PAGE     2      Headquarters & Support Company - Battle Penguins                                   problems arising, know ...
VOLUME        I,   ISSUE    25                                                                                   PAGE     ...
PAGE   4           Bravo Company - Hangar Rats           By MAJ Ryan Guthrie                       with B Company and 277t...
VOLUME          I,   ISSUE       25                                                                                       ...
PAGE       6                                              The True Measure of Leadership: InfluenceDID YOU KNOW?          ...
VOLUME               I,   ISSUE   25                                                                          PAGE     7  ...
PAGE     8Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates, continuedyear. Because our education sys-       tion is that as you be...
PAGE9                                        PICTURES        LTC Jeffrey Schroeder, the 10th Mountain Division G6, and SGM...
PICTURES CONTINUED                                                                   PAGE10                               ...
Announcement   PAGE11
PAGE   12277th Aviation Support Battalion         277th Aviation Support Battalion History10th Combat Aviation Brigade    ...
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277th may 2012 newsletter


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277th may 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. Liberty TimesTASK FORCEMOUNTAIN EAGLE277TH AVIATIONSUPPORT BATTALIONHOT TOPICS Alpha FRG Meet- V O L U M E I , I S S U E 2 5 M A Y 2 0 1 2 ing: Thursday, May 10, 2012, 5:30pm at Eagle Commander’s Corner Rhicard Commu- nity Center. Bravo FRG Meet- ing: Thursday, May 10, 2012, 5:30pm at we had to say goodbye to however, I also know that each Adirondack Creek Community Center. MSG Pagan who will retire ‗green‘ took a lot of effort – Charlie FRG Meet- very soon. MSG Pagan met and I thank each and every one ing - Thursday, us in OEF and jumped right of you that worked so hard in May 10, 2012, in as the S3 Operations preparation for this inspection. 4:30pm at the Char- NCOIC . We are lucky to Department of the Army G4 lie Company Build- ing. have pulled up SFC Harnage chose HSC, 277th ASB as one HSC FRG Meeting: By LTC Albert H. Stiller from A Co to replace MSG of two units to represent the Thursday, May 10, Battalion Commander Pagan. ..welcome. The S3 Army in the Department of 2012, 5:30pm at shop also hailed CPT Kevin Defense Phoenix Joint Award – Parks & Recreation TF Mountain Eagle, Kane as the new S3 who what a great honor to represent 11115 Iraqi Free- Another month gone by… dom Drive came to us from Knighthawk. the Army. A Co is getting winter is gone and spring is Our final farewell was for ready to provide gunnery sup- upon us. We have morning CPT Lucas Lease who most port; they will run the forward light for PT and the sun is of us remember as our Rear refueling points at the airfieldCONTACTS still out when most of us are Detachment Commander; and draw, store and move all getting home. The trees are however, he spent his last ammunition. B Co will pro-BATTALION STAFF budding, the birds are restless months providing continuity vide maintenance and arma-DUTY DESK315-774-1200 and the Aviation Support in the S3 shop. ment support. C Co will estab- Battalion continues to support In the beginning of April, lish communication connec-CHAPLAIN the Combat Aviation Brigade the Brigade went through an tivity as the other task forces(CPT) LOVE on a daily basis. Aviation Resource Manage- go through gunnery.315-681-0883 In mid April, we had a ment Survey (ARMS) inspec- Finally it was our pleasureFAMILY READINESS battalion hail and farewell tion. We did extremely well to present CW5 Gifford, CW4SUPPORT where we formally hailed in most areas and have a cou- Leikam and SGM Harris theASSISTANT (FRSA) CSM Carlos Escalera; it‘s ple of areas that need atten- Order of Saint Michael BronzeMICHELE GALLOWAY great to have him visiting the tion. Like I told all of the Award in front of their peers.315-774-1206 training being conducted by command teams – these in- Each one of