Online Community = People


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Thanks to the social web, people from around the world come together to share information and support. We build networks and join communities online when we need help or advice. Patients, caregivers, family, friends, and other supporters are increasingly taking part in online health communities to share information and find support. But you need an enabler, a community manager to have a thriving online community.

This is my tutorial for building and sustaining a successful online community.

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Online Community = People

  1. 1. Community Management That Works@colleen_young
  2. 2. My story
  3. 3. You need an enabler“...if you can enable an environment inwhich people can share, they will and thebenefits will entice others to join.”~ Susannah Fox, Pew Internet &American Life ProjectFrom Susannah Fox’s Medicine 2.0, 2011 Keynote address
  4. 4. What is an online community?A group of people who share astrong common interest, formrelationships and interact online.
  5. 5. Ingredients to success• Understand and establish your domain• Build a sense of community• Develop a strategy according to thecommunity’s lifecycle stageWenger E. et al., 2002.Blanchard and Markus, 2004.Iriberri A. and Leroy G., 2008.
  6. 6. Domainis the strong common interest thatinspires people to participate in andcontribute to the growth of thecommunity.
  7. 7. Sense of community• Belonging• Identity• Influence• AttachmentMcMillan and Chavis, 1986Blanchard and Markus, 2004
  8. 8. Community life cycleIriberri A. and Leroy G., 2008.Millington R., 2013.2.Establishment3.Maturity4.MitosisDeath1.Inception
  9. 9. Inception• Focus on growth• Develop relationships with potentialmembers• Nurture an active core group• Foster tone and styleThe community reaches critical mass when > 50%of growth and activity is generated by members.Millington R.
  10. 10. “...this forum [is] like abig cosy blanket when I needsomeone to lean on ...”
  11. 11. Establishment• Focus on activity• Deepen sense of community• Broaden outreach• Create content for and about thecommunity50 to 90% of growth and activity is generated bymembers.Millington R.
  12. 12. Maturity• Focus on scaling the community• Maintain sense of community• Assess and optimize processes• Co-create content and developcollective valueMore than 90% of growth and activity is generatedby members.Millington R.
  13. 13. Health Care Social Media Canada 2.5 years 6,978 participants 95,982 tweets 129 chatsWednesdays at 1 pm ETLast Wednesday of the month at 9 pm ET
  14. 14. Design by @AlainaBCyr | Data collection by @Colleen_Young & @AlainaBCyr using symplur.comData from Sept 2010 to Oct 2012 Complete infographic
  15. 15. Mitosis• Focus on division and expansion• Monitor for subcommunitydevelopments• Consult community• Conceive and establish new communityRepeat life cycle process for each new community.Millington R.
  16. 16. Measure for successMeasure:• Growth• Activity• Sense of communityIn order to:• Grow• Improve• Report value
  17. 17. What is community management?Community Management≠Moderation(it’s far more)
  18. 18. Thank youColleen