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Newsletter feb 2012

  1. 1.  Click on hyperlinks to go to websites that are seen in this newsletter February 2012  FREE TAX ASSIS- TANCE Family  Joint FRG Meeting with Blackfoot FRG FEB. 26th NEWSLETTER FOCUSING ON SUPPORTING FAMILIES OF DELAWARE FAMILY READ INESS GROUP. focusAchieving yourDeployment GoalsAs we approach our 4th month of separa- their circles.tion from our Soldiers many of you haveeither made resolutions before or after Don’t lose focus and keep a journal onthe new year. Many of you have chosen what you have accomplished so far. Inone or more of the following to loose months you will see that you have muchweight, workout more, volunteer, go to be proud of.back to school, get out of debt, or savemoney. Just know that there are many Remember that there are FREE benefitsother spouses in the same boat as you. during this deployment that can be usedAlso you are not alone in obtaining your as a incentive for your hard work. Thegoals. I know that there are days where I list of benefits are in this not want to get off the couch but Iknow if I don’t I will never hear the end There is nothing wrong with treatingof it from my workout group. yourself from time to time. We all need a little boost to keep trucking along.If you would like to become part of agroup, put yourself out there. Talk on the Sincerely,Facebook groups and let people knowwhat you are interested in. Many of the Andrea Young, Delaware FRG Leaderspouses are looking to add members to ARMY LIFE 101   Lesson 1.2 - Military Acronyms and Terms Lesson 1.3 - The Chain of Command Are you a new spouse to the Army? Do you need refresher course? Go to  Lesson 1.4 - Introduction to Military Customs and Courtesies and take the online  Lesson 1.5 - Basic Military Benefits and Entitlements Army Family Team Building (AFTB) courses.  Lesson 1.6 - Introduction to Military and Civilian Community Resources Level 1 Class Descriptions:  Lesson 1.7 - Introduction to Family Readiness Groups  Lesson 1.8 - Supporting Your Childs Education  Lesson 1.1 - Expectations and Impact of  Lesson 1.9 - Introduction to Family Financial Readiness the Mission on Family Life  Lesson 1.10 - Basic Problem Solving
  2. 2. Letter from the CommanderFirst I want to congratulate do not know how to devel- take ownership and estab-Katherine and SGT Griffith op it further. The other lish an eight day patrolfor their new baby boy, thing that the NCO’s from schedule. Again, I don’tChristopher Griffith. 3/B is working on is in- know how they did it but creasing the ABP soldier the ANA that we work withWell I am a bit late on this skills. The ABP is well today is far better than thenewsletter but better late skilled in basic soldier description from the lastthan never. The Team and tasks; however, they lack on unit. I believe all ANSFBattalion are doing great map reading. 3/B has been forces see the sincerity andthing over here in getting teaching them classes and professionalism of our guysafter the enemy and transi- they are getting better. and strive to be the same.tioning responsibility over Hopefully soon ABP will Also 2/D has a couple ofto Afghanistan security be able to navigate and guys who know some of theforces (ANSF). Our mis- communicate exactly where ABP guys from last deploy-sion here at COP Narizah is they received intelligence ment. SGT Wiley, SGTfocused on transitioning report, IED reports, and Viers, SPC Valentine, SPCcontrol to a Kandak basic SITREPs. Tabor, and SPC Wolford all(Battalion) of Afghan Na- Other than that, 3/B has remember and were remem-tional Army (ANA) with a been conducting some small bered by Taj Ali and theCoy (Company) of Afghan basketball tournaments. ABP. They have ate withBorder Police (ABP) and Not sure which team has the ABP a couple of timesthe district Police. been winning but my mon- to reminisce about last de- ey is on SPC Woods and ployment. They have beenSo far 3/B has done an ex- SPC Cotton’s team, height doing a great job and con-cellent job of mending rela- wins out in basketball most tinue learning while theytionships between ABP and of the time. 3/B has had a are here. SPC Sarris andCF. I do not like to talk bad change of Platoon Leader. SPC Casey are getting someabout the last unit but they LT Carpenter has moved good learning experienceseverely hurt the relation- into the S3 shop to fill the with new communicationship that was built with gap that CPT Mobley will equipment to include almostABP and Delaware Compa- be leaving when he changes everything from computers,ny last time. The unit that command with CPT Odowd HF to SATCOM radios.replaced this company last in early March. LT Diaz is We all appreciate your sup-time continued with the the new Platoon Leader. I port and love.good relationship but 1- had a small fight to get him26IN did everything they before A Co grabbed him. VRcould to separate them- He has spent time in the S2 CPT Dovieselves from Afghan forces, shop. Diaz is a smart guywhich left 3/B with a daunt- who will learn a lot from 3/ing task of fixing the rela- B. He will do great thingstionship. Not only has 3/B as 3/B has and will continuemended the relationship but to excel.they have given ownershipof the mission and areas of 2/D has been working withoperation over to ABP. the ANA to get them to takeABP is planning and setting ownership and the lead ina patrol schedule. 3/B’s the District. The last unitnext goal is to mentor them said the ANA is a goodinto developing intelligence fighting force but is happyfrom what they know al- with following. I do notready. They have a lot of know what 2/D said or didgood information but they but they got the ANA to
