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October 2011 Newsletter


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October 2011 Newsletter

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October 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 2, Issue 10 October 2011 ATSCOM/164TH TAOG FREEDOM/GUARDIAN COL James Macklin, Brigade Commander Visit us at Army Antiterrorism October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Awareness Month! “Working Together to End the Violence” National Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 1 Hispanic Heritage Gate to Gate Run, 0900-1100 October 3 WIND Meeting, Bldg. 101, 1000-1100 October 5 & 6 Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Conference, Wings Chapel, 0800-1600 October 7 DONSA October 10 Columbus Day Holiday October 13 Garrison Workforce Briefing, Theater, 0930-1100 & 1330-1500 October 21 Newcomers’ Welcome Briefing, The Landing, 0830-1030 October 31 Trick or Treat, On Post If you have questions or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact Marie Stallworth, FRSA for 164th TAOG, Bldg. 30501, Cairns Army Airfield, Fort Rucker, AL 36362. Telephone: 334-255-8919 or Email:
  2. 2. Warhawks! HHC 164TH TAOG Hello Warhawk Families, As of 23 September 2011 the fall season is upon us. The leaves will soon fall, report cards will start to come home, all the pools have closed for the year and the fall festivals will soon begin. Oktoberfest marked the beginning of fall on Ft. Rucker and the first festival of the season, but there are more to come and 164th TAOG is planning one for the Soldiers and Spouses for the entire brigade. More details within the newsletter. The two FRGs between HHC and 597th have unofficially merged. The 597th Maintenance Company will no longer hostany meetings as an FRG organization. The next and first combined event will be on 25 Octo-ber at Picerne’s main office on Andrews Ave next to the class 6 across from the golf course.From 5 p.m. until around 7 p.m. the newly formed FRG will come together as a whole andwelcome each other; plan on bringing your favorite finger foods and dishes. Drinks will beprovided. There will be ice breakers, door prizes, competitions and more. HHC would like towelcome the Soldiers and Spouses of the 597th Maintenance Company into the ranks of ourorganization.CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEWEST NCO’S OF THE BRIGADESPC Brumfield and SPC Jarrell for making SergeantSGT Turner for making Staff SergeantUPCOMING FAMILY EVENTSThe first event for the month of October is the bake sale being held on 3 October at the motorpool. Please bring all yummies by 9 a.m. Try to individually wrap them for ease of selling.Donations only, suggested $.50 a bag of cookies. There will be a Hail and Farewell on 6 Oc-tober being held at PoFolks in Enterprise next to McDonalds. The next fundraiser is Oct 12-14 at the Thrift Store. This will not be the only time we do this fundraising event so lookforward to more opportunities to help here in following weeks. Last but least, again, the BDEFall Festival will be on 29 October and post wide trick or treating on 31 October. Hope tosee you there.UPCOMING TRAINING EVENTSThe Soldiers of the Warhawk Company has many training events for the month, such asdrown-proofing, ruck marches, and section training just too new a few. We have newequipment coming and there is lots of training required to get smart on that stuff. This monthmarks the beginning of a series of training events that will run all the way to May 2012 whenwe will go to the field and put all of our hard work to the test. Needless to say we willbe busy and you should be proud of each of your Soldiers.~War Hawks! Page 2
