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The notes from start upsocial for start up loans attendees from thursday 13th of feb


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We went through a lot of information in this social media workshop - far too much for a half a day - as it is normally a full day or more. So here are the notes from it - not all of them but most - as a thank you from me for you tweeting out about #startupsocial

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The notes from start upsocial for start up loans attendees from thursday 13th of feb

  1. 1. Huge thanks to: The sponsors for the day. Copyright 2014 ©
  2. 2. #startupsocial
  3. 3. First things first. • No matter who you are: • Your physiology affects your psychology. • Everyone get up. • Swing your arms by your sides • Frown • Look down • Drop your head • Can you think positively?
  4. 4. First things first. • Ok snap out of that one. • 3,2,1 back in the room. • Everyone get up and shake. • Breath deeply • Stand tall • Look up • Raise your chin • Are you thinking positively? • Then we will begin.
  5. 5. At Great Marketing Works: We do training and talks in more than 17 different marketing subjects.
  6. 6. So come find me…
  7. 7. You may see this site instead…
  8. 8. So.. Just Google “Dan Sodergren”
  9. 9. I speak to different sized crowds…
  10. 10. All sorts of talks
  11. 11. Which is nice
  12. 12. Met people like:
  13. 13. Which is nice as…
  14. 14. Met people like:
  15. 15. Even advising Ex Dragon’s too
  16. 16. Also I run my own digital agency • Quote from Doug Richard – high tech ex Dragon. • “Dan’s digital marketing work is uncommonly good.” • “We use his company and his training for our expanding range of products and services.” • Ok this is how small the writing will get so – if you cannot see this…
  17. 17. On a personal note
  18. 18. And...then
  19. 19. And then….
  20. 20. 10 weeks old.... Ahhh.... 
  21. 21. At 3 months
  22. 22. First week of nursery.
  23. 23. Last year…before I went to Romania training with Doug… 23
  24. 24. This is when she saw me on the telly
  25. 25. Just last week – she is 3 and a bit.
  26. 26. Why? • • • • • • • • • • • Why did I tell you all that? Because I love my daughter and my wife and life. And.... These slides show some of the traits you MUST have in modern online marketing. 1. Personality. 2. Honesty. 3. Being happy to show off a little more too. 4. Understanding technology and Lo So Mo – and you can add – pho. Today we are doing as much as we can about social (and a little about photos too…) And if we have time about digital marketing as well.
  27. 27. So WHO am I? Dan Sodergren: Motivational, marketing, man. Working mainly in START UP specialising in SOCIAL /MOBILE. I do trainings with large companies. And small organisations too.
  28. 28. What kind of person are you? ‘Know thyself’ Socrates – 409 BC
  29. 29. So that’s my story… But what story are you going to tell your potential customers?
  30. 30. But… Only three things in life. And write them down Now. 30
  31. 31. Money
  32. 32. Time
  33. 33. Love / Energy.
  34. 34. I will probably run out of time..
  35. 35. But I will not run out of….
  36. 36. BIG THING is Am I ANTI
  37. 37. If not planned! • • • • • • • If we don’t have structure We have anarchy And if we have anarchy Where are we? 16th century France? No modern day England Online!
  38. 38. But let’s take a ….step back… What is social media?
  39. 39. #startupsocial
  40. 40. Where are we right now – the numbers? • • • • • • • • • GLOBAL Total users: Facebook - 1.15 Billion Twitter - 500M Google Plus - 500M LinkedIn - 238M Instagram - 130M Pinterest - 70M Who here is planning to only sell to the UK? If so what you care more about is the UK.
  41. 41. Who are you aiming at? #startupsocial
  42. 42. Who’s your demographic? How old are they, what sex, how much do they earn, what’s their name, do they use social media? 42 Copyright GMW 2011 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  43. 43. Where are they? The Conversation Prism. Where are your demographic? #startupsocial Copyright GMW 2012 ©
  44. 44. So where are you demographics? What do they use? Where to they consume their media? Can you ask them? Some else has  44
  45. 45. Stats from October – A Kantar survey of 1003 adults in the UK. • • • • • • • • • • 56% had a Facebook account. Over a third (35 per cent) had an account with YouTube. Over a quarter 26% had a Twitter account. Almost 19% were on Google+. Only 18% were on Linkedin. And 13% on Instagram. Followed by Flickr (8%) and Pinterest (6%) Men were on sites like LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter More women held Facebook and Pinterest accounts. 18-24 year olds possessing the heaviest social media account owners, and almost all (91%) owning a Facebook account. • The least engaged in social media was the over 65 year old category, with 18 per cent claiming to own a Facebook account.
