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HR Goals and Objectives 2014


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The HR Goals and Objectives 2014 will be challenging again. The economy is still not improving enough to support the easy job of Human Resources. HR Department will have to stay focused on increasing productivity, attracting the best talents and simplifying its operations to cut costs.

HR Goals and Objectives 2014 will not change dramatically from 2013. Just social media and HR Big Data will be the next big thing in Human Resources.

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HR Goals and Objectives 2014

  1. 1. HR GOALS & OBJECTIVES 2014
  2. 2. HR Goals and Objectives 2014 Key tasks and initiatives for HR in 2014
  3. 3. Content 1.  About creative HRM 2.  2013 Summary 3.  2014 Key HR Goals 1.  HR Simplification 2.  Innovation 3.  Agile HR Management 4.  Big Data in HR 5.  War for Talents 6.  Social Media 7.  Leadership 4.  On going HR Challenges 5.  HR Readiness for Future
  5. 5. About Creative HRM 1.  Creative HRM is a website fully devoted to modern and agile HR Management. 2.  It covers all HR Processes like the Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits, Organization Design, Training and Development, Leadership Development, Employee Relations and HR Development. Click to visit! 3.  Creative HRM is a source of the contemporary HR practices focused on building the competitive advantage for your business.
  6. 6. HR SUMMARY OF 2013
  7. 7. HR Summary 2013: Big Trends 1.  Growth: the economic recovery in the USA, Europe still struggling; no positive outlook for 2014 and mixed news and forecasts 2.  Unemployment: the unemployment stable in the USA compared with the last year, unemployment still on a rise in the western Europe; Central Europe still struggling and unable to return to solid growth numbers 3.  Costs: HR still asked to cut costs to increase the productivity of organizations; the simple cuts are not possible to make and the workforce becomes affected with each additional cuts in HR costs 4.  Technology: HR still waiting for the first successful implementation of HR big data; the first worldwide implementation of the big data solution will set the benchmark to measure against
  8. 8. HR Summary 2013: HR World 1.  War for Talents: even in the environment of the high unemployment the organizations are struggling to find highly skilled and performance focused employees; the big change in the talent acquisition still not coming; War for Talents will stay as a key topic in 2014 for many HR departments 2.  Social Media: Human Resources still not able to find the right way to approach social media; HR is not able to think about target audiences as the pure marketing function; HR still has no clarity about segments it should communicate to; 2014 will be the year of HR social media 3.  HR Model: the economy changes, but the HR model does not react to challenges and changes; HR still organizes itself using the model by David Ulrich; maybe the change in trends will be brought in 2014
  10. 10. Key HR Goals and Objectives 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  HR Simplification Innovation Agile HR Management Big Data in HR War for Talents Social Media Leadership
  11. 11. HR Simplification 1.  HR Management needs to be kept as simple as possible, because internal clients are the key users of HR tools; if tools provided are too complex and the clients do not understand how they are connected with other processes and tools – they do not use them at all; HR has to simplify its operations and empower managers and employees 2.  HR Policies and Procedures become highly integrated and complex as the theory of the HR Management evolves, however the internal clients are usually looking for simple and quick processes, which solve their immediate needs; the policies should be more guidelines not detailed HR policies covering all details 3.  Simplified HR Management empowers managers and employees; HR lets managers to choose the best solution and approach, they really need 4.  Simplified HR can do more with less resources and it can impact positively the performance of the organization; the managers do not wait for the solution; they just pick solution and go forward with the implementation 5.  HR has to change its processes and procedures as the simplification can be introduced; it has to invest into the development of people management skills 6.  Simplification of HR Management procedures using a Voice of Customer will be a priority in 2014.
  12. 12. HR Simplification is about a complex change of HR Operations and the empowerment. By reviewing key procedures and processes HR brings a simplified HR Model.
  13. 13. Innovations 1.  The western organizations use innovations as a key source of the competitive advantage. HR has to design tools and procedures to support innovations and their implementation in the organization. 2.  Most HR Departments do not design processes and procedures, which support innovation. HR does not introduce a training programs for managers so they support creative ideas of employees. 3.  Most creative ideas are killed, because managers see them as risky and dangerous. They can change the status quo. HR has to design a program, which changes the mind of the line management. 4.  HR has to design procedures, which reward creativity and the courage to implement new ideas. The reward and recognition program has to demonstrate the value of innovations to the organization. 5.  HR will have to strengthen its role of the Change Agent in 2014 so the organization can bring new products and services. The true innovation are not invented by the top management, they evolve from storming ideas. 6.  HR Goals and Objectives 2014 have to incorporate innovations as a key HR challenge to be supported.
  14. 14. Innovations are a key source of competitive advantage today. HR brings tools supporting the natural evolution of innovative ideas.
  15. 15. Agile HR Management 1.  Simplicity and speed are the key differentiator of the successful HR Department. 2.  The agile HR Management is about getting ahead of the curve and influencing key initiatives in the organization. The agile HR Department is leading initiatives and it does not react only. It leads. 3.  Being agile allows to HR Business Partner to propose a solution before the urgency arise. It is highly valued by managers and employees. Being reactive is just a sign of slowness and opposition. 4.  The agile HR Management is a key demand of modern leaders; they require HR to be proactive and helpful. 5.  The agile HR Management is interconnected with the empowerment and simplification of HR structures and HR decision making processes.
