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Communication Insights from Audience Behavior Dean Browell ConnectVA Social Media for Nonprofits 2015


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Dean Browell, The Feedback Agency

Communication Insights from Audience Behavior

This stimulating workshop will help you analyze the connection between your audiences' online and offline behavior by simply listening to what they're saying. Learn about the impact of local/cultural and geographical influences in your communication. This insight will help you create stronger strategies, more effective tactics, and give you a more valuable perspective on how, "one size fits all" is a dangerous approach to social media.

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Communication Insights from Audience Behavior Dean Browell ConnectVA Social Media for Nonprofits 2015

  2. 2. Communication Insights from Audience Behavior ConnectVA Social Media For Nonprofits Conference 2015 Dean Browell, PhD – Executive Vice President
  3. 3. My Perspective
  4. 4. I Know Your Pain
  5. 5. But First: Housekeeping
  6. 6. But First: Housekeeping • “Social Media” = “New Media” = “Emerging Media” • To everyone else it’s just, “The Internet” • Social Media is also far more than Facebook and Twitter • Consider all the places user-generated content exists • We have found conversations being held over more than 10 years taking the GMAT in France - trust me, there’s more there than you think • It is not a matter of if but rather, how different generations use social media; for every teen on Twitter there’s a baby boomer on a car forum
  7. 7. Behavior Matters
  8. 8. Behavior Matters • Behavior can help you prioritize your resources • We often begin with our people but in the need to make quick decisions we start extrapolating out quickly, making, at times accidentally, wildly wrong assumptions… • Let me give you an example: • How many of you have read general articles on Twitter? • Now how many of you have read an article on Twitter use in rural Virginia? • How about even just the difference between rural and urban Twitter use?
  9. 9. Also… Geography Matters: People Matter Within It • Search is incredibly influenced by location • And a big note on the examples and trends you’re about to see: • These are all VERY specific to a particular region of the country • These examples are majorly influenced by the cultures, history, demographics, etc. of their populations and geographies
  10. 10. And Finally… Mobile Matters: In Some Ways, It’s All Mobile Behavior • Access and service • For many channels, desktop is the minority • What one mobile device means in communicating to your circles • Rural vs Urban: Fight myths, because logic works better • At times the fastest computer • Expectations sometimes higher in rural areas • Consider how community grows differently
  11. 11. ofwor -maps/maps/world-robinson-3d-greyscale-enlarged.jpg • We need to be honest with ourselves… • A study of latex-free condom use revealed public channels yielded unexpected surprises in online chatter: • The use of Yahoo Answers for males in England • Females discussing latex allergies - and unbeknownst to SKYN, taking over their Facebook Rethinking Touchpoints: First and Second Impressions SKYN Condoms
  12. 12. Twitter Ecosystem(s) No two alike… • Picture it: a CEO enters the room and asks, “We need to be on Twitter… …put our new maternity campaign on there.” • Waterside tourist-driven area served by a community hospital • Research showed the hospital should only use Twitter for emergency services… why? • Key Insight: Community development, even online, is heavily influenced by geography; not all Twitter communities are created equal Maternity Twitter
  13. 13. M:&ved=0CAUQjRw& Un7U6v6NpCdygSD_IDICQ&bvm=bv.73612305,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNG1AJSLWAXyYJ1 &ust=1409063604069022 Longtime lack of robust cell / data coverage = no organized local Twitter community But tourists brought their Twitter behavior with them - so there were Tweets from the area, just posted from rental WiFi hotspots
  14. 14. Observations: Examples + Trends • From Google Maps, about a facility that was purchased and completely over-hauled in the 5 years prior; this was the ONLY review… • Key Insight: Maps matter! Google Maps “Please stay away at all cost! Most of the help must of received there teaching at ADOLF HITLER school of health care! Nurses aids social workers beyond rude! I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy.” - Gary, Google Maps
  15. 15. Hashtag Life: Listen Carefully • Hashtags are a fun way to communicate - but their main purpose is actually to categorize • Categorize for searches, info, and even for quick-glances (if only in humor) • But leveraging our behavioral listening we can receive guidance on whether to use hashtags - who is using them? Why? • Why (Advanced Search) is a far more powerful friend #RVA #Wbgva
  16. 16. Thinking About Behavior: Channels
  17. 17. Facebook: Timeline, Paper, and Beyond
  18. 18. Twitter: RealTime, Respond, Repeat
  19. 19. Instagram: Visual Friends, Geo-Powered
  20. 20. LinkedIn: NonProfit Secret Weapon
  21. 21. Closing: Listening First, Listening Well
  22. 22. Closing: Listening First, Listening Well • Study your audiences • Geographic differences • Demographic differences • Pain points, wins, needs • Compare what you and competitors doing • Overlaying the latter on the former - what opportunities are you currently missing? • Smart Strategy • Monitor Smart • Tune outreach to be specific, targeted • Find out what you’re doing that’s truly moving the needle
  23. 23. Q&A
  24. 24. Thank you!