  46. 46. Why should we care? Apart from the obvious reasons. What does social media give us? As start up business owners? #startupsocial 46
  47. 47. The problem is: Copyright 2011 ©
  48. 48. The First C: Content • Social media tools allow everyone to become a creator, as publishing and distribution of multimedia content is free and easy. • User generated content is at the core of the business model of almost all social media platforms. And citizen journalism. • However, just because everyone can become a creator doesn’t mean that everyone does. • The 1:9:90 rule says that 90% of all users are consumers, 9% of all users are curators and only 1% of the users are creators. #startupsocial Copyright Great Marketing Works 2013
  49. 49. The Second C: Collaboration • Social media facilitates the aggregation of small individual actions into meaningful collective results. • Collaboration can happen on 3 levels: • conversation, • co-creation • and collective action. • Each a stepping stone to the next level. Copyright Great Marketing Works 2013 These notes have been made specially for you as a favour to GBO. Not for resale / redistribution ever! 2013.
  50. 50. So what do you want? • Conversations are a mere stepping stone for cocreation. • E.g. Wikis are a perfect example of co-creation. • And then collective action goes one step further and uses online engagement to initiate meaningful action. Collective action can take the form of signing online petitions, fundraising, telecalling, or organizing an offline protest or event. #startupsocial Copyright Great Marketing Works 2013
  51. 51. The Third C: Community • Social media facilitates sustained collaboration around a shared idea, over time and often across space. • But remember every web page is a latent community, waiting to be activated. • But people don’t build relationships with each other in a vacuum. A vibrant community is built around a social object that is meaningful for its members. The social object can be a person, a place, a thing or an idea. #startupsocial Copyright Great Marketing Works 2013
  52. 52. Does it work? Discuss in your pairs. B’s go first.  52
  53. 53. But do you really care? Should you?
  54. 54. Let’s start Copyright Great Marketing Works 2013. These notes have been made specially for you as a favour to GBO. Not for resale / redistribution ever!
  55. 55. The main ways of social marketing • So to answer what social media tools should SME’s be using? • You cannot answer this until you know your demographic and where they are being social. • However: • • • • • • You have 4 mains points of call for all social media networking. And we all know their names: Blogger. Twitter. Facebook. Linkedin. • All of the above can be used socially, • anti socially, • and stupidly 
  56. 56. So - first step: go protect your brand!
  57. 57.
  58. 58. Maybe this is true…
  59. 59. But not when you use this… And I will now give you some of the tricks of the trade.
  60. 60. As…The Web is complex… SEO YouTube Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YOUR WEBSITE LANDING PAGE Teaser Promotion White papers Information Support Sales Data capture Online ordering Blogs Links Forums Directories email email email Source: Sales Remedy email email email
  61. 61. But people DO things the same. Especially on the Tinterweb? Ask Google what people are searching for: • • • • • • • • What keywords are people searching for right now? Researching your keywords Google keywords analysis: SEO tool book You can also use things like: WordTracker and Keyword Discovery – amongst others. Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  62. 62. What about the Tinterweb? Ask Google what people used to search for: • What keywords are going up / going down? • Researching your keywords trends: • • Google trends / zeitgeist: interesting • • New is Google insights: even more fun Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  63. 63. This is for JusTaxi… Taxi vs Cab
  64. 64. Now… of course, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO ) is much more… Off Page SEO Source: On Page SEO #startupsocial
  65. 65. The future is content creation. Why?
  66. 66. Blogs • Used to be the easiest of all social media to create. • Which is why most brands have a blog. • You can have them on your own site • Or / And on someone else’s. • Use / • You use them to help your SEO. • And some people even read other people’s blogs! • And a few bloggers have a lot of power .
  67. 67. Bloggers • • • • How to handle them: With kid gloves. They do it for free, they think they are sincere. They tend to be ego driven, male, and power hungry. • Who are the best? Only the people decide. • Best bet is to investigate your industry – maybe go to technorati to start off with. • And once you have a relationship with them treat the blogger like you would treat a reporter.
  68. 68. Why is it important?
  69. 69. His first hire was a content creator
  70. 70. This got him…
  71. 71. A different case study #startupsocial
  72. 72. So what we did? • Started everyone in the company blogging. • Got them to do little research about the industry • And find out about websites that cover such stories. • I.e. places that talk about Apprenticeships. • Or about Manchester and jobs. • Or about digital and business things in general. • Or about anything you are interested in. • For examples – a good one was Apprentice Eye.
