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  • Kwanzoo mani iyer

    1. 1. Beyond Email Opens: Triggering In-Email Engagement & Social Interactions (or How to Use Rewards inside Emails!) Mani Iyer CEO & Founder Twitter: iyermani
    2. 2. Email Marketing: Key Challenges Today Disengaged consumers & business users too many emails, peaking open rates Proliferation of consumer channels website, email, blog, affiliates, paid media Relevance of email marketing messages message must match user interest & intent Rising costs of customer acquisition growing costs of affiliates, media & creative NEW! Reaching 700M+ social media users
    3. 3. It’s A Social World. It’s A Real-time World. Drive Email Conversions With Smart Email Marketing. Smart email marketing engages users in their email inbox, serves targeted offers that get propagated virally through email and social media to drive more leads and sales.
    4. 4. Economic Value For The Web Show Producer M U L T I C H A N N E L Start Inside Email, Convert Everywhere S O C I A L SMART Email Marketing Build Social Sharing Into Your Emails A D A P T I V E Target Offers to User Responses SMART Email Marketing Explained R E A L – T I M E Test, Optimize, in Real Time T E M P L A T E D R I V E N No Coding Needed
    5. 5. Increase User Engagement with In-email Smart Polls In-Email Poll Poll Results Website Landing Page
    6. 6. PROMO CODE SHOWN AFTER SHARING SOCIAL SHARING JUMPED to 33% from < 1% Trigger Social Sharing with In-Email Smart Quizzes
    7. 7. Increase Engagement with Smart Shares Inside Newsletters
    8. 8. … Social Interactions Occur Inside Email…On Your Website… At Your Social Presence…On Affiliate Websites… Email Newsletters & Business Emails + Email Users Engage Here… + Share to Social + Share via Email Company Website + Email / Web Users Come Here... + Share to Social + Share via Email Affiliate Websites + Engage on 3 rd Party Site + Share to Social + Share via Email Social Presence (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) + Initiate Brand Engagement + Redirect Users to Website + Share via Social + Share via Email Plan For Social Interactions Across Your Channels! + Drive Cross Channel Sales + Drive Cross Channel Social Sharing Optimize Leads, Sales, Conversions
    9. 9. Summary Drive more leads, and increase sales from emails with smart email marketing Increase up-sell, cross-sell from business emails, email newsletters, transaction emails Re-tool traditional email marketing to add social media interactions that deliver results Deliver highly engaging & effective promotions via your email channel
    10. 10. For more information, contact: Mani Iyer, CEO & Founder Phone: 650-814-4974 Email: [email_address] Twitter: @iyermani