  3. 3. 597TH ORDNANCE COMPANY Families of the 597th, First off, Rebecca and I would like to thank you all for your support for the Family Readiness Group. There are some big changes coming that I would like to tell you about. This is not my goodbye, not yet. Starting next month, the 597th FRG will join with the Headquarters and HeadquartersCompany’s FRG. For those of you who attending the September FRG meeting, you got tomeet the FRG Commander, CPT Doug Blevins. CPT Blevins will have overall oversight ofthe FRG. For the spouses of our deployed Soldiers, yourcontact will be myself until the end of October. AfterOctober 21st, CW3 Steve Hess and SFC Vincent Bernalwill be your points of contact. In the next few days, wewill be sending out the Family Assistance worksheets.Please take a moment and fill it out. I will gather them upand send them to our FRSA, Mrs. Marie Stallworth. This will allow CPT Blevins theopportunity to include you in what is going on with the FRG. I encourage you all tocontinue your support for CPT Blevins and Mr. Hess. Again, thank you for your support. Ihope you are all doing well and enjoying the weather. We are just a few weeks away fromthe weather cooling off. I encourage you all to visit the MWR website to see what is goingon at Fort Rucker and the local community.Fast and Furious!CPT DeLoach Page 3
  4. 4. CHAPLAIN Hello 164th TAOG Family! “Peace in the Midst of Turbulence” Several years ago as a teenager, my sister and I were traveling on a plane from Detroit where we participated in a wedding. Prior to reaching our final destination, we encountered a terrible thunderstorm, to include a heavy dose of rain and lightening. In mid air the plane was skipping and bouncing all over the place with no relief in sight. I remember very clearly talking to God regarding the turbulence, while a gentleman behind me took a different approach. He reacted to the storm with a continual consumption of alcohol trying to overcome his fear. Neither thepilots nor the flight crew revealed the slightest indication or reaction to the grave weather condi-tions. They kept on flying; doing what they usually do until eventually we made it through thestorm and landed safely. In light of our country at war and an economic predicament, we allsense or feel the results of turbulence. The military is enduring a downsizing status, the civilianjob market is bleak, and the government is encountering repeated possible shutdowns. This isenough to spur anyone to fear the fate of their future. Yet, we do have an equalizer when facingthe instability of our surroundings. These are times we must look to God for His peace. Isaiah,the prophet, writes about having a perfect peace in God. In Isaiah 26:1-6, through a song, he reminds Israel that there will be a change to theircurrent situation for those who live within the city that put their trust in God. Moreover, heencouraged this group by the Word of God in verses 3-4, “You will keep in perfect peace himwhose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord … is theRock eternal.” In essence, we can find peace in our turbulences by knowing two things about God.First, recognize that He is an unfailing God. When we keep our mind on Him, who is sovereign,He will provide us perfect complete peace. Because the Lord is true to His promises, we canalways trust Him. Secondly, be aware that He is an unchanging God. When we keep our mind onGod, the eternal Rock, He will make available to us perfect peace. As the Rock of Ages, God hasproven time after time that He is an immutable strength. From now on when turbulence intersects your traveling path, ensure your mind is stead-fast on the unfailing and unchanging God. In other words, remain focused on God and not theturbulence. Indeed, you will experience the internal peace of God that is not altered due to exter-nal circumstances.Be Encouraged!164th TAOG UMTCH (MAJ) A. Gerald DuBose SSG FarringtonOffice: 255-8968BB: 470-6436 Page 4
  5. 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Hails Promotions SGM Kimble SPC Dansbury SPC Brumfield to SGT MSG Nichols SPC Williams SPC Jarrell to SGT CW3 Collins SSG Sistrunk SGT Turner to SSG Farewells MSG Lewis SSG Jackson SPC McIver Congratulations!!!! SSG Jacob & JessicaThe next Hail and Farewell for DockeryHHC 164th TAOG will be6 October 2011 from1130-1300 at PoFolks inEnterprise, AL. Families arewelcome to participate! Page 5