  73. 73. We taught them all through videos. • • • • • • • • • • • About content creation. About using keywords.‎ About keyword density. The best amounts being around 4 – 7%. About using sites like Technorati for content. And making sure we credited back to the original author. And to make sure they added images and extra media especially from Youtube when possible. Why…? • Google owns YouTube and…
  74. 74. Google loves pictures… • Why? Because people do. • But also because putting relevant pictures is something robots and spammers find it hard to do. • Google also loves pictures with ALT tags as well. To help people know what the picture is in case they haven't downloaded it. • And this is something we can change to our advantage. • If we want too…. This is optional 
  75. 75. Done… but now what… • • • • • • • • We got a lovely blog all set up. With a great name – maybe with some keywords. Maybe a link to video and some pictures. With some great content that we have research and accredited back to the main author. We now need to get social on it all  It needs to get out there… This is a lot more simple than you might think. The code is free … and NOT an OPTION you HAVE to DO THIS so your blog can “become” social.
  76. 76. You can see the share buttons?
  77. 77. This is relevant in blogging… • • • • Even though blogging isn't really that social. It’s good for you – your personal digital footprint. And good for the company you own – for SEO. But do people really chat about things and have conversations on blogs? • Some do… • Most don’t • But we still should get the blog out there into the www…… as you could even… #startupsocial
  78. 78. Super advanced…Blogging
  79. 79. Top tips for Blogging. • • • • • Use / Make blogs less than 300 words long. Make it something you care about. Get content from others and splice them up. As soon as ANYONE comments on your blog get back to them (unless it’s obviously spam) • Biggest top tip is simple… • If you don’t like doing it… Copyright 2013© Find me on @ukmarketinghelp
  80. 80. Just outsource it #startupsocial
  81. 81. Don’t worry how many people read your blog – it all helps with your SEO.
  82. 82. Sometimes it’s more important to Or search…
  83. 83.
  84. 84. #startupsocial
  85. 85. Next let’s talk… #startupsocial
  86. 86. Best social for B2B to make money
  87. 87. What do we want Linkedin to do for us? Bring us more….
  88. 88. LEADS
  89. 89. Does it work? B2B example for a Hubspot client. Copyright 2010 ©
  90. 90. How will Linkedin do that? AND… such people trust what is on Linkedin. 93
  91. 91. Why? • Linkedin is different to the other social media platforms. • It has a very, very precise demographic. • A demographic we at The Apprentice Academy should LOVE. • • • • • • Benefits of LinkedIn It is free and simple to set up It contributes to front page ‘domination' in search results You can distribute your content You can create targeted business communities You can LEAD the thought in your industry (potentially.) • • • • Pitfalls of LinkedIn You can't control what is said about you LinkedIn Groups need to be active and well-managed This is NOT Facebook – you have to really do it and do it well. 94
  92. 92. How not to do this Copyright 2010 ©
  93. 93. Linkedin aint no Facebook. • Some people believe that LinkedIn due to its formation and look is just Facebook for professionals. • It’s advertising revenue model is very different to Facebook and this is why the user experience is also different. • This in turn means that certain demographics or psychographics of people stay within the LinkedIn ecosystem as their user experience is protected. Which creates it’s own culture. • LinkedIn has a "gated-access approach" i.e. like in real life, people of power and influence do not introduce each other to each other en masse (like Facebook) or to get paid (like PPC) but rather through trusted relationships and through introductions. • The difference is similar to working in a different country, i.e. • Just as working in Japan would be very different to working in America. • These cultural differences ARE VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.
  94. 94. Building a professional profile #startupsocial
  95. 95. Which is more professional?
  96. 96. As an individual… and why?
  97. 97. Your headline is everywhere.
  98. 98. What about Our Headlines? • Your headline is the next most important section of your LinkedIn profile because it shows up in several places throughout LinkedIn. • Starting with search results and employee listings on company pages…
  99. 99. About you and your Linkedin page. Play the game  be nice and social.
  100. 100. Become the go to person. • It’s the same as real networking. • Brad Burton 4networking. • “Would you give work to someone you didn’t know, didn’t like and you thought didn’t like you? “ • Give others that same courtesy – they will do the same checks you do. • Even more so as online. • So how can you become the “go to person”. • You ALWAYS give first. • And you can then wait for them to ask for even more… #startupsocial
  101. 101. People ask you for connections too.
  102. 102. The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make • Not Having A Good Profile Picture • People naturally remember faces more – so make yours stand out – but not for the wrong reasons  • Getting Poor Quality Testimonials • On any networking sites you need people praising your abilities – but remember the people you choose must be people who matter. • Talking Too Much About The Company / Product • It is networking after all NOT selling • Having Too Many ‘Applications’ • Up to you this one – but too many things going on = distractions. • Not sharing high quality content.