these leaders pro-MILITARY FAMILY our Soldiers (ranges, PT, spections are crucial as they vided many years of dedicatedLIFE CONSULTANT maintenance). We also for- ensure our processes and pro- service to their units, the avia-(MFLC) mally hailed CPT Bolin our cedures are in place. I know tion branch and the United315-405-7449 new A Co commander – who that by the end of the inspec- States Army.315-212-6919 again came to us from the tions we are focusing on the (Please see picture on page 8)ARMY COMMUNITY brigade S4. Unfortunately areas that need improvement;SERVICE (ACS)INFORMATIONAND REFERRAL Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates315-772-65571-800-826-0886 By Melissa Stiller out and enjoying some of Well the PCS season is FRG Advisor upon us. There are a coupleMILITARY the beautiful days we‘ve things I‘d like to point outONESOURCE Happy May Soldiers been having. I think we1-800-342-9647 as we get closer to summer and Families of 277th! I can actually go ahead and departures. One-third of hope you are all getting store those snow blowers military Families PCS every away for the season. Yea! For the rest of the article, go to page 8.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Headquarters & Support Company - Battle Penguins problems arising, know that the force and Marine Corps. company is here to support and The FRG meeting will be on to offer assistance. 10 May at 1730. It will take The company had five pro- place on post at Parks & Recrea- motions this month. On 5 April tion, 11115 Iraqi Freedom we promoted PFC Fabian Barri- Drive. The parks and recreation entos, PFC Judy Chavez, PFC personnel will talk about all ofBy CPT Natalie Nissen Joshua Mark, PFC Johnathon the events that they are offeringHSC Company Commander Willis and SPC Amelia Walker. and equipment that is available I would like to say congratu- to rent. This will be a pot luck Hello Families of HSC 277 lations to the motor pool for all event, so please email in whatASB, as spring is arriving of their hard work while prepar- you will bring so we can makemore and more events are ing for the Army Award for sure there is a variety. I lookcoming up. We have entered Maintenance Excellence. With forward to seeing everyonethe training phase and have the inspection from the Depart- there.finally begun a good rhythm. ment of the Army in February,Soldiers are going to more we have won the Department ofschools and the company is Natalie Nissen the Army award and have beenreceiving more tasking to as- Talon 6 entered into the Department ofsist around Fort Drum. The (315)774-1465 Defense category. This is a ma-Soldiers are also being able to jor honor as our motor pool willspend more time at home with compete against the Navy, Airtheir families. If there are anyHSC Family Readiness Group NotesOPENHSC FRG Leader Please contact Michele Gallo- way, the Battalion FRSA at 315- 774-1206 or email at Mich- if you Presently SGT Justin Lux the are interested in becoming FRGTotal Army Family Point of Leader, Treasurer or Key Caller.Contact is assisting in the FRGLeader Role. SGT Lux can be We look forward to hearingreached at 315-396-2080 from you soon!o r e m a i l a tJUSTIN.P.LUX@US.ARMY.MIL HSC FRG Meeting is May10, 2012, 5:30pm at Parks andRecreation here on post. Theaddress is 11115 Iraqi Free-dom Drive. This will be a pot-luck. Please email CPT Nissenthe dish you plan to bring LIBERTY TIMES
  3. 3. VOLUME I, ISSUE 25 PAGE 3Alpha Company - Atlas port of the upcoming Brigade By CPT Bryan Bolin Gunnery. In addition to running A Company Commander the FARP, we are also running the field Ammo Transfer Holding Spring is upon us. The sun Point to support the flight units. is shining more and the weather Next month will be very taxing is getting nicer. Summer is rap- and very rewarding. I have no idly approaching and will pro- doubt the Soldiers of A Co will be vide opportunities for training, up for the challenge and be very FRG events, and of course successful. block leave. With the unit reset complete and training under- way, we need to take the time to focus on our family readiness group. There are many volun- teer opportunities for spouses and family