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HOT, HOT, HOT!                               Hello Bulldog family! First of all I want to thank everybody                 ...
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Relief for Military HomeownersThe Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced military homeowners with Fannie Mae or F...
Greetings from ERP, the Employment Readiness Program:                                I hope that your job searching has be...
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July august 2012- 101st bsb newsletter-


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July august 2012- 101st bsb newsletter-

  1. 1. The Guardian July-August 2012 From the Battalion Commander: Warm greetings from the ‘dog days’ of another Fort Riley, Kansas sum- mer. It’s hard to believe that two more months have gone by already since our last newsletter and that we’re about three weeks away from school starting up again. On that note, the FRGs are currently spon- 101st BSB soring a school supply drive with donation collection boxes in Company “Let Us Carry the Burden” COFs; participation is voluntary as our FRGs help to equip GUARD- IAN kiddos and tee them up for another great year of learning. The battalion and brigade entered the TRAIN/ READY Phase of the ARFORGEN cycle effectiveIn this Issue: 15 July. This means we will shift our efforts from primarily focusing on re-equipping and indi- vidual training to small unit (Squad/ Section/ Platoon) level collective training to increase ourBN CDR Message 1 readiness. We are kicking this transition off with a BANG! (sorry, couldn’t resist) with our exe- cution of Convoy Protection Gunnery expertly planned an d led by CPT Anthes and SFC Craft ofBN CSM Message 2 the battalion S3 section through the end of July. At the battalion level, we are looking forwardBN Chaplain 3 to our GUARDIAN STAKES leader skills validation training on 11-12 September. I continue toHHC 4 be amazed at the motivation, skill, and safety focus of our GUARDIAN team as we continue to improve our tactical and technical proficiencies to ensure we can Carry the Burden when calledAlpha Co. 5 on for the DEVIL brigade!Bravo Co. 6 On 17 July 12, we had an opportunity to gather as a Brigade and thank some among our GUAR-Charlie Co. 7 DAIN Family for their outstanding contributions to supporting our community at the Brigade’s 8-10 2 Quarter Volunteer Recognition Ceremony at Fort Riley’s Conference Center. SGT Dehn and ndNews/Events Mrs. Lori Rozhon (HHC), SPC Norena (A Co), SSG Corey (B Co) and SPC Almohareb (C Co) were recognized with the Brigade Volunteer of the Quarter (VOQ) Award. SSG Corey and LoriRozhon also earned ID-level VOQ recognition and PFC Chifor (B Co) earned the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal(MOVSM) for 100 hours of community service. It’s worth noting that earning the MOVSM is also worth 10 promotion points; anice bonus in this increasingly competitive promotion environment. Great job to all our awardees; your efforts make our bat-talion, brigade and the Fort Riley community a world-class place to be stationed! Please contact our BN FRSA, Mrs. HopeStanley if interested in finding out how you can document your volunteer hours towards this award.The GUARDIANSare also setting thestandard in thehighly competitiveon-going brigadeDEVIL STAKESSoldier skills com-petition. We con-tinue to see consis-tent outstanding individual and team efforts. At the end of the 3 rd quarter standings, we are the top battalion and the HHCHURRICANES are the #1 company in the brigade combat team standings.Simply outstanding; much to be proud of and keep up the fire!Please join me a congratulating SFC Rosalyn Turner, GUARDIAN S1NCOIC, on her promotion to Sergeant First Class and becoming our newestmember of the senior Non-commissioned Officers Corps ranks on 01 JUL12. The Army is a great place in that the sky is the limit for each and everyone of us!My thanks for your continued dedication and hard work in support of ourBattalion, the DEVIL Brigade and our Nation. GUARDIANS!GUARDIAN 6”LTC Jim Waddick BN CDR presents 1SG Hollifield the Meritorious Service Medal as he and his family prepare to PCS to Fort Polk. The Guardian Family will miss you and we wish you the very best and brightest future! THANK YOU 1SG for a job WELL DONE!“This is the newsletter of the 101st BSB that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some unofficial informa- //Original Signed// 1tion in this FRG newsletter has not increased the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD 4525.8-M.” JIM WADDICK LTC, MS, Commanding
