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Branding when Time & Budget are Limited


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When I joined the Public Service Center at MIT, we didn't have a consistent look and our visual materials varied greatly in quality across the 10 programs we ran. My first mandate was to streamline, create guidelines and best practices and elevate our print collateral overall. We had no funds to outsource this and our first publicity materials needed to go out in just a few weeks.

This presentation outlines how I tackled this challenge and some key pointers anyone can use in a similar situation.

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Branding when Time & Budget are Limited

  1. 1. Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center Branding when Time & Budget are Limited Laura Anca Chichisan
  2. 2. My Role Communications coordinator 10 programs at the PKG Center Development materials
  3. 3. The challenge
  4. 4. Before Learn more at Proposal applications due Thursday, March 21 at noon PUBLIC SERVICE FELLOWSHIPS AND VALUE-ADDED INTERNSHIPS Do something different this summer! Apply for a PSC-funded Fellowship or Internship. Serve locally, nationally, or internationally. Pursue your service passions this summer! Tuesday, February 4 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Memorial Lobby MIT Community Service Fair
  5. 5. Assess any branding elements available
  6. 6. Logo Variations
  7. 7. Colors color Pantone 7474 PSC CMYK: 90,0,28,22 RGB: 0,146,159 Pantone 485 Logo CMYK: 0,100,91,0 RGB: 239,0,53 Pantone 216 Logo CMYK: 0,83,34,47 RGB: 148,37,71 color Pantone 717 PSC CMYK: RGB: 255,127,80 color Pantone 409 PSC color Pantone 7483 PSC CMYK: 85,0,100,55 RGB: 0,98,39 color Pantone 383 PSC CMYK: 20,0,100,19 RGB: 175,188,60 color Pantone 5405 PSC color Pantone 549 PSC color Pantone 416 PSC color Pantone 7408 PSC CMYK: 0,16,100,0 RGB: 255,210,62 Official PKG Center colors Other colors
  8. 8. Set expectations: competent design
  9. 9. After: Posters
  10. 10. After: Posters
  11. 11. Social Media Quotes
  12. 12. Info Sheet + Semester Calendar
  13. 13. Email Templates
  14. 14. Create a simple standardized layout
  15. 15. Poster Elements PSC logo MIT logo Event title Subtitle Event copy QR code PSC link PSC info PSC social media Shortened registration link Registration deadline & event date Hashtag Photo
  16. 16. Font + Logo Headline/Title: PT Sans, 179 pt Subtitle: PT Sans, 40 pt Copy: PT Sans, 15 pt Event specs: PT Sans, 23 pt Social media: PT Sans, 14 pt PSC info: PT Sans, 10 pt Font Logo variations Knockout version (white & light gray for colored background). The dot groups in the logo must always have two color values.
  17. 17. Streamline
  18. 18. 3 Poster Sizes
  19. 19. Integrated Media Campaign & Poster Sizes Twitter FacebookPoster 11x17” PDF Infinite display slide PNG/JPG Poster 22x28, 8.5x11” PDF Email
  20. 20. One Square to Conquer All
  21. 21. Ongoing experimentation
  22. 22. Email Templates
  23. 23. Something Old + Something New
  24. 24. Ongoing Challenges
  25. 25. Email: Twitter: @laurachichisan Blog: Laura Anca Chichisan