members. The FRG is not just a way for family members to stay in touch with the company, but also is a way for families to network with the other family members of Alpha Company. Please let us know if you wish to volunteer. The Soldiers of A Co will be playing a vital role in the sup- Things to Give Up to Be Alpha Company Family Readiness Group Updates Happy!!!Sarah Popp done to our Soldiers that have recently * Give up your need to alwaysA Company FRG Leader Graduated from WLC & ALC. be right. There are so many Congrats to SFC Porter and Wife Ni- of us who can‟t stand the idea Hello Alpha Eagle Families, esha on their new bundle of joy Noah. of being wrong - wanting toWelcome North Country spring, April was We are still looking for some more volun- always be right - even at thevolunteer appreciation month so I would teers: Key Callers, Treasurer, Event Plan- risk of ending great relation-like to thank everybody that has put in the ners, etc.. If you are interested please con- ships or causing a great deal ofextra effort to help me out the last few tact me. Our Treasurer will be PCSing very stress and pain, for us and formonths since I took over. We had an awe- soon. others. It „s just not worth it.some fundraiser in April for our summer Whenever you feel the Our Next meeting will be May 10th @BBQ and family day. COIN WAR chal- “urgent” need to jump into a the Rhicard Community Center, 5:30 Potlenge to date April 15, HQ is winning but fight over who is right and Luck Dinner. Please bring a Dinner dishnot by much F/W is hot on the trail. The last who is wrong, ask yourself and juice or soda to share. Our Guest this question: “Would Iday for this fundraiser will be the 27th of speaker is Sarah Lynch from ACS.April so we‘ll have to wait and see which rather be right, or would I Our Soldiers, Our Family, On Our rather be kind?” Wayne Dyer.Section Wins. Now that being said I‘m in Shoulders!need of some help planning this BBQ any- What difference will that make? Is your ego really thatbody have any ideas what to do for the Sarah Poppday?? big? 937-541-6371 I want to say Congrats and a job well
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Bravo Company - Hangar Rats By MAJ Ryan Guthrie with B Company and 277th ASB. They lowing Sol- B Company Commander will be greatly missed. We wish them diers who are the best in their next assignments. assuming posi- Greetings Hangar Rat Families: We promoted several Soldiers this tions in the The company distributed multiple month to include PFC Edward Hernan- Task Forces awards this month. The Certificate dez, PFC Joel Vasquez, PFC Shane for demon- of Achievement was awarded to Montgomery, and PFC William Bar- strating the PFC Adam Bauman, PV2 Bryce nett to the rank of Private First Class. best of service. Wood, SPC Cory Gagnon, PFC We also promoted SPC Montine They deserved and earned this reassign- Darryl Allen, SPC Jonathan Robersonblue to the rank of Specialist. ment. SPC Robert Sands, SPC Joshua Shepard, SPC Robert Dees and PV2 They demonstrated the technical com- Hakemake, SPC Cory Gagnon, SPC Stephen Dubois for excellence in petence and maturity to advance to the Adam Steimle, SPC Josef Larareo, SPC safety and personal achievement in next grade. We have great expecta- Leo Davis, and SGT Joshua Cook were service to the welcome home cere- tions for them to continue to grow in reassigned to TF Tigershark. SPC Julio monies. The Army Achievement their chosen profession. We re- Mendoza, SGT Fulgencio Solar, SPC medal (AAM) was awarded to some enlisted SPC Davis this month for con- Sean Ginn, SGT Jorge Molina, SPC of our departing Soldiers. SPC tinued military service. Again, only Michael Walker, SPC Sudeep Khadka, Brian Hines, SGT Floyd Brown, the best get the privilege of continued and SGT Jeffery Frasher were reas- SPC Carlos Hernandez, SGT Jason service. signed to TF Phoenix. Finally, SGT Katayama, and SSG Miquel Diaz We also received and welcomed Bobby Junge, SGT Clifford Hiatt, SPC demonstrated outstanding service to outstanding Soldiers to our formation Robert Dees, SPC Bobby Reid, SGT the unit and earned the AAM. The in April. We welcomed CW3 Robert Joel Huddleston, SPC Benjamin