  2. 2. PAGE 2 THE GUARDIAN From Command Sergeant Major Jordan Greetings Guardian Family and Friends, As always, it is my pleasure to be addressing you all once again. I am glad to announce that your Guardian Soldiers are doing a fantastic job in supporting the 1st Infantry Division, Devil Brigade and other training events that are going on within the Guardians’ footprint. Especially with our current Convoy Protection Platform Gunnery—we’re getting after it! We will continue to train hard and be prepared to defend and fight for our country. HOOAH! Hopefully, you all celebrated a wonderful and happy Independence Day in a safe manner. Now, it’s time to start getting the kids ready for “back to school.” It is just around the corner and I know many of you are very excited about that. Here in the Guardian Battalion, we want to do our part to assist fellow Guardians in need by off-setting some of their “back to school” ex- penses as we have a little friendly competition among the companies! The CSM Jordan company with the most donated school supply items wins a whole day off! The FRGs have set up collection boxes at each company, so if you’re able tomake a donation, please do so.I would like to express my congratulations to SGT Williams for win-ning June NCO of the Month, SGT Poole for winning July NCO ofthe Month and PV2 Srey for winning June Soldier of the Month, PFCSampson for winning July Soldier of the Month. I would like to Con-gratulate SFC Turner for being promoted to the rank of SergeantFirst Class effective 1 July 2012. What an awesome achievement forthese Warriors! Great Job! Remember, NCOs are the Keepers of theStandard and WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!On 21 August 2012, we will be conducting our first NCO InductionCeremony since the deployment from Operation New Dawn. This isalways a great event when you can induct Noncommissioned Officersinto the NCO Corps. We will be conducting our Guardian Truck Ro-deo as well and I will truly find out who my best driver in the battal-ion is. Your skills will definitely be put to the test. Congratulations to SFC Grape, SGT Gomes and SPC Gentle and their Family on the recent births of their little ones! We welcome these little Guardians—we are defi- nitely growing the TEAM! Be on alert from the hot weather, it has truly been hot here lately. Continue to hydrate yourself, and eat a well balance meal. Also, let’s continue to pray for Guardians and their loved ones who are struggling with illness or other hardships. I pray that each will feel better soon and overcome any other challenges you’re faced with. God Bless you all. I am truly proud of every one of you and I thank you for your commitment, dedication, and sacrifices you make for our great Nation. Let us carry the burden.CSM Jordan presents 1SG Hollifield, A Co.,with a special plaque about what it is to bea 1SG, as well an old and new BN Coin. “Guardian 7”Congratulations on a job well done! CSM Frank Jordan 2HOOAH!
  3. 3. Chaplain’s Corner The best rules to form a young man are: -to talk little -to hear much -to reflect alone upon what has passed in company -to distrust ones own opinions, and value others that deserve it. ~Sir William Temple Greetings Guardian Family! Chaplain Adriatico When you think about growth what stirs your thoughts? Growth can occur in so many ways, such as: physical growth, relational growth, financialgrowth, psychological growth, social growth, spiritual growth and etc.. Yet, have you ever found your-self overwhelmed with work, finances, and the kids or simply at a point in your life where you simplydesired more? Jesus speaks to the human heart in this aspect that those who learn to give up control oftheir own personal will and to “selflessly” put others first is the moment you come to understand what itmeans to be fulfilled from the inside out. Within an age of “entitlement” everyone seems to be out for“number one” but when you fall into this empty abyss of reality, at times, you feel yourself losing themoral value of right and wrong and a healthy understanding of love, the rewards of humility, the powerof forgiveness and the same freedom of knowing God’s grace toward your undeserving life.Understand you were created for greatness and to move from ordinary to extraordinary is a “LIFELONG PROCESS” that will take patience, hard work and a consistent pursuit of faith in God’s plan thatis so much greater than your own. Take a moment to breathe, pray and to remember that a heart ofgratitude is one of happiness and joy! Be that inspiration of positive thinking and choose to be part ofthe solution rather than part of the problem. Successful people take it upon themselves to be responsiblefor themselves first and to know that with open ears, a focused mind and a humble heart dedicated tohard work and a purpose worthy of respect usually results in positive, encouraging and gratifying re-wards in life. Make good choices! Make good friends! Make it a GREAT day! Look to serve rather thanto be served and within this heart will you find great joy in your passions for life!Dont worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and dontforget to thank Him for His answers. If you do this, you will experience Gods peace, whichis far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep yourthoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ. Philippians 4:6-7 Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31 Blessings to All, Chaplain (CPT) Adriatico SPC Wingate, Chaplain’s AssistantPlease contact us for Chaplain Assitance at: 7109 Trooper Drive, Fort Riley, Kansas OfficeOffice: 785-239-5418 Chaplain Adriatico: or 3
