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Social Media Webinar


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Social media:10 Reasons why EPIPers should be online & 4 ways to get started

A conversation with Erin Barnes of ioby and Sadia Kalam of Cause Effective

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Media Webinar

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA:10 REASONS WHY EPIPERS SHOULD BE ONLINE & 4 WAYS TO GET STARTED A conversation with Erin Barnes of ioby and Sadia Kalam of Cause Effective Wednesday, July 10, 2013
  2. 2. EPIP •  Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) is a national network of foundation professionals and social entrepreneurs who strive for excellence in the practice of philanthropy •  Our mission is to develop emerging leaders committed to building a just, equitable, and sustainable society.
  3. 3. Housekeeping •  You’ll all be on mute •  Calling in on the phone? Mute your computer, please. •  Time for questions and conversation •  Raise your hand •  Use the chat box and chat directly to the organizer if problems arise •  This webinar will be recorded
  4. 4. Erin Barnes & Sadia Kalam
  5. 5. Social  Media   10  Reasons  why  EPIPers  should  be   online  and  4  ways  to  get  started      Presented  by  Erin  Barnes  &    Sadia  Kalam  
  6. 6. Social  Media  Overview   •  Facebook   •  TwiBer   •  Linkedin     •  Pinterest    
  7. 7. Objec1ves     •  Learn  10  reasons  why  using  social  media  for   professional  development  is  important     •  Learn  4  basic  steps  to  building  your  social   media  presence       Hashtag  for  this  webinar:  #EPIPWeb   EPIP  Na7onal  Twi:er  handle:  @EPIPNa7onal  
  8. 8. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #1:     To  understand  how   elecIons  are  changing  
  9. 9. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #2:   To  learn  about  the   successes  of  new   coaliIons  
  10. 10. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #3:     To  understand   social  movements   are  changing  
  11. 11. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #4:     To  understand   how  new  digital   tools  help  us   respond  to  crises   beBer  
  12. 12. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #5:     To  understand   game-­‐changing   technologies  that   outcompete  100-­‐ year  old  companies  
  13. 13. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #6:     To  understand   the  fastest   growing  way   Millennials  are   giving  
  14. 14. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #7:     To  parIcipate  in   conversaIons   relevant  to  your   work  and  to   understand  tools   your  grantees   may  be  using  
  15. 15. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #8:     To  stay  apprised  of   new  developments  in   your  field  
  16. 16. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   Reason  #9:     To  support  your   grantees  
  17. 17. Why  You  Should  Be  Using  Social  Media   •  Reason  #10:    It’s  the  future  and  so  are  you!  
  18. 18. Social  Media  E1que>e   1.  Be  yourself.     2.  Think  before  you  post.  Your  likes,  comments,  and   experiences  are  accessible  to  the  public  forever.     3.  Across  all  of  these  tools,  remember  to  LISTEN.  Repost   content  that  is  relevant.     4.  Before  posIng  a  photo,  ask  for  permission.     5.  Check,  check,  and  check  the  link  one  last  Ime!   6.  Respond  to  comments,  quesIons.  No  one  likes  to  be   ignored.     7.  Sharing  is  caring.  Cite  your  sources.     8.  You  cannot  thank  enough.     hBp://­‐media-­‐eIqueBe-­‐part-­‐1/  
  19. 19. Why  is  sharing  caring?   80-­‐20  Rule     80%  of  what  we  share  should  be  other  people’s   content   20%  should  be  content  we  create  
  20. 20. Use  Resources   •  Take  a  peek  at  the  TwiBer  Glossary   •     •  Social  Media  Today   •  Google  Nonprofit   hBp://   •  Social  Media  Club     •  Mashable    hBp://­‐good/  
  21. 21. How  to  Maximize  Your  Time:     #1  Jump  In.   Photo  credit:  SabrinaDan  Photo  
  22. 22. Case  Study  -­‐  #MySubwayAd  
  23. 23. #2  Copy  People.  It’s  ok.     •  Who  are  the  industry   leaders  in  your  field  or  issue   area?     •  Here’s  some  tweeps  we  like   •  @Afine   •  @ImpactSP2   •  @ccoleBa   •  @nonprofiimes   •  @BigDuckSarah   •  @kanter   •  @dosomething   •  @nakisnakis   •  @socialedge   •  @tactphil   •  @omidyarnetwork   •  @epipnaIonal   •  @Philanthropy    
  24. 24. Complete  Your  Profile.  Everywhere.       •  If  you  want  to  create  a  coherent  brand,   consider  using  the  same  profile  picture  on  all   your  channels.     Photo  credit:  oSiNaReF  
  25. 25. Networking  =  Generosity   ‘The  currency  of  networking  is  generosity.’     –Stacy  Zapar                     Read  more:  hBp://  
  26. 26. #3  Experiment   “Make  yourself  uncomfortable.  If  you're  not   making  yourselves  uncomfortable  then  you're   holding  on  too  Ight  trying  to  control  the   conversaIon.  By  making  yourselves   uncomfortable,  you  are  taking  down  the  walls,   allowing  people  to  par1cipate  in  unusual  and   unpredictable  ways,  which  is  the  only  way   creaIvity  can  thrive.”  -­‐-­‐Allison  Fine      
  27. 27. #4  Say  Thank  You.      
  28. 28. Case  Study  -­‐  @RWJF   •  Online  engagement  leads  to  offline  acIon  
  29. 29. Lessons  from  RWJF     •  Be  vocal  and  encourage  others  to  join  in   •  Don’t  reinvent  the  wheel   •  Be  ready  and  willing  to  learn     •  It’s  ok  not  to  have  all  the  answers   Erin  Kelly,  Social  Media  Manager,  RWJF  @erinkelly    
  30. 30. Case  Study  -­‐  @EchoingGreen   •  Use  network  to  connect  fellows  and  alum  
  31. 31. Case  Study  -­‐  @EchoingGreen   •  Use  network  to  connect  fellows  and  alum  
  32. 32. Case  Study  -­‐  @EchoingGreen   •  Use  network  to  connect  fellows  and  alum  
  33. 33. Case  Study  –  PRISM  at  #PDF13   •  Follow  Live  Tweets  from  real  events  
  34. 34. Case  Study  –  PRISM  at  #PDF13   •  Follow  Live  Tweets  from  real  events  
  35. 35. Thank  You   •  QuesIons?   •  Feedback      @sadia101      @erinargyle  
  36. 36. Thank You! Have a webinar you want to conduct? Contact Kate at