Media evaluation question 1


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Media evaluation question 1

  1. 1. Question 1Amarjit Singh
  2. 2. The IdeaFor our media product, we came up with apromotional campaign for a brand of mafiathemed hotdogs, known as Dogfather Hotdogs.We thought this idea was fresh, original, andhad a lot of potential.
  3. 3. The IdeaWe decided to make the play on words for theproduct one of the key underlying themes, sowe turned to Francis Coppola’s The Godfatherfor inspiration, and decided that a parody of thiswould be focal point of the whole campaign.
  4. 4. The IdeaWith the idea of creating a parody in mind, wedecided to reconstruct the opening scene fromthe film, which is regarded as one of thegreatest scenes in cinema.
  5. 5. The IdeaOur second advert is not a direct parody of a scenefrom a mafia movie, but we aimed to parody thecharacter of Tony Montana from Brian De Palma’sScarface. We used the character’s likeness in a scenewe created, using a scene from Martin Scorsese’s TheDeparted as a stimulus.
  6. 6. Weinerschnitzel “World’s MostWanted Weiner Advert”When looking at other television advertisements for hotdogs, Icame across two that I found interesting. The first was theWeinerschnitzel “World’s Most Wanted Weiner Advert”( This advertfeatures an animated hotdog being chased by a girl; it runs into amale character’s room, with the girl in pursuit. She grabs ontosomething under the covers thinking that she has grabbed thehotdog, this causes the male character to wake up, and thehotdog is seen at the end of the bed. After a few seconds ofscreaming, a promotional screen appears and the hotdog isshown running off the screen along with the company logo andthe tagline “World’s Most Wanted Weiner”
  7. 7. Weinerschnitzel “World’s MostWanted Weiner Advert”Both of our advertisements differ considerably fromthis one, primarily due to our lack of finances, whichled to us being resourceful and utilising whatever wehad access to. This advert maintains a light andhumorous mood throughout, whereas we aimed tostick to the mafia theme with the tone, and used thedirect parody in the first advert to incorporate humour.Our second advert has a much more serious tone whencompared to the first, because of the dark, gritty feel ofboth The Departed and Scarface, despite our attemptto lighten the mood with the humour of the parody.
  8. 8. Weinerschnitzel “World’s MostWanted Weiner Advert”The Weinerschnitzel advert has a very fast pace, and itmanages to maintain the attention of theviewers, although I think it would be more effective if itwas slightly slower. Our first advert contrastssignificantly with this as the pace is much slower, Ipersonally consider it to be too slow. However it wascreated in this way to make it suit the theme and theidea of the Godfather parody. Our second advert has amuch quicker pace than the first and it is more similarto the Weinerschnitzel advert in that sense.
  9. 9. Weinerschnitzel “World’s MostWanted Weiner Advert”One of the key things that stood out to me was thepromotional screen at the end of theadvertisement, and as a group we decided the wayit was done in the Weinerschnitzel advert waseffective, and so we wanted to use somethingsimilar in ours.
  10. 10. Wendy’s Beef HotdogAnother advert that I came across was the Wendy’sbeef hotdog commercial, released in Canada in 1985( advert begins with a voiceover stating the newWendy’s hotdog, it then cuts to several differentpopular Canadian characters such as Count Floyd, SirJohn A. MacDonald and the Blue Jay Mascot with thehotdogs, while a song created especially for the advertplays in the background which informs the viewers thatalong with the beef, they can have cheese and chilli asadditional toppings.
  11. 11. Wendy’s Beef HotdogThis advertisement features celebrities that would beknown by their target audience (Canadian people), itwould be impossible for us to emulate that, howeverour advertisements feature parodies of two of the mostfamous characters in film, Don Corleone and TonyMontana. Despite the fact that the Wendy’s advertdirectly uses the character’s popularity while ourattempts that through parodies, I think that theattempt to use the popularity of well-known charactersforms a similarity between the two.
  12. 12. Wendy’s Beef HotdogThe Wendy’s advert features a shot of four of theirhotdogs, but with no indication of the company, andthen after a few more seconds of showing thecharacters, a screen showing the company logo andtagline appears. This contrasts with ours as weincorporate the product into the narrative of theadvert, and decided to show both the product and thebrand in the one promotional screen.
  13. 13. Wendy’s Beef HotdogAnother difference is the use of music and sound;Wendy’s created an original song for theirproduct, whereas we decided it would be fitting to theidea if we used the Godfather theme song. TheWendy’s advert features the company’s tagline ‘That’sFresh, That’s Class’, we decided we would come up withone just for the product, and so we decided to take apopular quote from the film as the basis, thus creating‘Dogfather Hotdog’s, An Offer You Can’t Refuse’.
  14. 14. Fresh For U Hot DogsFresh For U Hot Dogs are an American hotdogcompany, who focus promoting the brand onlinethrough Facebook and Twitter. They created an advertby going through an advertising agency Non Juan. Theycreate 30 second advertisements for their clientsfeaturing a puppet Non Juan, who is rapidly rising inpopularity who acts as the unofficial spokesman for thecompany. (
  15. 15. Fresh For U Hot DogsThe concept of this advert is completely different toours, as rather than having a spokesperson/sales pitchtype of advert, we did a dramatization. The advert isvery simple with the company logo in the middle of thescreen, with an American flag in the background, andthe national anthem playing behind as Non Juan talksabout the product in the corner. They appeal to theiraudience with the heavy reliance on patriotism, and itstarget audience are notoriously patriotic. Our advertappeals to a much more niche audience, and such asimple advertisement wouldn’t work as well.
  16. 16. ConventionsThere are several conventions of television adverts thatwe maintained, and certain ones we did not. One of theconventions is that there will be a close-up shot of theproduct or any of the celebrities that featured in theadvert. This is used in almost all food adverts and so weensured that this was repeated in our adverts, with theclose-up shots of the hotdogs. The inclusion of this shotallows viewers to see the product, and encouragesimpulse purchases.
  17. 17. ConventionsThe majority of adverts featurevoiceovers, however as our main idea was themafia parody, we decided the voiceover would beused at the end to state the product and the taglineas we thought it would be more effective for theending, and it won’t affect the presentation of theparody.
  18. 18. ConventionsAnother convention we kept to was that of soundtrackuse; many adverts feature popular soundtracks and thishelps not only grab the attention of viewers, but also tocreate a sense of familiarity. Thinking about theGodfather and the mafia theme, we concluded that TheGodfather’s Waltz by Nino Rota, used not only for theintroduction of the film, but used in several pointsthroughout the film, making many call it the themesong, was the most appropriate choice due to thepopularity and instant association with the mafiatheme.
  19. 19. ConventionsHaving people from the target audience featuring in theadvert allows the target audience to relate to them andwill make the advert appeal more to them, andalthough we aimed to stick to the parody, this resultedin our advertisement keeping to this convention as wetarget males, especially those with an interest in suchfilms, and both our advertisements only feature maleactors.
  20. 20. ConventionsOne of the conventions we challenged was thatthe majority of adverts have positive, hi-keylighting. Mafia films, especially The Godfatherare dark and gritty, so we thought using hi-keylighting wouldn’t suit this, and so we changedthe lighting so that it would suit the idea.
  21. 21. ConventionsThe product should be the focus of attention in theadvert and we tried to make subtle changes to theoriginal scene and slot the hotdog in. Although wedon’t necessarily keep it on screen, the ways we makethe product appear draws attention to it. Advertsfeature the company name, logo, product name, andtagline and so we were sure to include all of these.Looking at how effective they appeared on otheradverts, we decided to have these at the end.