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Question 3

  1. 1. Question 3What Kind of media institutionmight distribute your mediaproduct and why?
  2. 2. I believe the main distribution company that would be interested in our film opening, if itwere to ‘hit the big time’, would be MARVEL. The reasons for this, are as follows.Firstly, the general type of film opening they distribute are mostly of Superhero genre.For example, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers.Our film opening, being part of this genre, will fit MARVEL’s usual target audience ofcomic-book fans and 15-25 year olds. Their usual demographic based on thesegroups mentioned above would predominantly be males. This would also createinterest from MARVEL, as after deciding to use female characters, more of the malegender would be slightly more interested. We took inspiration from this idea, fromfilms such as The Avenger- ‘Black Widow’, played by Scarlett Johansson.
  3. 3. MARVEL, as a distribution company is known globally for its international successagainst its many rivals in the profession. I believe the reason for it’s increasedsuccess, is because of it’s many different sales techniques.The sales techniques they utilise are these; both Digital and Conventionalscreenings, cinema exhibitions, production of their films on DVD. The mucholder sales technique goes back to it’s first years. The great and glorious COMICBOOK! As you can see from the image below, MARVEL itself have producedhundreds of thousands of comic books, that henceforth gives their companyproliferation. Not only this, but do they reach hundreds of countries around theworld, this then gives them extremely successful advertising rates, only toincrease their profit and gets their distribution company name displayed all over.MARVEL would be the perfect distribution company for us, they provide all types oftechnological advances that would get our film opening spotted and would helpto get the film noticed all around the world, thanks to their long and esteemedservice to the film profession.
  4. 4. Previously mentioned on the last slide, the MARVEL comic distributioncompany itself is known throughout the world, through distant countriesand known as a household name. I believe their biggest attribute is theproduction of their comic books alone. After all, when thinking about thejourney MARVEL have taken, their company really started off as just acomic-book producer. Once the comic book industry for them, had ‘takenoff’ and the name and company as a whole was getting even morememorable , they began branching off and thinking of those who wantedmore... Even more than the soft, smooth sheets of paper in the comicbook, filled with cleverly illustrated comic-strip cartoons. They wantedfilms. They wanted their beloved characters to come to life on screen,right in front of their eyes. So this is what they did. In 1944 the black andwhite war hero, ‘Captain America’ came to the big screen. It was loved!MARVEL was now being displayed in a new light and it was certainnever to go back. From here, MARVEL was becoming even more of ahousehold name. Not only was this providing fans a chance to watchtheir favourite character’s ‘kick ass’ against their enemies, but it was alsoproviding the perfect advertising chance to get the name presentedacross the globe.
  5. 5. Whilst films are in production, often nearing their releases,they produce and release film trailers.What makes MARVEL’s films memorable, is the famousand world renowned MARVEL title comic book flicker.This then introduces the film trailer itself. They raiseawareness by using their global success to manipulatetheir audience’s mind, by cleverly placing together clipsfrom the film itself that would appeal greatly to it’saudience. Such as; Clips where buildings fall down andobjects blow up, action and fighting scenes would beperfect to target their viewers. Watching the trailers for thefilms, you would be likely to find them on the MARVELHQYouTube channel, they post official videos, where fans cancomment with their feedback. Not only this, but again,using their global success in theatres around the world,they post the trailers into cinemas, and play themthroughout showings of similar or same genres.Subsequently, they are straight away attracting the righttarget audience.
  6. 6. I believe my research was good on distributioncompanies. I discussed who I believed would beinterested in our film opening and why. However, Idon’t think I covered enough about how MARVEL goabout distributing their films and what othertechnologies they use, such as trailers and DVDs. Ithink this is where I could have improved.Finally, another thing I perhaps could havementioned, would have been how our film openingitself would attract the distribution company. I nowbelieve I have covered this in this evaluationquestion.My blog page for this postis here-Follow the link.
  7. 7. I believe DC Comics usual superhero film, i.e.‘Batman’, delves too much into the background ofthe protagonist, whereas MARVEL cover thebackground, but in a shorter space of time. This isthe effect we attempted to achieve. By showing theyounger version of our main protagonist, lookingback on herself when her powers were developingat a young age, we have given an insight to thebackground of a character, but not delved toodeep. Out of the two big-time distributioncompanies, I would opt for MARVEL.Another distribution company I lookedinto was DC Comics. However, I thinkafter watching clips and film openingsfrom DC, they didn’t seem to grab myattention as much as MARVEL comics. Iwanted to choose a clever distributioncompany that I believed would really helpour film opening become a globalsuccess, if the opportunity ever were toarise.The 2nd potential distribution company
  8. 8. I then looked into smaller, independent British distributers and found Vertigo.‘VERTIGO Distribution company’ is an independent British film distributor, thatwould be ideal for our film opening for a more niché audience. By ‘nichéaudience’ I mean, the possibility of our film opening stretching across thecountry alone. However, I do believe because of Vertigo’s previous work, theyappear to have branched over to the Asian market and attracted people fromthat country. I believe this would be the perfect type of distributor as Vertigohas had great experience distributing all genres of film, to many areas in thecountry and areas of Asia. Because of the genre and stereotypically Britishsurroundings during the film opening, I would highly recommend thiscompany, as it knows how to attract specific niché audiences, in clever andadapting ways.
  9. 9. Because of Vertigo’s short, but intriguing background from 2004, theyhave been able to capture exactly what their audience’s for each genreof film wants. I also think that their new and modern ways ofindependent distribution, will help to promote my film opening in theright ways, attracting the target audience of 15-25+ years and over, byadvertising in all sorts of ways. Previously known as the typicalproducer of ‘Lads films’, Vertigo have managed to expand theirhorizons and offer not just males a taste of their distributed films, butfemales too. However, looking at surveys produced by their staffmembers over the years, the male percentage of followers, is on theincrease in comparison to female viewers. This would fit perfectly withregards to our gender files. I calculated, through research using pollsand questionnaires, that males would be the most likely of gender toview our film opening. The lesser of the two, females, would also beinterested, but the main viewers, males, would be targeted andattracted the most.Their first film they distributed in2004, particularly for the maleaudience.
  10. 10. After completing the above research, and planning the workon my Blog, I had came to the definite decision that MARVELwas the distribution company for my film opening. The targetaudience is generally the same (15-25 year olds), It doesn’timmediately open with action-packed footage, like themajority of MARVEL films and finally, it would appeal to theirhigher demographic of males, as there is predominantlyfemale cast members.To conclude…