 2, 2011. When: April 2, 2011 Begins at 12 Noon until sunset Where: McEntire Joint National Guard Base Would like to thank our sponsors for recognizing the Families of our Soldiers and Airmen, the true Homefront Heroes. 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. Family to Family Deployment is no easy task to endure when it comes to leaving behind loved ones. We asSoldiers sacrifice missing birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and even the births of our ownchildren, just to name a few, to serve our country. In this section we honor the words of Soldiersthat experience deployment and the affect it had on their family, but still find encouraging words tosay to other South Carolina National Guardsmen and service members and the work we do under theumbrella of Family programs in relation to Readiness, Resiliency, and Reintegration. We hope thatyou find you are not alone in whatever situation you endure but know that there is help and we, theSouth Carolina National Guard Family Programs Family, are here to faithfully serve those Familiesthat have pledged to make the ultimate sacrifice. Soldiers. Veterans. Families In this edition we honor: The Sims Family The biggest thing that I went through while on this deployment was the pregnancy of my third and final son!!! My third son, whose name is Brennan, is here because of the generous donation of Lowes Home Improvement. If you can recall, Lowes donated $25,000 to get us home for Christmas. While home for Christmas my wife and I took full advantage of the time we had together. We (1222 Eng Co) left on the 1st of January 2010 to head back to Ft. McCoy to finish the remaining training we had left. The 21st of January was a big day for me. Not only did I find out that we would depart that afternoon for Afghanistan, but I also found out my wife was pregnant. After finding this out, I couldnt help but to sit back and laugh at the Lowes Home Improvement slogan, "Lets build something together". Therefore, I tell everybody that my wife and I take that saying to heart. After finding out that she was pregnant, me being gone was a big concern for me. My wife attended a FRG meeting, and it was then I knew that everything was going to be okay. It helped me realize, as far as the support, I did not have to worry. The support and peace of mind was overwhelming and the gratitude we feel, I cannot even begin to put it in words. There was a lot of support from different organizations as well. The main thing that I can tell somebody that is getting ready to deploy is to stay focused on the mission at hand and tell their significant other to go to the FRG meetings, take full advantage of the services that are available through Family Programs and Yellow Ribbon and get involved as much as possible. This will make the time fly by for both parties. Yours in Service, The Sims Family 7
  8. 8. Youth Services Team We strive to bring campers together through character developing activities designed to encourage friendship, cooperation, teamwork, respect for our natural environment. This Youth Camp gives youth the opportunity to learn independence, responsibility and the tools necessary to make the right decisions. From wake-up to lights out, our camp provides challenges, discovery, friendships and fun! We are excited about all the events that have taken Upcoming Eventsplace in the recent past, those that are happening now, and -April is ―The Month of the Military Child‖-This year’s theme is ―Celebrate Military Children, Thethose that will occur in the near future. We are especially Strength of Our Future‖anticipating our SCNG 2011 Annual Youth Camp, planned totake place the last week of July. Check our booth at Family -May 21st: Free Day at the ZooAppreciation Day and our website at -July 24th thru 30th: Youth Campfor applications and more information. DNR Planned Events Recently, the SC National Guard and SC Departmentof Natural Resources (Take on Make One Program) teamedup with Jarrett Rifles and the Cowden Plantation for a youthturkey hunt on March 26th. There were 5 youth and mentorsin attendance with 2 birds taken. It was a great time foreveryone involved and another successful youth event. Soon to come, The Boys and Girls Club of theMidlands is planning a FREE day at the zoo and they will beinviting military Families to participate. The zoo has reservedthe day, Saturday, May 21st, just for US! Mark yourcalendars and keep a watchful eye on the SCNG FamilyPrograms Facebook page for more details and the confirmed James Harris Kathleen DaCamara 8 Youth Services Youth Servicesdate. Director Coordinator 803-667-2056 803-806-4025