Walk- AAM was also awarded to PFC Pierce and his family who will assume der, SPC Aaron Green, and SPC Jacob Adam Bauman, SPC Brian Tarbell, the position as our Production Control Reed were reassigned to TF Six Shoot- and SPC Joshua Hanna for their OIC. We also welcomed SPC James ers. They will make us proud in the outstanding achievement while as- Comoda and his wife who will be re- new assignment and are a credit to their signed on maintenance teams outside enlisting shortly, PFC Ashley Lecarno, departed unit. of the company. Finally, The Army PFC Gage Smolko, SGT Orales Commendation Medal (ARCOM) Stroud, PFC Wallace Ellis and his Until next month, was awarded to SGT Robert Messer, wife, SPC Phillip Greene, and SGT Major Ryan A Guthrie SGT Thanh Huynh, SFC Brent Hel- James Harper and his wife. Our new- Hangar Rat 6 frich, SSG Lonnie Smith, and SSG est additions are greatly welcomed into (315) 772-4239 Matthew Fisher in appreciation for the fold of our unit with enthusiasm. their long and distinguished service In turn, we bid farewell to the fol- Bravo Company Family Readiness Group Updates Gigi Tomsu Army Family Team Building, which nie Sierra, and SSG Bruce Irwin. B Company FRG Leader contains workshops to educate people Thank you again for volunteering for on Army life, military terms, and pro- our company! Hello Bravo Company Families and cedures. Those were just a few pro- Our next FRG Meeting will be Soldiers. It is now May and warmer grams so go to the ACS and find what May 10th at 5:30pm. It will be at the weather is settling in. Hopefully for interests you. Adirondack Creek Community Cen- good! Get outside and have some fun. We are still in need of key callers. ter located on main post. This is Fort Drum offers many activities and If you are interested or have any ques- another potluck, so bring something places to check out. Go bowling at the tions about the position please feel free to share. It is not required to bring Pines Plains Bowling Center and eat at to contact me. The next key caller food so feel free to join us. Children Lil‘ Skeeters Bar-B-Q. Try out a fit- training is May 8th from 2-3:30pm and are always welcome so bring the ness class at Monti Physical Fitness 5-6:30pm. Call 315-772-0470/2848 to family to the meeting for a good eve- Center or go to the McEwen Library register. Call early for reservations ning. Here are directions from for children‘s story time. Let‘s get and childcare is also available. Mount Belvedere Gate. Take first motivated and stay active. Also, I would like to take a mo- left on Po Valley Rd, take right on S Our last FRG Meeting was April ment and say ―thank you‖ to our cur- Riva Ridge Lp, take left on Kiska St, 12th, and we had a speaker from the rent volunteers. Thank you to Tiara and the community center will be ACS. She talked about what is going Guerrero, Minnie Snyder, Scarleth straight ahead. on at the ACS and what they had to Canales, Chelsie Barnette, Jessica I hope to see you at the next FRG offer. There are many programs to Moore, SPC Jose Muniz, SGT Jeffery Meeting. choose from such as Family Advocacy Frasher, SPC Roman Raubertas, SPC Program, which offers Parent Educa- Sean Tomsu, PFC Edward Morgan, Gigi Tomsu L I B WorkshopsTand the New Parent tion E R T Y IMES SGT Esdras Lucero, PV2 William 315-777-6521 Support Program. They also have Barnett, PFC Joseph Gum, SPC Tiffa-
  5. 5. VOLUME I, ISSUE 25 PAGE 5 Charlie Company - Ravens Thursday of the month, May 10th from game, and is a great tool to enhance skills at 4:30-5:30 pm, right here at the company, all levels in this demanding task. It is also a hopefully the weather supports us. lot of fun and a great tool for developing This month the company tended to be leadership and teamwork at the small unit scattered to the four winds conducting level.By CPT Matthew Thompson various training events. The Ravens were This month we also say goodbye to ourC Company Commander attending classes on new equipment and executive officer, 1LT Ibrahima Diallo, and refresher training on current equipment his family as he moves on to be the S6 for If you were lucky enough to be here sets, shooting at various ranges, including Task