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Ten Years of Linked Data at the BBC


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Paul Rissen's slides from his talk at Connected Data London. Paul Rissen, who is the Senior Data Architect for BBC News, and the Product Manager for the Research and Education Space ( presented how the BBC implemented a User-focused Semantic architecture.

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Ten Years of Linked Data at the BBC

  1. 1. Ten Years of Linked Data at the BBC: Implementing a User-focused Semantic Architecture Paul Rissen, Senior Data Architect & Product Manager, BBC @r4isstatic
  2. 2. The Rationale of Connected Data
  3. 3. “Sunday was a great day for stumbling across interesting shows. First, I came across a programme on Radio 4 that was nothing but orchestral musicians and conductors talking about playing Ravel’s Bolero, intercut with relevant snippets of the music…Unfortunately the show doesn’t seem to exist on Radio 4’s site.” “…sponsoring the creation of wise, informative material like Brave New Europe is admirable but effectively hiding it away behind a wall of information after it's been broadcast sharply diminishes its value”
  4. 4. /programmes provides a permanent, findable web presence for every TV and Radio programme the BBC broadcasts, one page per programme. /programmes is based on open standards and Linked Open Data - weaving itself into the fabric of and the web, creating a coherent experience for people and machines.
  5. 5. /programmes believes: in one web in accessibility for people in accessibility for machines it's a service, not a product in designing from the domain model up, not the interface down in being RESTful in open standards in open data in linked data in fixing the data, not hacking the code in links before pages that the real value is in the links to other domains in designing for the browser in the browser
  6. 6. The Business Benefits of Connected Data
  7. 7. The Evolution of Connected Data
  8. 8. B B C L I N K E D D A T A I N N U M B E R S • People: 22,443 • Places: 23,430 • Organisations: 2839 • Events: 731 • Themes: 1222 • In total (across several products), we have 50,665 tags.
  9. 9. The Challenges of Connected Data
  10. 10.
  11. 11. The Future of Connected Data
  12. 12. I design Webs
  13. 13. I tell stories to machines
  14. 14. What’s the difference between Midsomer Murders & Columbo?
  15. 15. Columbo Midsomer Murders
  16. 16. “Storytelling is the dramatisation of the process of knowledge assimilation.” John Yorke, Former Controller of BBC Drama Production
  17. 17. –Phillip Sandifer “We read fiction through a process of continual interpretation and deciphering. Aristotle describes a plot as a web of events that make each other likely or necessary. Much of reading a work of fiction is working out that web - trying to figure out what the future implications of something are, or trying to work out why something happened based on what happened previously..”
  18. 18. A web of events
  19. 19. The Bits about Bits
  20. 20. “The best way to deal with a massive amount of television is not to deal with it at all. Let an agent do that...”
  21. 21. “We need those bits that describe the narrative with key words, data about the content, and forward and backward references.”
  22. 22. “The bits about the bits change broadcasting totally. The networks will finally learn what networking is about.”
  23. 23. Every Episode is its own API
  24. 24. Thank you. @r4isstatic