  4. 4. PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN July-August 2012 1SG Posta CPT Porter, CDRHurricane Family & Friends: and transition out of the Army, I can gladlyOver the past few weeks, Hurricane Soldiers say that I will remember each and every Hur-continued to lean forward and accomplished ricane Soldier as this has been the “icing onseveral objectives. In July we continued with the cake” during my Army career, so thankVictory Sweep as we prepared for the senior you and your families for giving me manycommander’s walk-through on the 31st and did great memories to look back on. I wish all ofan outstanding job! We have made leaps and you and your families the best!bounds over the past few weeks; a huge I would also like to welcome CPT Bercume,THANK YOU goes out to each section for all her husband Levi and their sons James andof your hard work and dedication towards this Mark to the Guardian Battalion!mission. Our second achievement: Gunnery.HHC trained two crews during this battaliontraining event. Both crews put in many long Keep up the great workhours of training with one goal in mind: Hurricanes!EXCELLENCE— which they successfullyachieved. And lastly, I would like to thank CPT Porter Welcome to HHC!everyone for their efforts with Devil Stakes, “Hurricane 6,”signing off  SPC ARRICKC4ISR and change of command inventories all  SPC LANDwhile staying on top of your daily duties and  WO1 BOWLINGresponsibilities.  CPT BURDIN  CPT CLARKCOLE-This is the last newsletter that I will be writ- MANing, as I will be changing command in August.  SGT COLVINI have enjoyed my time in command of Head-  MAJ HOWARDquarters and Headquarters Company and  1LT NEDERHOEDcan’t say how proud I am to have been given  SPC PRATT  PFC SAMPSONthe opportunity to serve with such dedicated  SPC SAWYERand professional Soldiers. As I move on  MSG WILLIAMS  1LT WOODSHHC CREWS!SGT ColvinSPC Swicegood Congratulations to SFC Jonathan Best of luck to:SPC Dodd &  SPC WOODSPC Speights Mrs. Hannah Grape  SPC BLACKPFC Winecoff on the birth of their son on  CW2 MAYOPFC Sampson 29 June 12 Braxton Edward Grape  SSG NIEBLES 7 lbs. 9 oz. For assistance with any matter, please call: CPT Cynthia Porter, 785-239-4788, or SG Bryan Posta, 785-240-4248, 4
  5. 5. PAGE 5 THE GUARDIAN ALPHA COMPANY A message from the Commander: Greetings Avalanche Families: Julie and I are overwhelmed by the welcome we 1SG Hollifield CPT Janese have received here in A Company. I have felt apart of an extended family since day one. Our family keeps extending. We have had 2 baby boys and 2baby girls born into the Avalanche family and we are glad to have them!Reenlistment is a true testament to bravery, dedication and selfless service to our country. A specialthanks to SPC David LaForet for reenlisting. Leadership is a fundamental characteristic of being a Sol-dier. Much deserved congratulations to newly promoted SPC Joshua Ferguson and PFC Justin Pollard.I know you will both continue to do great things in Fuel and Water Platoon.“We Carry the Burden” rang true for us this month and I thank the Soldiers and Families for all theirhard work and dedication in participating and supporting gunnery as well as putting forth effort to-wards Guardian Sweep. The Soldiers have accomplished a lot this past month, and I am very proud tobe the commander of this company. Unfortunately, we are losing a First Sergeant who will be greatlymissed by all. I challenge you all to live up to 1SG Hollifield’s standard even when he is gone. His dedi-cation and hard work has led this company to where it is today and we must not go backward. Thankyou all for making this company the best in the battalion! AVALANCHE!! Captain Anthony Janese Hello Avalanche Family! I hope this newsletter is finding you in great spirit and health. CPT Janese and I are settling quite well into A Co, thanks to such a warm welcome from all of you. Our FRG is taking off! We now have a Funds Custodian- Mr. Matt Ballay, and an Alternate Funds Custodian- Mrs. Diana Kendall! These two positions are key for our FRG to move forward, and we are very grateful to them both for volunteering their time and energy. Now the gates of fundraising have opened and we’ll be conducting fundraisers to support future meetings and events. Congratulations are in order for PV2 & Mrs. Kyle Jett and SPC & Mrs. Eric Gen- tle for the birth of their handsome baby boys! Also congratulations to SPC and Mrs. Deraco and SGT & Mr. Gomes on the birth of their beautiful baby girls! Our Julie Janese Avalanche family is growing! FRG Leader Our next FRG meeting is scheduled for August 21st at 6:15pm, location to be de-termined. We are always looking for volunteers so anyone interested please contact me anytime! Alsoremember, we are ALL members of the GIC-Good Idea Committee! So if you have any ideas/suggestionsof fun events or ways to better our FRG please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 912-980-4619. ~JulieWE NEED FRG VOLUNTEERS! For more information on volunteering in our FRG or for assistance with any matter, 5please call Julie at: 912-980-4619 or email:
