Email marketing campaign


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This presentation is a detailed explanation to carry out email marketing to increase your sales,promote and advertise your company and services.

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Email marketing campaign

  1. 1. AgendaWhy Email Marketing? Email Process Campaigns types Standard Metrics Sophisticated Segmentation Targeting Reports & Analysis Tools Used Template Best Practices
  2. 2. Why Email Marketing?Exact Geo Targeting New customer Acquisition Large Audience Refer a friend Targeting missed audience
  3. 3. Why Email Marketing?Mobile Friendly Exact customer targeting Revenue Growth Social media incorporation Email is faster than otherEasy to reach out to operations – No need to wait customer for result
  4. 4. Email process
  5. 5. Email process Email Design  Email template design and coding.  Email Content/ Colour Optimization to ensure higher deliverability rates. Quality Assurance  Check Email Spam Scores.  Check emails across various browsers – IE 6,7,8, Mozilla & Chrome.  Check email across various email clients – Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook 2003/2007. Email Marketing  DB Cleaning & Uploading.  Test Email sent to check email delivery.  Batch & Schedule Email Blasts.  Weekly & Monthly Reports.  Analysis & Recommendations.
  6. 6. Campaigns types Promotional mailers Transactional mailers Newsletters & press releases Awareness Campaign Welcome Campaign Re-Engagement Campaign Lead generation campaigns (B2B & B2C) Social media targeted campaigns
  7. 7. Promotional mailer Promotional email marketing isusually generic and impersonal, withoffers on the product to enticecustomers to make a purchase. It isoften called “Batch & Blast” as it isnot custom nor segmented. Examples Discount offers/promotions Newsletters (generic) press releases New product announcements Branding messages
  8. 8. Transactional mailers  Transactional Emails are very specific to a transaction and may or may not contain a marketing message. These messages are targeted messages pertaining to a specific customer.  Examples Order confirmation Shipping confirmation Account updates Service messages
  9. 9. Newsletters & press releases Information sheet oftenstyled in the format of a smallnewspaper.Newsletters generally containinformation that is of interestprimarily to a special group.
  10. 10. Awareness Campaign Awareness campaigns helps for branding & to gain the customer trust.
  11. 11. Welcome Campaign Welcome campaign is tocongratulate the customerwho has added to ourmailing list and it helps tomaintain a goodrelationship with thecustomer.
  12. 12. Re-Engagement Campaign Re-engaging is a chore Depending on your businessniche, you might try different meansto win back your subscribers’attention, but the process is often thesame.Steps to be followed: Identify the target group Choose the win-back strategy Execute your win-back strategy
  13. 13. Lead generation campaigns (B2B & B2C) Generating hot leads for the B2B & B2C campaigns by nurturing the leads. Examples : Webinar registration Product purchase
  14. 14. Social media targeted campaigns  Social media campaigns plays an important role in email marketing. Unlimited access Simplicity Global reach Contact building Branding Flexibility & Measurability
  15. 15. Sophisticated Segmentation
  16. 16. Sophisticated Segmentation Filter DescriptionProfile Target messages based on Profile data stored in the Profile Fields of a Mailing List.Click through Target messages based on previous Clickthrough behavior.Recency of response - Last Open Date - Last Click Date - Last Purchase Date - Last Event Conversion DatePass Along Target messages to subscribers based on whether they have or have not Passed a previous message along.HTML Open Target messages to subscribers based on whether they have or have not Opened a previous message.
  17. 17. Targeting Email campaigns is to deliver the right message to the right audience with a strongoffer or value proposition. Targeting based on the below factors:  B2B  Designations/ Titles  Industry types/ SIC code  Time Zone  Company revenue  No. of employees of the organization  B2C  Geography  Gender  Based on their response  Interaction with the template  Recency & depth of visit
  18. 18. Targeting based on scoringSteps : Emails sent1. Scores will be assigned to the email records as per the response.2. Total score for each individual will be captured. Customer Response3. Based on the score, planning a (Open, Clicks Etc) strategy for the customers. Score assigned based on their response Based on scoring, planning a strategy for the customers
  19. 19. Standard Success Metrics Optimal Email Metrics  Delivery rate  Open rate  Click-to-deliver rate (CTDR) = # of clicks / # of emails delivered  Subscriber retention rate = ( # subscribers - bounce backs – # unsubscribe )/ # subscribers Optimal Behavior Metrics  Bounce Rate = # of email campaign visits with a single Page View / # of email campaign visits  Depth of Visit = percent of email campaign visits that last longer than xx pages Actions Completed = percent of email campaign visits that watched a video Optimal Outcomes Metrics  Profitability = (revenue generated – campaign cost – cost of goods sold) / # of emails sent  Average Revenue per Email Sent = total revenue / # of emails sent  Macro Conversion Rate = # of One Big Thing / # of email campaign visits
  20. 20. Tools used Graphic mail Sales Genius Dream & Dream mail True Influence Marketo Bronto Mail chimp
  21. 21. Template Best Practices Content Best Practices Keep it short!  Use Mobile Version Use a minimum of graphical elements  Update your profile option Be Relevant  Images to Text ratio Personalization  Make your content scannable Sections required  Valid from and reply-to-address Privacy policy physical address  Avoiding words causing SPAM Add to address  Free investment Copy Right  Free installation Hosted version  Cash bonus  Promise you ...!  No investment
  22. 22. Template Best Practices HTML Best Practices Good pixel width is in the 600-700 pixel range. Use of web safe fonts. Use standard ASCII charters. Use internal or in-line CSS. Do not link to CSS. Optimize the size of the images for quick loading. Do not use flash. Do not use JAVA script. Do not use Borders & Nested Tables. Do not put forms in your email. In case needs to be added fill out theinformation, provide the link to get the form.
  23. 23. Reporting & Analysis Weekly & Monthly Reports - Click through rate (CTR), - Conversion rate (CR) - Delivery Rates, - Open rates, Click Rates - Profitability - ROI Analysis & Recommendations for the future campaigns.
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