  6. 6. FAMILY READINESS SUPPORT ASSISTANT, FRSA REASONS PEOPLE VOLUNTEERVolunteering is important for as many reasons are there are people and needs. Some people volunteer because they just love helping others. Their own joy of givingand making a difference makes them feel valued and valuable to the ones they are serving.They receive back a thousand fold by seeing the impacts created for the people they arehelping. Others volunteer because they feel a need to give back to a community that has beengood to them and they want to express their gratitude by paying it forward into their com-munity. This is powerful leverage that can build lasting beneficial changes in a viral way. Still others volunteer because it gives them a sense of purpose and meaning to theirlives. It’s like their contribution to others is fulfilling a critical aspect for their own self-expression in the world. And, of course, many people volunteer to gain valuable new experience in a certainfield and pay their dues for developing expertise and career advancement opportunities. Last but not least, great volunteers enjoy themselves while giving to others. Long termstudies have shown that volunteers live longer, are in better health, have lower rates ofdepression and less heart disease. SHARE YOUR GIFTS AND TALENTS BY JOINING YOUR FAMILY READINESS GROUP TODAY!!!! POC: Marie Stallworth, FRSA, 255-8919/ or Megan Blevins, HHC/597th FRG Leader, Page 6
  7. 7. TAOG FRG LEADER Hello War Hawk Families, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new Soldiers and Spouses from 597th into our FRG organization. I know the addition of each one of you will be a great asset to this organization. There are many opportunities within the FRG to socialize, fundraise, volunteer and just be part of the unit. For the new Soldiers and spouses, a good way to reach meis by email, text, and phone. My email address is,my phone # is 334-447-1531 where I can also be reached by text. Please when emailingand texting provide your full name and unit so I know who you are.Like the HHC Commander has already mentioned, there are many opportunities throughoutthe upcoming month to participate with the FRG. Please let myself or CPT Blevins knowwhere you want to help. We must get you registered with VMIS to track your volunteerhours and CPT Blevins or Marie Stallworth, BGE FRSA, can assist with that. There arealso volunteer training venues available at certain times of the year to make becoming avolunteer less stressful.Always remember that volunteers are important and it is with volunteers that this unit canbe successful in communications, planning, and execution. Those really put forth the effortand provide time with the unit will be awarded accordingly. We like to recognize thosethat give their time as a thank you and appreciation for what you do. Please help out whereyou can by letting me know what you can offer to the company, anything can help.Welcome to new the Soldiers of HHC and hope to be seeing you at upcoming events.Please make sure that all your family data gets to the unit so that my records stay current.~Megan Page 7
  8. 8. Page 8
  9. 9. Helps & Information!!!!OCTOBER 13TH, Wear Purple Day, Purple is thenationally designated color to recognize Domestic AbusePrevention Month. Please show your support by wearingpurple.“Not having the information you need when you needit leaves you wanting. Not knowing where to look forthat information leaves you powerless. In asociety where information is king, none of uscan afford that.” ~Lois Horowitz Newcomers’ Welcome 21 OCTOBER 2011 Every 3rd Friday of the month 0830-1030 at The Landing Building 113, Novosel Street For Information, Call 334-255-3161/2887For Free childcare, register your child/childrenat the CDC, 334-255-3564. Reservations must be made 24 hours prior to the Newcomers’ Welcome. Page 9
  10. 10. Marriage 101 5 October 2011 7 October 2011Ft. Rucker Chaplaincy in partner with The Ft.Rucker Family Advocacy Program will provide ACS’s New Parent Support Program is holding aan opportunity for couples, married or Promotion Points class from 9-11 am at the Earlyconsidering it, who desire to make an investment Childhood Activity Center, Bldg. 3705, Dean strengthening their relationship foundation These monthly Parenting Education Classes areand communication skills. The program will designed for Soldiers and will be held the firststart at 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm and will be held at the Friday of every month. For more information andSpiritual Life Center. It is designed to help to register, please contact the Family Advocacyunderstand the sound of conflict in relationships Program at 255-3898.and receive tools to resolve it in a healthy way.Registration is required by October 3rd, 2011.Childcare is a available by request. Please callFamily Advocacy Program at 255-3898.October 13 Hunter Education CoursesThe hunter education class will