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Financial case dm or email


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Financial case dm or email

  1. 1. INSIGHTDIRECT MAILOR E-MAILwhich medium catchesthe most your client’sattention? FINANCIAL CASE 2012 DIRECT MARKETING CAMPAIGN
  2. 2. Promote cross-selling funds to people without OBJECTIVES a share account TARGET Lookalikes of current investors A) E-mail HOW B) Direct Mail Difference in A) E-mail LEARNINGS READERSHIP IMPACT B) Direct Mail METHODOLOGY 300 interviews E-mail only: 150, Direct Mail only: 150FINANCIAL CASE 2012DIRECT MARKETING CAMPAIGN 1
  3. 3. Spontaneous brand awareness (index) Direct Mail generates a E-mail 100 +120% much better spontaneous brand awareness than e-mail Direct Mail 220 IMPACT ON BRAND AWARENESSFINANCIAL CASE 2012DIRECT MARKETING CAMPAIGN % of respondents (n=300) = 100% of the respondents
  4. 4. % Correct message recall Direct Mail receivers did E-mail 38% +81% better recall the message than e-mail readers Direct Mail 69% % CORRECT MESSAGE RECALLFINANCIAL CASE 2012DIRECT MARKETING CAMPAIGN Based on those who read DM or E-mail
  5. 5. % Recipients that have seen ads in other media (TV, radio,…) for this brand. Direct Mail enhances E-mail 33% +60% afterwards the attention for other media messages Direct Mail 53% HIGHER ATTENTION LEVELFINANCIAL CASE 2012DIRECT MARKETING CAMPAIGN % of respondents (n=300) = 100% of the respondents
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