  6. 6. HOT, HOT, HOT! Hello Bulldog family! First of all I want to thank everybody who helped with the Bulldog fundraiser at the Daughtry con- cert, I had a blast and I hope you did too. We hope to see you at the next FRG event, all are welcomed and encouraged to come out, relax and just get to know one another. Your Soldiers have been busy! We are in the middle of turn- ing in excess equipment, an IG inspection, gunnery event, CPT Marshall, B Co. CDR and training on new equipment. We have had many Soldiers 1SG Swarts, B Co 1SG sadly leave the unit in the last few months, but slowly, we are starting to receive new Bulldog family members. I thank you all for your sup- port. Stay Safe, Have Fun & Drink Water. CPT Marshall , Bulldog 6”Daughtry Concert Fundraiser! THANK YOU Volunteers!Promotions: PV2 Gade, Olusegun ; PFC Srey, Stepney; PFC Sanchez,SPC Lemrick, Conlan and SPC Colter, ShareshaRe-Enlistments: SGT Russell Bradley ; SSG Corey, Chad ; SPC Stapleton,LanceFarewell: SGT Anderson, Jared ; SPC Holmes, Jorty ; SSG Lalin, Kevin ;SGC Hoyle, Tearanie ; SGT Mullikin, Robert ; SFC Supanich, Chad ; SPCGraff, Michael, CW2 Powell, Roger ; SSG Dannar, Zebulon ; SPC Brown, SPC Stapleton’s ReenlistmentNicole ; SPC Broughton, Mathew ; SSG Peterson, Yolanda ; SGT Bobo,Crystal ; SPC Ngo, LocRetirements: SFC Morrow, Ralph ; SGT Cisneros, JeremyWelcome: SPC ST. John, Joshua ; SPC Blas, Christian ; PFC Hernandez,Ruben ; CW2 Hunt, Tracy ; PVT Gade, Olusegun ; SPC Rosales, Ivan ; SPCMitchell, Noella ; PFC Lopez, Dinorah SSG Corey’s Reenlistment Well summer is upon us, and we are all still busy as usual with summer sports, activi- ties and Family vacations. I hope everyone is staying hydrated with 100+ tempera- tures. Please drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen and stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. We are still in need of building our FRG Team, we need a Secretary and Key Callers. Please feel free to support your FRG by volunteering, your time, and talents. Please share any ideas you have, or anything you would like to see as part of our FRG! Our last FRG Meeting was July 25, 2012, at the BN Conference Rm. We had a guest speaker, from KSU Family Center, Marriage and Family Clinic (Kristy Solask), she came and spoke to us about Building and Maintaining Relationships. KSU Family Center, Marriage and Family Clinic, would like to offer to our Soldiers and their Fami- Marsha Marshall lies Counseling Sessions. Additional information will follow. FRG Leader We will not have an FRG meeting in August, our next meeting will be tentatively forSeptember 10, 1800 @ Custer Hill Lanes, the bowling center will re-open September, 1st; I will haveprices for you at a later date. Let’s have a little friendly competition, the person with the highest totalcombined score at the end of the night will be offered an incentive (to be announced).Enjoy the rest of your summer!~Marsha Marshall, FRG Leader, Bravo Company, 101st BSB, 678-458-5382, 6PAGE 6 THE GUARDIAN
  7. 7. PAGE 7 THE GUARDIAN A Message from the Charlie Company Commander: Greetings Cyclones! CPT Kelley, CDR During the month of July the Cyclones have grown together andcontinued to work as a team. Unit cohesiveness during the Role II setup was incredible!Long hours and hard work were dedicated to accomplish all tasks: Mass CasualtyTraining, Level II Aid Station Set-up, Inventories, and Warrior Task Training. Every-thing was executed and the company is now more mission-ready and growing into atight knit family as a result.Many of our Cyclones have moved on and many more continue to leavethroughout the next several weeks. We want to recognize SGT Kenny, SGTHarlan, SPC Molina, SPC Staford, SPC Gray, SSG Perkins, SGT Danzy, SGT Acosta,SGT Allen, and CPL Park who have all contributed to make Charlie Company a work-ing unit. Every single one of them helped keep the Cyclone Family together and allwill be greatly missed. We all wish you great luck and success in your future! Whilewe will greatly miss our departing Soldiers, we are also happy to welcome new mem-bers to our Cyclone team: PFC Knowlton, PFC Cardoza, SPC White, PV2 Berg, PV2Scott, and lastly SFC Taubert who has been doing a fantastic job as our new acting1SG.We have been busy when it comes to promotions. Four of our Cyclones deserverecognition: PFC Diggs, PV2 Scott, SPC Mahaffy-Pangborn and SPC Noha. Allfour Soldiers have performed their tasks with military professionalism andhave more than earned their new ranks. Good job Soldiers!As the hot summer continues, our Soldiers have their work cut out for them withvarious medical coverage taskings: JRTC, FT Polk, multiple ranges, and most impor-tantly the BN Field Training Exercise (FTX).All Cyclones will contribute and accomplish any mission assigned to us with efficiencyand in accordance with the military standard. Keep up the good work Cyclones! ~CPT Kelley, Cyclone 6 email: or call 785-239-9527 for assistance 7