Force Tigershark. He also served asfor our FRG meeting in April, you our M249 and M240B machine gunners our Total Army Family Program (TAFP)enjoyed some great food and great conducting day and night fire, and we officer, whose job is to assist the FRG vol-company at the last pot luck. Turn out continued preparing for our big WIN-T unteers in executing their duties and helpincreased from March and we decided communications exercise coming up this translate some of the military jargon theythat for May we‘d like to try and do a month. The 10th Mountain G6 and Ser- may not be familiar with. He has done tre-BBQ in conjunction with a training geant Major came by the company to mendous things for the company, not only asexercise we will be doing at the com- recognize Specialists Matthew Wolber & the executive officer, coordinating all of thepany for the month of May. Our next Daniel Dugan and presented each of them unit‘s maintenance and equipment throughmeeting will again be on the second a Certificate of Achievement for their the reset process, but also the leadership he hard work during the validation exercise provided at FOB Bostick as the JNN Platoon (Picture available on page 9). Leader during the last deployment.Online VMIS FRG Both CPN and JNN Platoon partici- pated in the convoy simulator last month. Hope everyone is having a great spring so far and look forward to seeing you at theVolunteer Registration It provides an opportunity to train on con- BBQ in May! voy operations in a virtual environment,Visit similar to a three dimensional videoThere are options to Login with yourusername and password or Register ifyou don‘t have a profile. Charlie Company FRG Notes Megan Wilson raiser where soldiers can buy platesFill out your information. C Company FRG Leader of whipped cream and pie the com-When you‘ve created a profile, click manding team in the face. This in-on ―Volunteer‖ on the top right sec- Hello all! Just a quick rundown on what‘s going on with C Co. On cludes the Captain, 1st SGT, thetion of the page. This will take you to April 12th C Co had its monthly LT‘s, the Platoon Leaders, and asthe Volunteer Management Informa- FRG meeting, and it was a well as myself the FRG Leader.tion System (VMIS) GREAT turnout. We had an awe- BUT it gets better, we have also con-Click on ―Opportunity Locator‖ vinced LTC. Stiller, CSM Escalera, some potluck with all the soldiers,Select ―Fort Drum‖ under Military families, and even pets. We talked and S1 Captain Shull to participateCommunity and ―FRG: 10 AVN– about some really good fundrais- as well. It will be a very fun day.277‖ under the Organization and click ing ideas to help us save up Last but not least, C Co will be hold-Search. money for the single soldier BBQ ing its next FRG meeting on MayChoose the volunteer position you‘d that C Co FRG is putting together 10th at 4:30pm outside of C Co. Welike to apply for. When the new page with the other companies this will be having a BBQ. Hope to seeloads, click Apply. summer. More details on that you all there! event will be provided once we finally get closer to warmer Until next time,Check out the FRSA Flash! weather. In other news, C Co will be Megan WilsonThe 277th ASB FRSA Flash has lots of in-formation and is our Weekly Newsletter holding Pie in the Face Day on 818-279-3927for our Family Members and Soldiers. If April 27th at 4pm. For those who M-Murdock@hotmail.comyou are not receiving the FRSA Flash,please contact the 277th FRSA Michele don‘t know what Pie in the FaceGalloway at 315-774-1206 or Day is, basically it‘s a FRG