be held in AdamsHall Bldg. #5419, RM 120 at Fort Rucker. Classbegins at 5:30 p.m. The class will hold a maximum “Care Team Training”of 60 students. Attendance of this class requirescompletion of internet or C.D. course prior to class. Thursday, 27 OctoberParticipants must bring printed report to class (report 2011, 8:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.does not need to be notarized). On-line Registration Bldg. 5700, Rm 284for this class will begin on Tuesday, September 13, For more information, call2011. Curtis Williams, 255-9578October 24 & 31 Divorce/SeparationCo-Parenting Workshop, 9am-12pm at the EarlyChildhood Activity Center.Topic include, commitment to staying childfocused, effective communication and negotiationskills, reducing parental conflict, and understandingchildren’s needs during and following divorce. This Anger Managementis a two part series and participates must attend all 18 & 25 October, 9-11:30 amclasses in order to receive a certificate of completion.Registration is required. Open to Active Duty, Topics: indentifying causes of anger, symptomsRetired Military, DoD Employees and their Family of anger, techniques on how to manage anger, andMembers. For child care information & Registration, developing an anger management FAP at 255-3898. Registration is required. Call FAP at 255-3898. Page 10
  11. 11. KiD’s CoRnEr ACS Family Game Night 21 October 2011, 5-7 p.m. The Commons, 7th Avenue Building 8950 Limited to 25 families. Deadline to register is October 14 Saturday, 22 October 2011 4-8 p.m. Families that complete the round robin of games receivesThe festival will include: 16 children’s games, a free board game to take home and enjoy!horseback riding, and inflatables. All games (Light Refreshments Served!)require tickets to play. Tickets are $1 each.Concessions will be available. There will be a Call FAP, 255-3898/255-9641Halloween contest for the children ages 1month-10 years, with prizes awarded. Open to EFMP Golf Clinicthe public. Tuesday, 4 October 2011 For more information, 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. contact Leda Green 598-3384. Silver Wings Golf Course Halloween Craft Making Activity6:15 p.m. to 10:15 Date: 25 October 2011 Time: 3:30-4:30 p.m. Place: The Center Library, Fort RuckerYouth Basketball Registration for Boys and Girls Ages: 3 - 11 yearsages 6-18 will be held from October 1 - October 31at the Youth Service Gymnasium. Children may wear costumes. Players must present a current Light refreshments will be served. physical and a valid CYSS Space is limited to the first 65 children registration to participate. The registere18 d. Call or come by the Cen- cost is $25. ter Library, 255-3885. For more details and information, please call 255-9105/255-9638. Page 11
  12. 12. Spooky 5K October 1 Southern Landscaping & Gardening Class, 1-2 29 October 2011 pm, The Center Library,7:30 a.m. at the Physical call 255-3885Fitness Facility on Andrews October 1 Ave. For details, Couples Aloha Paradise call 255-3794 Fun Night, 4-6 pm, West Beach Lake Tholocco, call 255-3898 October 1 Youth Marksmanship Shoot, 8 am-1 pm, Dale- ville TriState Gun Club, call 255-4305. October 4 Exceptional Family Members’ Golf Clinic, 4:30 pm-6:30 pm, Silver Wings Golf Course, 255 -9277 October 6 Becoming a Love & Logic Parent Workshop, 9-11 am, Early Child- hood Activity Center, call 255-3898 October 15 Couples Invitational, 9 am-2 pm, Silver Wings Golf Course, call 598-2449 October 20 Creative Social, 4:30- 6:00 pm, Arts & Crafts Center, call 255-9020 October 22-29 Wounded Warrior Fall Hunt, Outdoor Recreation, call 255- 4305 Page 12
  13. 13. HHC MOTORPOOL BAKESALE!!!! 3 October 11 beginning at 0900 Please donate a wrapped baked good !Beginning 1 October 11After Hours NurseTriage Line will have aNew Number: 1-877-418-0983 To apply as a TAOG FRG Volunteer, simply contact Megan Blevins, FRG Leader, 334-447- 1531 or Marie Stallworth, FRSA, ish D ga rin t to B FR G Remember, all volunteer must be registered in VMIS, rge ed Fo bin Contact us for help!!!! n’t om C. Do st C HH Fir h& to the 5 97t for 5p m eti ng @ Me 11 to ber 531 Oc 7-1 25 -44 334 C: PO HHC FRG Fundraiser 164th TAOG Fall Festival Place: The Commons on 7th, Fort Rucker, Building 12-14 October 2011 8950 10:00 am-2:00 pm Time: 2 pm to 5 pm Fort Rucker * Remember to wear your Costumes* Page 13