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Be creative

  1. 1. The briefThe brief is to create an original advertisement,whether it is poster or film, to encourage peopleof a certain age group, either 11-14 or 15-19, torespect the TV and video industry of the UK.Filming would be too unfeasible to do with the amountof time I have, and animation takes too muchediting and refining. Posters it is.
  2. 2. Previous campaignsI’m sure we’ve all heard ofKnock Off Nigel, as series of advertisementsshowing Nigel getting disgraced by both hispeers and friends for pirating. The messagethis campaign is trying to give is that ifyou pirate, or in Nigel’s case, buy knock offDVD’s, you will be labelled for your crimehence the “Knock off Nigel.” Notice the name?A name is a title.Piracy Is A Crime. Notice how it’s all incapitals? It’s probably trying to emphasisethat piracy is a punishable crime, which isreinforced by the tone that the commercialtakes: It is gritty, blunt, and it has a guitar riffin the background. It’s meant to engage the viewer,to make them see that piracy is a crime. Overall, thecommercial is meant to discourage piracy by arousingfear, by emphasising if you pirate, you will go to jail.Home Taping is Killing Music, quite anold campaign actually. It’s icon is creative, usingthe jolly roger and placing it on a videocassette cartridge. That in itself is a great bit ofimagery, using a simplistic icon thateveryone can recognise one way or another.The message itself that recording your music iskilling the music industry... That was in the70’s. And the music industry? Still intact.
  3. 3. ResearchSeeing as I was doing a poster campaign, whereelse would I research? Whilst my knowledge offilm posters is somewhat limited, I do know more soabout video game posters and advertisement. After someconsideration, I researched 3 different posters.What I learned from all of this is thatsome posters rely on certain icons, in thebroad sense: George Romero, the “Godfather”of zombies. What better place to have him thenin a poster parodying that of The Land of theDead.
  4. 4. SlogansOne of the recurring factors in most of the postersthat I saw was a slogan or caption, the catchphrase ofthe poster in short. A good example of this is the“Keep Calm” poster, a propaganda poster brought aboutin the 1930’s now gaining popularity in the years leadingupto 2012.This is one of the great examples of howsomethingcan achieve great popularity in a short span oftime, withthe poster being parodied with many knownmemesand fandoms, something that appeals to boththe teenageand elder demographic.You know your popularwhen your on a shirt.
  5. 5. Further analysisMoving away from slogans, I did research on moremainstream posters, for companies suchas Coca Cola, the Beijing Olympics, and evena typography of Mario.This links back to what I said earlier, withposters using a recognisable icon to appealto a certain audience or demographic.
  6. 6. What did I learn from all this?What I learned from my research is thatposters can implement modern themes thatsome people may recognise, whilst others mayparody or be influenced by an existing product.Here’ an example: whilst I may not recognisesome of the masks, such as Vendetta or PhantomParadise, I do recognise Batman, Star Wars, andeven Saw. This is appealing to a wide audience, havinga little bit of everything that someone can recognise.
  7. 7. DraftsAfter research, I began work onsome rough drafts. My initial idea wasa comic-esque poster, using simplistic iconsto represent different areas of the mediaindustry.Here are some of the icons I have madein Illustrator. I decided to make the designsimplistic, yet recognisable. For instance, thecharacter on the left represents the consumerand the character on the right representsthe company behind the film. On the top we seethe classic egghead, the people who makethe product presentable.
  8. 8. Inspiration for designsI based my icons on the popular“Rage comics,” and the internet seriesasdfmovie.
  9. 9. Developing ideasOne of my first ideas was simply having someone buya DVD, the process of a film being made, and the processrepeating itself indefinitely. The whole idea behind it wouldbe to show what the money would go towards: Editing,music, special effects etc.An example of parody, usingthe one dollar bill. Thinking aboutit, this has been redone manytimes in both films and games.Here is a another, an iconof Tyrone from Snatch.