  3. 3. 3RD Platoon Blackfoot Ten things you can do for military saves weekFor 2012, Military Saves Week is 19 to 26 4. Call your cable, telephone and cellFebruary. Military Saves Week is a cam- phone companies and ask for a less make a menu using as much of that food aspaign to motivate families to reduce debt, expensive plan. money and take control of their finan- 5. Start an allotment or automatic transfer 10. Sit down and consider your long term goals,cial lives. Maybe you can use Military to a savings account that is hard to ac- then think about how you are going to man-Saves Week to make a positive change in cess. Not impossible, just hard. age your finances to make them happenyour financial life. What sort of things 6. Keep track of your spending for one There are probably a hundred other things that youcould you do? week. Better yet, one month. Look over could do to make financial progress during Mili-1. .Start contributing to a Thrift Savings your spending at the end of the month tary Saves Week. I hope you will use this list to Plan account (TSP), or increase your and evaluate how you feel about your spur your own imagination. current contribution. purchases.2. Call a creditor and ask them to lower 7. Sell some excess stuff on Craigslist or your interest rate. Keep paying the Read more: eBay, then put that money towards debt same amount to pay off your debt or an emergency fund. faster. 8. Open an IRA, or increase your contribu-3. Use your tax refund to pay off debt or tions to your current IRA. build an emergency fund. 9. Inventory the food in your house, and
  4. 4. Announcements! Rank, Full Name TF Blue Geronimo / Team Delaware COP NARIZAH What would you FOB SALERNO APO AE 09314 like to see on the announcement board? Got an idea for aCongrats to The Fundrais- ing?Griffith Familyon theirBaby BOY! Got an idea for a Do you have teen SSG Elswick promoted to SFC. FRG who is interested PFC Sarris promoted meeting? in babysitting? If to SPC so let us know. PFC Vanaman promot- ed to SPC
  5. 5. Delaware FRG ContactsFRG Key Callers By platoon Email : Delware1st501stFRG@gmail.comHQ PLT /Dco — Teri Hahn706.587.4186 FRG FRG Leader — Andrea Young1st PLT /Dco — Deidra Burns Mrsandiyoung@gmail.com2nd PLT /Dco — Katherine FRG Co-Leader — Teri Hahn 706.587.41863rd PLT /Dco—Nicole Collins FRG Treasurer — Abby Warner Stargazenlily@hotmail.com4th PLT /Dco— Andrea FRG Secretary — Carol Sluser253.297.4194 904.881.0655 Carol.Sluser@yahoo.com3rd PLT/ Bco– Laura Forreststealthygr@aol.com907.720.2742
  6. 6. New TRICARE Dental Contract Starts May 1 New contract change will impact them in several rollment on March 21. Beneficiaries that pay by ways. The cost of the TDP premiums will de- credit cards or personal checks MUST Re-enroll crease. Single plans will now cost $10.30 instead with MetLife. Affected beneficiaries will receive of $12.69. Family plans will now cost $30.89 letters from MetLife outlining the re-enrollmentArticle By: rather than $31.72. There will also be improve- ments to the benefit. These include: The National Military Family Association is  New benefits: pleased with the new TDP contract that decreases premium costs to beneficiaries and provides new The TRICARE Management Ac-  Composite resin (white) fillings on posterior and enhanced dental benefits. However, our As- tivity (TMA) announced the new teeth sociation raised a concern that some beneficiaries TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) contract for active duty family  Dental accident with a $1,200 annual maxi- may experience a change in dental providers fol- members, members of the Select- mum lowing the transfer to MetLife. We have been ed Reserve and Individual Ready  No cost shares for scaling and root planning assured by TMA and MetLife every effort is be- Reserve and their eligible family for diabetics ing made to maintain a robust network of dentis- members, and survivors will begin try providers. Please let us know if you experi- on May 1, 2012. TDP is only for  Third cleaning during pregnancy ence a change in your dental provider because we those residing in CONUS. TDP  Enhanced benefits: want to make sure there is as little impact on ben- will now be managed by Metro-  Increase annual maximum for $1,200 to eficiaries as possible regarding access to dental politan Life Insurance Company, $1,300 care. Inc. (MetLife) instead of United Increase of lifetime orthodontics maximum from It is important to be familiar with your TRICARE Concordia. United Concordia will benefits. $1,500 to $1,700 still manage the Active Duty Den- tal Program. MetLife’s website is Their phone lines will open and begin taking en- H&R Block at Home® Free Tax Filing Service Military OneSource is once again offering a free, electronic tax filing service. If you are eligible under the Military OneSource program, you can complete, save, and file your 2011 federal and up to three state returns online free with the H&R Block At Home® tool. To access this free version of H&R Block At Home®,you must start your return from the Military OneSource H&R Block AtHome® link. Once you click the link you will be required to log in to Mili-tary OneSource. From the login page you will be directed to a site con-taining additional information on tax preparation, including the link to theMilitary OneSource free H&R Block At Home® service.If you have questions about this tax service or about preparing your own tax returns, please call 1-800-342-9647 and ask to speak with a Military OneSource tax consultant. Trained tax consultants are avail-able 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., EST. For information about deductions, exemptions, andfiling deadlines visit the Military OneSource Tax Program page.Special alert: H&R Block does not send urgent or time sensitive text messages or emails askingclients to provide, update or confirm sensitive data. These text messages are scams and are notinformation requests from H&R Block. More information is available on the Military OneSourceTax Program page
