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#hcsmca Update 2015


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#hcsmca 4+ year history in 4+ minutes as delivered at the #hccmty Meeup in Toronto on February 25, 2015.

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#hcsmca Update 2015

  1. 1. 4+ Years in 4+ Minutes
  2. 2. Founded Sept 2010 In 4.5 years, • over 15,000 participants • contributed 170,000 tweets • in 208 chats, • hosted by 80 moderators. • We’ve held 8 major in-person meetups.
  3. 3. #hcsmca Moderators (80+)
  4. 4. Gruzd A, Haythornthwaite C Enabling Community Through Social Media J Med Internet Res 2013;15(10):e248 URL:
  5. 5. New Study with #hcsmca Members What do people take part in online communities? Find out more: @_sgilbert_ Contact: Sarah Gilbert
  6. 6. • Vision: To drive social collaboration for better health and health care. • Mission: #hcsmca connects people, facilitates communications, and supports innovative and collaborative solutions to improve health and health care. New Vision & Mission Shirley Williams Pat Rich Colleen Young
  7. 7. #hcsmca National Strategic Planning  Committee Future directions Shirley Williams Craig Thompson Colleen Young Robyn Sussel Marina Bastawrous Leah Lockhart
  8. 8. Interested? Contact Me @colleen_young @hcsmca