  6. 6. PAGE 6 The True Measure of Leadership: InfluenceDID YOU KNOW? By CPT Steven Love tremendous leader because group of men to fight in theArmy Community Service she had an amazing amount Black Hawk war (Native ― of influence. American Indians fighting(ACS) has clinical MilitaryFamily Life Consultants But the LORD said to Why do some people have against the white population(MFLCs) available for walk- Samuel, ―Do not consider influence in leadership posi- in the Midwest) Lincoln be-in confidential consults? If his appearance or his tions and others don‘t? came the leader and wasyou feel you need some- height, for I have rejected Character – who they are. given the rank Captain. Byone to talk to or are hav- him. The LORD does not Relationships – leaders care the end of his military serviceing marital problems, look at the things people about people. with the Militia he hadplease call them at 315-212 look at. People look at the Knowledge – it doesn‘t make achieved the rank of private.-6919 or just stop by M-F outward appearance, but you a leader but you can‘t Well, over time, plenty of8 a.m. – 8 p.m. the LORD looks at the lead without knowledge. failures (something many of heart.‖ 1 Samuel Experience – Need to have us can relate to) much effortACS also has a Financial 16:7 (New International accomplished some things and personal experience HeReadiness Program that Version) you have to pay a price. became a great leader.provides free counseling or Can you spot a leaderadvice on financial matters? Ability- you know your field, God help us to grow by a looking at them? Is it you know what is needed, through our experiences,They can provide all types in the looks? Is it in? Edu-of financial assistance: pull you know how to approach deepen our knowledge, in- cation – No look at many the task you are leading with crease our ability, improvecredit reports, budgeting, college professors. Cha-debt management, invest- some knowledge, understand- the way we relate with people risma – personality? Physi- ing, concepts, can communi- and strengthen our, etc. Call 772-0050 for cal appearance-Status? - cate, experience etc.,more info. No. Abraham Lincoln in 1832, Love Big Live Well A prime example decades before he became Chaplain Love Mother Teresa, a frail little president, gathered together aBehavioral Health Con- woman was known as atacts: Suicide Resources/Hotlines CONTACT INFORMATION BN Staff Duty 774-1200Connor Clinic Appoint- 24-hour BDE Staff Duty 774-1100ment Line: 315-772-2778 FRSA 774-1206 email FRG LeadersAfter Hours Emergency HSC – OPEN/Acting FRG Ldr SGT Lux cell: 315-396-2080;Services (Holidays and JUSTIN.P.LUX@US.ARMY.MILWeekends) Before 9:00 A Co – Sarah Popp-cell: 937-541-6371, allie299@yahoo.compm: Acute Care Clinic, B Co—GiGi Tomsu-cell: 315-777-6521, gigitomsu@gmail.com315-772-5236 C Co—Megan Wilson-cell: 818-279-3927, M-MURDOCK@HOTMAIL.COMAfter 9:00 pm: Samaritan FRG AdvisorsMedical Center Emer- Melissa Stiller – home 681-6734, email stillmel@aol.comgency Department: 315-785-4100Local 24-Hour Crisis Line:315-785-4516National Suicide Preven- DATE YOUR MATE MONTHtion Lifeline: 1-800-273- NATIONAL BLOOD PRESSURE MONTHTALK HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!Suicide Prevention Action REMEMBER MEMORIAL DAY!Network (SPAN): APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS! LIBERTY TIMES
  7. 7. VOLUME I, ISSUE 25 PAGE 7 May 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatTraining/Classes 1 2 3 4 5FRG SuspensesBDE/BN/CO FRGMeetings/Training/Events6 7 8 Key Caller 2 9 10 FRG Mtgs 11 12 -3:30pm or 5- 6:30pm13 Mother’s 14 FRG Ldr 15 16 17 18 19Day 9am-1pm Informal Funds 2-3pm or 5-6pm20 21 22 23 24 25 Donsa 2627 28 Memorial 29 30 31 Day Community Events Upcoming Key Caller Need Help? Call or visit Military Class Dates: 3 May - 277th Volunteer Recognition May 8th OneSource to find infor- Lunch - 11:45am - 12:45pm in the Bat- All Classes are at ACS from mation about taxes, par- talion Classroom. RSVPs are required. 2-3:30 p.m. or 5-6:30p.m. enting, deployments, 9 May - 10th CAB FRG Training Day finances, taxes, counsel- (See Flyer on page 11) Call Mobilization and Deployment to ing, PCS moves & more! 24 May - 10th CAB Project Caps Event register at 315-772-0470. – Get paid to participate in surveys. 29 May - Army Soldier Show - 6pm at Steve Power, Personal Financial Magrath Gym Counselor, is here to help until April 4 June - 277th ASB Change of Com- 27, 2012. Call him at 586-350-7650 mand - 10am in the B Co. 277th Han- to help set up a budget, check your gar (across from Battalion Headquar- credit, develop a plan to get out of ters). debt, get started investing, or what- ever you need assistance with. You can also always call Financial Readi- ness at 772-0050 for this same type of assistance.