  9. 9. Making the ConnectionBGCM PARTNERS WITH SC ARMY NATIONAL GUARD FAMILY PROGRAM – YOUTH SERVICES Partnership Established to assist Midlands Military FamiliesFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Melissa Goforth, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands, (803) 319-4894,MGoforth@BGCMidlands.orgColumbia, SC – The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands is both pleased and honored toannounce a new partnership with the South Carolina Army National Guard Family Programs –Youth Services.Such a partnership would benefit military families throughout the state by offering a quality,affordable after school option, the BE GREAT Academy, for children whose parent/parentsare currently deployed.The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands is proud to extend an invitation to these families, aswell as offer a 20 percent discount on all services the organization has to offer. This includesafter school care, spring break camp and summer camp.Military families may register in advance online, or read more information about theorganization’s programs at .Carter Clark, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands Chief Professional Officer, believes the newpartnership will provide military service members and their families with first class care.―The men and women that serve our country through the armed service make it possible for allof us to enjoy our freedoms as Americans,‖ said Clark. ―We are honored to partner with theArmy to be able to provide the children of these heroes access to quality after care serviceswithin the communities they live and protect.‖The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands currently serves more than 5,000 youth annually in32 locations throughout the Midlands. These locations are located in Richland, Lexington,Fairfield and Kershaw county.To learn how your military family can become involved with BGCM and the Be GreatAcademy after school program, please contact the BGCM Service Center at 803.231.3300 or . 9
  10. 10. OMG!...OMK! OMK : Family Resiliency RetreatsOMK Since 2008 SC Operation Military Kids has supported seven Family Resiliency Retreats, These retreats are designed specifically for military families that have or have had a family member deployed . Family Retreats have hosted grandparents raising grandchildren while their single parent son or daughter is deployed., OIF and OEF military members and their families Operation: and Wounded Warriors and their families.. Retreats are typically held in a tranquil Military Kids mountain or refreshing beach setting. Though some resiliency skills trainings are held, families are given plenty of opportunity to participate in ―family‖ activities Family Resiliency of their choosing…. like making Ice cream sundaes. Retreats Ingredients of Resiliency: 7 Crucial Cs Competence—Ability to know how to effectively handle situations Confidence—Solid beliefs In one’s abilities Connection— Close times to family, friends, school, work, and community that produce strong values and prevent self destructive behavior Character— Fundamental sense of right and wrong to ensure youth/(everyone) is prepared to make wise choices, contribute to the world, and function as stable adults. Contribution—When youth (anyone) realizes the world is a better place because they are in it and because of their contribution to it. Coping—A wide repertoire of positive, adaptive coping strategies Control— When youth (a person) realize they can control the outcomes of their decisions and actions. (From: Dr. Ken Ginsburg in RSG! OMK Training and Resource Manual, 8th Edition) Resiliency: The capacity to rise above adversity and to forge lasting strengths in the struggle. It is the means by which children and adults can rebound from hardship and emerge as strong, healthy individuals, able to lead gratifying lives, albeit with some scars to show for their experiences. Contact: Barbara A Brown, SC MilitaryLiaison, Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development,115 N Harvin Street, 5th Fl., Sumter, SC, 29150 803-968-0388/ Barbara Brown SC Military Liaison, OMK Director 115 N Harvin Street, 5th Floor, Sumter, SC, 29150 803-968-0388 Clemson University Operation: Military kids Christina DeVoe, OMK Coordinator, 843-722-5940, ext 111 10
  11. 11. Yellow Ribbon Team -Army Soldiers returning from combat face unique challenges when they return home andtry to reintegrate into society. Things for them can never be the same, and much of whatthey’ve seen will stay with them forever. Families, and especially children, are also affectedby the return of the Soldier. While it is wonderful to have our Soldiers home, learning howwe can help make their adjustment easier is important. On Thursday February 22, 2011 atthe Rock Hill Hall Chambers, a Soldier Reintegration Forum was sponsored by the City ofRock Hill. It was an opportunity for people to learn how to help our Soldiers feel like theyare really home. The forum will also be rebroadcast on City of Rock Hill channel 19 andCN2 TV. You can visit to view the current program schedule. While using a slide presentation, the panel’s focus emphasized personalexperiences and affects on children and Soldiers in the workforce. While all servicemembers face challenges, the National Guard and Reserves face additional challengesbecause generally they do not live near military facilities or