  7. 7. it Works:Army affiliated students submit a one-time registration (at right) to obtain theirpasscode. Students can then use it to log in (at right) from home or any computer.They enter their grade level and the subject they need help in. They are then connect-ed to the first available subject expert tutor in an online classroom. Students and tu-tors work together in an online classroom using controlled chat and an interactivewhite board. Students can send computer files, such as essays, to the tutor for reviewand assistance. They can also share educational websites. Educational support is available for Kindergarten – 12th grade and college prep. Subjects supported are all grade levels of math, science, English, and social stud-ies.Preparations for career transitions, writing resumes and studying for exams are avail-able for Adults.About the Tutors:Tutors are certified teachers, college pro-fessors, professional tutors or graduateschool students from across the country,who have been hired by, theprovider of Live Homework Help®. Tutorswith expertise in math (including algebra,geometry and calculus), science (includingearth science, biology, chemistry and phys-ics), social studies and English compositionare available.*For United States (U.S.) active duty military service members, U.S. military reserv-ists, U.S. National Guard personnel on active duty and DoD civilians, and their de-pendents
  8. 8. 2012 Tillman Military Scholar Program PATCourtesy: Department of The mission of the Pat Till- Military Scholar- TILLMANVeterans Affairs man Foundation is to invest ship Finder for other oppor- in Veterans and their spouses tunities to help pay for col-Tillman Military Scholar through educational scholar- lege.Program Opens Monday, ships and building a diverseFebruary 13 community of leaders com- Read more: http:// mitted to service to others. militaryad- The Military Scholar Pro- Monday, February 13, the gram offers financial assis- 2/tillman-military-scholar-Pat Tillman Foundation will tance to Servicemembers, program-2012/begin taking applications for Veterans, and their spouses #ixzz1lFaaPRBfthe Tillman Military Scholar to cover academic and/or MilitaryAd-Program. Applications will living expenses while in vantage.Military.combe accepted until March 16th. school. You must pursue anIn 2002, Pat Tillman left his undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degree as a full Apply to BecomeNFL career and turned down -time student at a public ora multi-million dollar con- private, 4-year U.S.-based a Tillman Militarytract with the Arizona Cardi- accredited institution to qual-nals to enlist and serve hiscountry as an Army Ranger ify. Scholar – Applica-in the aftermath of the Sep-tember 11th attacks. A role For more information on application and eligibility tion Opens onmodel of courage and patriot- requirements please go toism, he served several combat The Pat Tillman Foundation. February 13tours, but was killed in a fire-fight in Afghanistan on April22, 2004. Be sure to check out the Mil-
  9. 9. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The following positions are still open and need to be filled:Hospitality/Welcome Committee Chairperson Fundraiser Committee Chairperson Coordinates with FRG leader and special Keeps up with news of incoming families, new- events coordinator on upcoming events ly married couples, new babies, single and financial needs soldiers, illnesses, injuries, hospitaliza- Coordinates with commander or first sergeant tions in the unit on training schedule and open times for fundraisers Calls new spouses and welcomes them to the Canvasses membership about types of fund- unit; invites them to upcoming FRG raisers desired events; provides an ACS welcome packet Coordinates with commander about proposed fundraiser(s) Gathers information on the number and ages Prepares fundraiser permission letter and of children in each family and their special delivers to FRG leader interests Works with publicity and phone tree chairper- sons to get the word out about upcoming Informs the FRG leader and Key Caller com- fundraiser mittee chairperson of incoming families Complies with Army regulations and post rules Works with fundraiser committee to plan the Ensures that new families have been assigned fundraiser sponsors and Key Callers Recruits volunteers and delegates to work Supervises the fundraiser on the appointed Sends flowers and cards to home or hospital day as appropriate Safeguards funds and turns them over to the treasurer or alternate as soon as practica- Attends unit/battalion planning meetings and ble FRG events Reports fundraiser results to FRG leader and membership
  10. 10. February 2012Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 45 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 15 16 17 1819 20 21 22 23 24 2526 27 28 29Helpful Websites Military Life Military Army Families Online Customer evaluation system Virtual FRG Gifts from the programs.asp CYS Programs Homefront general military Army Wounded Warrior Pro- knowledge and info gram Military Spouse Career Center Family info, links to AFTB, ACS Tragedy Assistance Program National Military Family Assoc. Medical National Mental Health Associa-tion Children Tricare grade_select.html Teen deploy-ment clas- ses online Military Teens on the Move scholarship info school issues DoD website for children in transition Facts for Military families and adoption