  103. 103. Find something you like…
  104. 104. Then tell groups… or individuals.
  105. 105. Just like on ….
  106. 106. Facebook: A more social Linkedin ;) #startupsocial
  107. 107. Why Facebook? • It’s a world in itself – with a billion people. • A lot of them wearing glasses 
  108. 108. A company Facebook page . You might not have one yet… you will. You need to maximize this opportunity. #startupsocial
  109. 109. Maximising your Page: 1. Give your page a human touch • The most successful companies on Facebook are those that step out from behind their logo and let the people behind the brand represent their Facebook page. • Communicate with your fans as though you were talking to your friends, and let your personality come through in each post 2. Create new, engaging content • Always make sure that your content educates, entertains and empowers your fans to keep them engaged and coming back for more • The key to a successful content strategy is to consistently create new content and mix up your media often
  110. 110. Maximising your Page 3. Two-way dialogue • Real success on Facebook happens when you mirror real-life social situations. Communication is always a two-way process • Do not post and move on to the next item on the agenda. Get involved in the conversation. GET SOCIAL. 4. Calls-to-action • Post valuable content, such as interesting articles and videos related to your niche, and accompany this content with simple calls-to-action. • Consider offering discounts and specials or ask your fans to sign up for your newsletter
  111. 111. The BIG ONE for the group… 5. Facilitate word-of-mouth action – get them to do the marketing for you. • Studies have shown that social media users tend to trust their friends and peers more than they trust brands • Word of mouth matters, especially on Facebook. To get your fans talking about you, the key is to make it easy to spread the word • One great way to do this is to create a contest or promotion that rewards fans for spreading the word • Think of your ideal audience before you create a special promotion or campaign. What would get them excited to spread the word?
  112. 112. Certain content works better than others.
  113. 113. Even on day and time…but…
  114. 114. A great SME example.
  115. 115. Steal their ideas…and best practises.
  116. 116. Facebook can be good for customer service too.
  117. 117. It’s how you deal with it and the speed that counts 
  118. 118. Pretty cool huh ;)
  119. 119. A classic we all might know… is … #startupsocial
  120. 120. Twitter: what it can do • Twitter is not the right channel for direct sales, but it will help grow your customer base, keep customers and build your brands. • Twitter will help your start up. • Develop a more personal, engaged and sustained relationship with your customers. • Track what people are saying about you and your industry. • . • Gives your sales people a potential cold-contact tool. • You can provide amazing customer service in a really easy way as you can do this with a hashtag # • You can even pinpoint customer locations to within a 20-mile radius – which is always nice.
  121. 121. 7 biggest mistakes for Twitter. Surveys say the main reason for following is a compelling bio (67%) and good tweets (30%). Basic do not do’s: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. NO PHOTO! (Geez) - Pictures – should stand out – from experience should be of you. Uninteresting tweets – we will about how to get them interesting later on. Generic bio - WIIFM. What benefit do I get if I follow you? What kind of tweets are you promising them? Boring background – jazz it up a little – use a professional or a free one – just use one. 317 name - Make sure your name – means something Snobbery – follow those who follow you! Unbalanced ratio – Twitter is ANTI – SPAMMING. 124
  122. 122. Twitter • • • • • • • • Best practice. Tweet before you start i.e. no one will follow you until you do. Tell people why they should follow you. Don’t ever make it just about you. As this is not Facebook. i.e. Don’t mistake followers for fans. That’s facebook. Make sure you are human and humane. Entertain and be emotive. Automate what you can of twitter with some clever tools – but always be human. • On this subject – thrown in some humanity and vulnerability and some personality – people are people and they buy from people. • A great way to look at this is… Copyright Great Marketing Works 2013 125
  123. 123. From Twitter…
  124. 124. Give people what they want…
  125. 125. Where are you going to get content? • Start to write tweets even before you follow people and definitely before people start to follow you. • Go to and find out what’s current – on the home page • Got o – funny links and great pages – people love to digg and tweet them • Go to brainy quotes – and get quotes of the day. • Inspiration quotes are very hot as this shows part of your personality. • Bring in emotion – bring in personal stuff. People buy from you and then what you sell. • About every 7 tweets and blogs with links – do one personal one. And yes you can optimise the times and lengths of tweets too.