  16. 16. The agile organization moves forward quickly. The agile HR Department is a real partner for managers and employees. It brings solution before the urgency arise.
  17. 17. Big Data in HR 1.  HR collect huge amounts of data about employees, their performance, attendance, skills and achievements. 2.  HR data are not usually well connected with other data available in the business. Making any analysis is a pain for Human Resources. It makes the decision processes slow. 3.  HR has to cooperate with IT to develop a true HR data storage, where all data are available. All access right managed properly and all managers can see data about their employees. 4.  HR has to design its HR Big Data Strategy. Data available to everyone will make decisions more precise and easier to accept by managers and employees. 5.  Year 2014 will be about big data in Human Resources. Each modern HR Department has to prepare its implementation strategy.
  18. 18. HR Big Data will be a huge change for Human Resources. Making decision on real life data builds a difference. Get ready.
  19. 19. War for Talents 1.  The shortage of talents will become permanent. HR has to define a competitive strategy to win a share of the top talent market. 2.  HR has to update the recruitment strategy again so the organization hits the defined target audiences. 3.  HR has to update its recruitment procedures so the job offer can be released within days not weeks. 4.  HR has to define the recruitment plan so the recruitment affairs can be planned and the right talents are targeted. 5.  HR has to design an attractive recruitment communication strategy so the viral recruitment becomes a strong recruitment channel. 6.  The competitive package needs to be designed and the package should not be just about the compensation offered.
  20. 20. The creative HR Function designs the recruitment communication strategy, which attracts top talents. The viral recruitment will be a hit in 2014.
  21. 21. Social Media 1.  HR has to create the social media strategy, which covers internal and external social communication of the organization. 2.  Social media have the power to change the way HR communicates with employees. They can engage employees and allow them to lead some initiatives in the organization. 3.  Social media cannot be treated as a simple recruitment channel. Social media allow the collaboration of internal top talents with engaged external communities. 4.  HR has to design policies, which encourage employees to share innovations and ideas internally and trying to shape ideas using the help of external communities. 5.  HR has to become active in different social media and it should allocate a proportion of the budget to be spent on social media development and presence.
  22. 22. Social media can change the way Human Resources communicates. Social media can engage employees and help to build highly productive teams.
  23. 23. Leadership 1.  An organization without a strong leader is an organization in a decline. The leadership development is still one of persistent goals for Human Resources. 2.  HR has to be a true partner for the leadership team of the company to identify all young talents in the organization. 3.  The strong leadership development programs needs to be put in a place to ensure the future of the company. 4.  Current leadership development programs have to be reviewed to ensure that these programs generate results. 5.  HR has to map the market to identify all promising young leaders working for competitors. Their values should be evaluated against the company corporate culture, if they are a good fit.
  24. 24. A leader is the future of the company. HR has to be a strong partner for the current leadership team. Find a leader of the future.
  26. 26. HR Challenges 2014 1.  Corporate Culture 2.  Talent Development 3.  HR Development
  27. 27. Friendly Corporate Culture 1.  The corporate culture builds a real difference. HR has to become the owner of the corporate culture together with the leadership team. 2.  The friendly and rewarding corporate culture is the right fit for the organization of the future. The young talents do not search for the horizontal career, they search for the friendly and open environment, which allows the personal growth to them. 3.  The change of the corporate culture is a long term activity, but HR has to start influencing the leadership team immediately.
  28. 28. Talent Development 1.  HR cannot build its practices using the belief that talents can be bought on the job market. The talents have to be cultivated internally. 2.  The talent development programs are aimed to enhance skills and competencies and protect know how of the organization. 3.  Talent Development programs focused on technical know how will be rising in the near future. 4.  Just the company able to keep and enhance its know how will be successful long term.
  29. 29. HR Development 1.  HR cannot be become the weakest part of the organization. 2.  HR has to focus on the development of HR skills and competencies. It has to focus on building the business acumen. HR Professionals should be able to run business as the leaders. 3.  HR should not be focused purely on the HR agenda, HR has to become a real business partner, sharing all business goals and objectives.
  31. 31. HR Readiness for Future 1.  HR Model 2.  HR Business Partner 3.  HR Business Culture
  32. 32. HR Model 1.  Is your HR Model the best fit for the organization your leaders plan to build tomorrow? 2.  Is your HR workforce distributed fairly to balance the workload during the year? 3.  Is your HR Model interconnected with the right business processes?
  33. 33. HR Business Partnering 1.  Are your HR Business Partners contributing to the growth of the organization? 2.  Are your HRBPs able to recognize coming issues in advance? 3.  Do they implement HR best practices or they just bring issues to HR?
  34. 34. HR Business Culture 1.  Is your HR culture well balanced? Is not focused just on employees? Is it focused on achieving business results? 2.  Do you know which products do you sell, how and what is the overall profitability? 3.  Do you know how to improve your business?
  36. 36. Key HR Goals and Objectives 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  HR Simplification Innovation Agile HR Management Big Data in HR War for Talents Social Media Leadership
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