have community supports inplace. There are approximately 800 military children in the Rock Hill area. Deploymentaffects even the very young children. In addition to concern for their absent loved one, Terry O’Connorchildren must cope with the stress that the remaining parent will naturally experience. Yellow Ribbon Coordinator Part of the discussion centered on employers as well. Going to work as a civilian 803-667-2075can be challenging after a tour of duty in a combat zone. Returning Veterans may rely onbattle field skills that do not necessarily fit with the civilian way of doing business. In theend, although there may be difficulties – they can be overcome and it is plain to see that theCity of Rock Hill is setting up that type of environment. Please remember these Servicemembers are the best trained in the world and their skill level in management, leadership,problem solving and resolution are immeasurable. When an employer looks at the Veteran,he can appreciate a person whose values are honesty, integrity, loyalty, duty, respect,personal courage and selfless service. This was the second event of this type by City of Rock Hill. This is probably themost far reaching and innovative approach to reaching Soldiers and families in SouthCarolina. Hats off to the City of Rock Hill. Many thanks to Max Watson and Lynn Garris,City of Rock Hill Public Affairs, for their tremendous help. We were very appreciative that SSG DeAnna Bizettethe Assistant City Manager, Mr Jerry Shapiro, could attend as well. Yellow Ribbon NCOICSoldiers. Veterans. Families 2011 Upcoming Events Date Event Unit Start End Name Location Name9-Apr-11 9-Apr-11 60 Day Brief Anderson, SC 2/263 ADA Larry Crowe Yellow Ribbon Team9-Apr-11 9-Apr-11 Pre- Anderson, SC 716th 803-806-2111 Deployment Brief16-Apr-11 17-Apr-11 SRP McCrady 4/118 IN Training Center 11
  12. 12. Survivor Outreach Services S IF YOU NEED HELP… urvivor Outreach Services (SOS) has been in effect for the SCARNG since 3 Aug 2009. Survivor Outreach Services is designed to keep our Survivors connected to the Army Family for as long as they desire. We do this by holding support groups, grief workshops, and annual Christmas events for our Survivors. We also assist Survivors with applying for benefits through the VA such as; grants, head stones, educational benefits and other services. Survivor Outreach Services utilizes other programs within Family Programs to make our events successful, such as the Military Family Life Consultants. These licensed professionals help facilitate our trainings and offer counseling support as needed. SOS has accomplished a very time consuming task since January 2011. We have identified the number of survivors in each county to better assess the needs of our Survivors statewide. After collecting this data, we have developed a plan to conduct grief workshops in 4 other key areas around the state: Spartanburg, Myrtle Beach, Florence, and Charleston. This minimizes travel for our Survivors to Columbia in order to get to these support groups. Working together- Attending the Family Programs semi-annual briefing allowed us to network with unfamiliar organization to better improve SOS by getting the word out on our services. Survivor Outreach Service Coordinators will begin to attend the FRG leader trainings and Retiree Briefings to explain the services that SOS offers. We are excited about the plans we have put in place to better services the Survivors in the State of South Carolina. The National Guard SOS Coordinators have established a great network with our SOS counterparts serving the Active and Reserve component Survivors. We host our events as a team to better service all survivors in each of the Army components. With that said, SOS is growing and the feedback from our Survivors are being heard. We strive to make this program as beneficial as possible for the Survivors we serve and we will continue to keep our Families connected to the Army Family for as long as they desire.“Never Forgotten...Never Alone” Ms. Elizabeth Carney Mrs. Ashley Young 12 SOS Coordinator SOS Coordinator 803-806-1565 803-806-2959
  13. 13. Military One Source Greetings All, The holidays are over and life has returned to normal. Those New Year resolutions to eat more veggies and hit the gym may be slowing down. A lot of people slip back into the comfort of old habits once the promise of the New Year begins to wear off. Fatigue, stress, the demands of daily life, and cold weather can all contribute to poorer health. Military OneSource has the free, award-winning resources to help you with the physical and emotional aspects of your health…be it getting a better night’s sleep, eating right, maintaining proper nutrition, or just developing a common-sense work out plan. Please click on to access a flyer featuring: Nutrition for Life, Fit for Life with Exercise, Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep, Health Care Scams, and Raising a Healthy Eater interactive Webinars Overcoming the Winter Blahs Moderated Chat Weight Loss