  126. 126. One of the holy grails is the RT. • But some types of Tweets get ReTweeted more often than others: – Calls to action (as in: “please ReTweet”), while they might sound cheesy, work very well to get ReTweets – Timely content such as latest news gets ReTweeted a lot – Self-reference (Tweeting about Twitter) works – Lists are very popular – People also like to ReTweet blog posts • Much like success is said to breed success ReTweets will breed ReTweets
  127. 127. So… Get adding images…
  128. 128. For The Apprentice Academy
  129. 129. If we are talking #content then #
  130. 130. What could you do? What could we do? Next company to tweet #startuploanssocial gets…
  131. 131. It’s all about planning ahead.
  132. 132. And changing when they do…
  133. 133. Even if it means being cheesy…
  134. 134. And designing new parts…
  135. 135. Or talking about Man Utd…
  136. 136. Only three things in life. And write them down Again if you want to.. #startupsocial 141
  137. 137. Money
  138. 138. Time
  139. 139. Love / Energy.
  140. 140. What does Social Media take? #startupsocial
  141. 141. So with social media we have to think • About timing. • When is the best time to tweet and not tweet? • When will you fit it all in? • There are best times for each brand. • And you can do some more detailed analysis into when it is best to tweet for your brand. • This is to follow – but in the mean time…
  142. 142. Copyright 20103©
  143. 143. Super advanced…Twittering Copyright 2013© Find me on @ukmarketinghelp
  144. 144. Some amazing stuff… but just the tip. • • • • • Rank how you are doing See a “hashtags” reach Sees what you mean. A lovely free unfollow tool Shows who unfollowed you • Ones I might be able to show you today… • • • • Any way I will send EVERYONE this list of things. Copyright 2013©
  145. 145. THIS IS the future of social marketing. • Everything today is dependent on your demographic i.e. your customers. • We don’t channel them to things and ideas. • The power to find brands is in their hands. • Now the future is even brighter as we move from words, to pictures, to videos, to ????. • The idea is speed, the platform is mobile, the point is connection and connectivity.
  146. 146. Which picture do you like most? SLR £400 Instagram FREE
  147. 147. They are socially small at the moment. But…. They are growing…
  148. 148. Instagram • Instagram’s success and growth: 100 million users in just 26 months (It took Facebook over 3 years to reach the 100 million user mark). • They also boast 45 million photos per day, 8,500 likes per second and 1,000 comments per second. • Instagram is clearly the face of the new visual, mobile web. • It has some amazing stories already. • And it has it’s own mini app ecosystem.
  149. 149. Instagram case study. • Nikki Sharp – The Stay Sharp Stay Strong • Diet and detox juice book. • Did lots of selfies and pics of food. • Went from 1000 to 160,000 fans • Book sales now around £100,000 a year. • In Jan – earned £400, in March £4000, and £20,000+ a month today.
  150. 150. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pin all your pictures to a board… ;)
  151. 151. Pinterest…
  152. 152. The UK is strange…as lots of men pinning… in the US it’s 90% women.
  153. 153. Pinterest
  154. 154. Pinterest
  155. 155. Not great for all businesses… But GREAT for some…
  156. 156. Moving pictures are next…
  157. 157. Vine… moving six second montages or collections of pictures…
  158. 158. What could you do with Vine? • Think before you Vine. – Before you begin filming, define the video’s purpose. You only have six seconds to get your point across – figure out what users should understand. • Simplicity is key. – Since the video is only six seconds long, keep it simple. This application is not ideal for communicating complex ideas. • Social Media is public. – The videos you create on Vine are visible to everyone. Keeping this in mind, make sure that the content is relatable to all viewers. • Give a sneak peek! – Are you releasing something new? If so, use Vine to give a sneak peek. Vine will provide visual content to increase the anticipation of its arrival. • Have fun with it. – Vine allows your company to introduce itself to viewers in a personable way. Give a tour of the office, show your employees at work, or maybe even show your employees having fun.
  159. 159. Just remember the context / content. Copyright 2011 ©
  160. 160. And how to measure effect. • Social can be searched: • As Facebook is no longer a walled garden free from Google’s search. • What’s commented in Facebook – goes on Google from November 2011. • Social is measured: • Not just with ‘likes’ and comments. • Nor just numbers of followers and fans. • But with real time data crunchers. • Klout. (Boo Hiss but perhaps now hurrah) • Peerindex. (Hurrah) Copyright 2011 ©
  161. 161. What would they think? Copyright reserved 2011 (C) for
  162. 162. So What we have been through. 170
  163. 163. We made it  #startupsocial
  164. 164. How was it for you?
  165. 165. I hope… #startupsocial
  166. 166. Huge thanks to: Our sponsors for the day. And thanks to you too. I do other workshops on SEO, digital, web and guerrilla marketing. Tell them and I will do more. Copyright 2014 ©