  8. 8. PAGE 8Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates, continuedyear. Because our education sys- tion is that as you begin to clean an hour a month to be a Keytem is governed at the state level, through your stuff (maybe?) in an- Caller or Treasurer, and it offers amoving frequently as we do in the ticipation of the move, keep in chance to stay connected to yourmilitary can be very stressful. We mind that we have a wonderful spouse‘s unit, know what‘s goinghave an excellent organization on thrift shop on post that is willing to on (we know they don‘t alwaysFt. Drum called Parent to Parent take all your unwanted items. They remember to keep us in the loop),that offers assistance and classes take donations 24 hours a day in the build new friendships (that mayin how to keep your student‘s re- front lobby, or they offer daily con- just come in handy during thecords up to date, and to help with signments from 9:30 am – 12:30 next deployment), and volunteer-those school transitions. I strongly pm. They also offer PCS appoint- ing is just a wonderful way to feelencourage you to contact them to ments to those within 90 days of like you add value in life. Sofind out when their next work- PCS/ETS‘ing so that you can do please think about it and helpshop is that may be applicable to one large consignment drop off. make our FRG a success. Thanksyour child‘s age (774-4496), es- Call them at 772-7189 and get rid for considering it, and enjoypecially if you have a child enter- of your junk! yourselves this May!ing high school. Also, every post Lastly, I‘ve got to put my regu-has a School Liaison Officer that lar plug in. We still have a shortagecan help with the transition be- of FRG volunteers in all of ourtween schools and provide info on companies. I know each of you isthe schools in the area you are busy with your own lives, but I askmoving to. Let them help you! you to consider helping out in someThe other thing I‘d like to men- small capacity. It only takes aboutEye On The Eagle LTC Stiller presents CW5 Gifford, CW4 Leikam and SGM Harris the Order of Saint Michael Bronze Award in front of their peers.LIBERTY TIMES
  9. 9. PAGE9 PICTURES LTC Jeffrey Schroeder, the 10th Mountain Division G6, and SGM James Mullens present Specialist Matthew Wolber of Charlie 227th with a Certificate of Achievement for his outstanding performance during the WIN-T Validation Exercise last month.
  10. 10. PICTURES CONTINUED PAGE10 B 277th ASB, TF Mtn Eagle. SFC Helfrich is presented the ARCOM for his service while assigned to the 277th Aviation Support Battalion by MAJ Guthrie and 1SG Snyder. ARMY PHOTO BY CPT Melinda Walden
  11. 11. Announcement PAGE11
  12. 12. PAGE 12277th Aviation Support Battalion 277th Aviation Support Battalion History10th Combat Aviation Brigade In February 2006, the 277th Aviation Support Battalion deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom VII, where it provided combat service and support to the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, Task Force Falcon. The Unit redeployed in February of 2007 after earning the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker Award for best Aviation Battalion in 2006 and the Meritorious Unit Commendation.20125 Hangar Access Road In October 2008, the 277th ASB deployed to Iraq in sup-Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield port of Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-11, where it providedFort Drum, NY 13602 support and combat services to the 10th CAB, Task Force Lightning. The unit redeployed in October 2009 and earnedPhone: 315-774-1206 the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker award for the BestFax: 315-774-1231 Combat Service Support Battalion for the work performedE-mail: during its 2008-2009 deployment.“Freedom and Liberty”