Toolkit Managing Stress: Breathe CD Sleep Better Now: 5 Weeks to Improving Your Sleep CD* *2008 MarCom Awards Platinum and LACP Spotlight Awards Gold winner We hope this pre-packaged list of materials and services will help you refer Service members andFamilies to Military OneSource through your own newsletters, on your Web sites, and at your events. Formore information on our calendar as well as past and future themes, please visit the Service ProviderHome Page - The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil LaTarsa R. Williams Military OneSource South Carolina MOS Joint Family Support Program Consultant Cell: 803-873-8333 Fax: 803-806-4347 To request a Military OneSource representative at your event, visit or call anytime 1-800-342-9647. Access online at 13
  14. 14. Get...Stay Connected!T he South Carolina National Guard and Family Programs would like to invite you to get connected with us on Facebook. Social mediais a growing alternative in sharing information andevery advantage to get the word out increases themeasures of success. On Facebook, you will find anarray of helpful information and links to services suchas, sexual assault assistance and prevention, suicideprevention, financial aide, child care assistance, healthcare information, community events, and so muchmore! You are also welcome to share your event photosand information that will benefit other Soldiers,Families, and Veterans. We look forward to connectingwith you and extending the lines of communication intothe world wide web. Connecting with us is easy! 1. You must have a Facebook account of your own. It is free to sign up. 2. In the search box simply type: SCNG Family Programs 3. We are the Government Agency with the green Palmetto tree 4. Click the ―Like‖ button and you’re now apart of our Facebook family. Get the latest updates on Facebook Search “SCNG Family Programs” Email us at: 14
  15. 15. Lights! Camera! Action! Sherry Marsh, Rochelle Tindal, and Yvette Woodall at the Getting ready to prepare the Families of the 742nd. We are one! Family Programs Semi-Annual Meeting. Clarks Hill, SC 01 Beulah Baptist Church, Columbia, SC March 2011 Lieutenant Colonel Scott Joslin and his son Jesse Joslin on the SCDNR/SCNG Youth Turkey Hunt at theAshley Young and Beth Carney, SOS Coordinators, at the Cowden Plantation sponsored by Jarrett Rifles onFamily Programs Semi-Annual Event. Clark’s Hill, SC March 26th. Jesse Joslin harvested his first turkey on a1-3 March 2011. wonderful hunt with the South Carolina National Guard. 15
  16. 16. In Action Soldiers and their Family pause to learn about the services Dino Robinson, Family Readiness Support offered through Military One Source after deployment. Rock Assistant 59th AVN, Clark’s Hill, SC 1-3 Hill, SC March 2011 Deer Hunt Sponsored by Jarrett Rifles and The Department ofElliott Powell, Rochelle Tindal, and Michelle Sprouse taking a Natural Resources. Aiken, SC.break from all the hard work and training at the FamilyPrograms Semi-Annual Training in Clark’s Hill, SC on 1-3March 2011. 16
  17. 17. Meet Our Team Admin Team SSG Steven Jackson Administrative Assistant/ SGLI Coordinator (803) 806-2889 SGT Ricardo Rivers SGT Sabreana Anderson Freedom Salute/ Supply Budget Analyst (803) 806-1054 (803) 806-2666 SPC Bonita Patrick SPC Felicia Thomas Family Programs Assistant/ Defense Travel System Clerk Multi-Media Illustrator (803) 806-1865 (803) 806-4400 Family Assistance Specialists (FAS) Sherry Marsh Family Assistant Coordinator 803-667-2056 Rose Lemmons-Berry Nora Messick Family Assistance Specialist Family Assistance Specialist Rock Hill Clinton 803-606-8295 864-387-9247 Tommy Myers Elliott Family Assistance Specialist North Charleston Columbia 843-609-6580 843-670-4372 803-521-1037 T.C. Speaks Steve Sinclair Family Assistance Specialist Family Assistance Specialist Greenville Union 803-806-2615 803-806-2172 864-387-9245 17
  18. 18. Meet Our Team Jimmy Smithey Debbie Wyckoff Family Assistance Specialist Family Assistance Specialist Mullins Camden 803-667-1012 803-806-1325 803-806-1014 Yvette Woodall Nancy Jordan Family Assistance Specialist Family Assistance Specialist Aiken Sumter 803-351-8721 803-730-7754 Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSA) Vacant Senior Family Readiness Support Assistant Mona Johnson Dennis "Dino" RobinsonFamily Readiness Support Assistant Family Readiness Support Assistant 218th MEB FRSA-59th AVN 864-344-1315 803-806-2359 Rochelle Tindal Michelle SprouseFamily Readiness Support Assistant Family Readiness Support Assistant FRSA- 59th Trp Cmd 228th TTSB 803-806-2904 803-806-1200 Military & Family Life Consultants (MFLC) Kelly Earley Lisa Mustard Military & Family Life Consultant Military & Family Life Consultant 803-834-0013 803-521-2206 18
  19. 19. Meet Our Team Air Force Support Terry DeLille Airmen & Family Readiness Program Manager SCANG 803-647-8089 Melissa Mitrik Tsgt Heather McNeil Yellow Ribbon Support Family Programs Specialist Coordinator Support Assistant SCANG 803-583-3214 803-583-8265 19