  8. 8. Relief for Military HomeownersThe Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced military homeowners with Fannie Mae or Freddie Macloans who receive Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders will be eligible to sell their homes in a short sale, evenif they are current on their mortgage. Previously, many military families felt their only options were to maintainfinancial obligations on two residences, or to default on their mortgage. Under the new policy, Fannie Mae andFreddie Mac will not pursue a deficiency judgment or any cash contribution or promissory note from service mem-bers with PCS orders for any property purchased on or before June 30, 2012.Service members with PCS orders will be: Eligible for a short sale immediately, even when they are current on their existing mortgage (the PCS order is treated as a hardship to deem them eligible); Exempt from deficiency judgments from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when receiving permission for a short sale; and Relieved of any request or requirement for a cash contribution or promissory note so long as the property was purchased on or before June 30, 2012.PCS orders often require quick moves and can create hardship for military homeowners who are underwater ontheir mortgages and therefore cannot sell their home without taking a loss. Military families were faced with toughsituations such as living in separate homes or the risk of losing the service member’s security clearance.Last year Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issued guidance to mortgage servicers confirming PCS orders as a qualify-ing hardship for forbearance and loan modifications.Service members can check the Fannie Mae or the Freddie Mac websites to see if their loans are held by them orthey can call hotlines for military homeowners at 1-877-MIL-4566 or 1-800-FREDDIE.The National Military Family Association has worked tirelessly to ensure the concerns of military families wereheard. We are pleased the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has continued to educate agencies andpolicymakers on the needs of military families. The FHFA policy change will help reduce the stress and financialburden of military homeowners faced with a government ordered move.(Source: 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Greetings from ERP, the Employment Readiness Program: I hope that your job searching has been going well. There are a few things that I would like to remind you of. is your premier site for federal list- ings and jobs on the Fort Riley installation. Please be sure to check that site out for all NAF and AF positions. Also is a great job search tooland gives you access to listings through the local workforce centers as well as outside sites. Please remember tocheck both of these sites regularly.If you are in the ACS area, please feel free to stop by and check out our “Jobs Boards” as well. We try to keep thoseupdated regularly for you.If you are interested in CNA training, Valley Vista Good Samaritan is offering a training course that will get youstarted on that new career path. The cost is $500.00 which includes testing fees and book rental. If you meet My-CAA qualifications, you may be able to have this program paid for completely. For questions regarding the pro-gram, please contact Betsy Miller or Bonnie Dillen at 785.456.9482. For questions regarding MyCAA or any addi-tional educational questions, feel free to contact me.If you have not used ERP services before or it’s been awhile since you have, we invite you to attend our new ERPOrientation class. We will go over all the services that ERP offers as well as new class offerings and up-to-dateinformation on the local job market. This class is offered EVERY Wednesday and you are more than welcome toattend.As always, we are here to help you. If for some reason, you are no longer in need of our help, please email or callme to let me know. If you have found employment or moved out of the area let me know that too. We greatly appre-ciate your feedback.If you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact ACS – Employment Readiness(785) 240-3018/239-9435 10