Bringing Community Organizing Into Online Social Media Campaigns - Askanase, Sample Ward, Boothe


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Principles of community organizing, including traditional campaign mapping, inform and lay the groundwork for successful social media campaigns and strategy. This presentation covers the basic principles of community organizing that are necessary for a successful online campaign, how to map out online campaigns, and offers examples of three nonprofit online campaigns that used these principles.

This presentation was prepared collaboratively by Debra Askanase @askdebra, Ivan Boothe @rootwork, and Amy Sample Ward @amyrsward for the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference, and will be presented at a session on April 9, 2010.

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  • movement-building means beyond a single organization
    strategy includes power analysis, selecting appropriate targets, evaluation of actions
    accountability and go where the people are both include listening
  • No hero worship!
  • Shanelle Matthews:

  • Bringing Community Organizing Into Online Social Media Campaigns - Askanase, Sample Ward, Boothe

    1. 1. Bringing Community Organizing Into Online Campaigns Session Designers: Debra Askanase, @askdebra Ivan Boothe, @rootwork Amy Sample Ward, @amyrsward
    2. 2. Session Agenda • Introductions • Community Organizing: An Overview (10 min) • Principles of Community Organizing (10 min) • Campaign Mapping Checklist (10 min) • Bringing It All Together: Analysis of Online Campaigns (15 min) • Breakout Sessions: Plan Your Online Campaign (30 min) • Report Backs & Campaign Feedback (10 min)
    3. 3. About the Presenters Debra: strategic use of social media is community organizing Amy: help the community to help itself Ivan: organizing for the long term means building community in the short term
    4. 4. Need Your Help: We are looking for your advocacy campaign ideas to put into action - today!
    5. 5. Community Organizing is... The concept that individuals affected by an issue have more power to create change by coming together than by acting individually. Community organizing empowers ourselves, creates long-term change, and changes the balance of power.
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Powered by organization(s) to create change ...or by the grassroots efforts of individuals
    8. 8. Organization-Based Organizing
    9. 9. Grassroots-Powered Organizing
    10. 10. Principles of Organizing movement-building     strategy (power analysis) community accountability       go where the people  are     leadership development
    11. 11. 1. Organizing for a Movement (it’s long-term)
    12. 12. 2. Strategic Organizing
    13. 13. 3. Accountability
    14. 14. 4. Social Networks for Change go where your people are!
    15. 15. 5. Cultivate New Leaders Find voices. Amplify them.
    16. 16. Campaign Mapping 10,000 ft
    17. 17. Campaign Mapping From 10,000 feet, there's nothing blocking your view to identify your SMART goals: • Specific • Measurable • Attainable • Realistic • Time-specific Key Question: what are we going to do?
    18. 18. Campaign Mapping 1,000 ft
    19. 19. Campaign Mapping Using the 10,000 foot perspective, it's now easy to identify and map your: • Decision makers • Influencers • Partners & Allies • Supporters • Community Key Question: Who is involved?
    20. 20. Campaign Mapping 100 ft
    21. 21. Campaign Mapping Now that we know all the players, we can map the corresponding: • Messages • Platforms • Timeline • Evaluation Key Question: what are we saying and when?
    22. 22. Campaign Mapping 10 ft
    23. 23. Campaign Mapping We are getting really close now and can start looking at the nitty-gritty: • Expected obstacles • Engagement plans • Leadership development • Identifying first steps Key Question: what are we missing?
    24. 24. Campaign Mapping 1 ft
    25. 25. Campaign Mapping On the ground and running! Now that you're going, in real-time you can: • Relinquish control • Recognize and empower active contributors • Create collaborations • Measure impact • Say thanks Key Question: how do we do even better?
    26. 26. Case Studies
    27. 27. Free the Jena Six  Movement-Building "There is no single leader. There is no agreed schedule. Organizers aren't even certain where everyone is supposed to gather ... the only thing that is known for sure is that thousands of protesters are boarding buses at churches, colleges and community centers across the country this week, headed for this tiny dot on the map of central Louisiana." —Chicago Tribune
    28. 28. Free the Jena Six  Where the people are: Self-organizing silence on mainstream blogs... 500 Facebook groups 1,600 YouTube videos
    29. 29. Free the Jena Six Adding strategy
    30. 30. Free the Jena Six  The hip-hop community: Amplifying voices
    31. 31. Free the Jena Six nesporova/1416931832/in/pool-freethejena6/
    32. 32. I Believe In Open
    33. 33. I Believe In Open Strategy
    34. 34. I Believe In Open Community Accountability
    35. 35. I Believe In Open Go Where the People Are these leaders formed the FB Group
    36. 36. I Believe In Open Go Where The People Are
    37. 37. I Believe In Open Movement Building
    38. 38. 2010 ChangeCamp Planning 100 ChangeCamps across Canada I Believe In Open: next election cycle  Launch an "ideas campaign" (vote for top 5 ideas to make government transparent) I Believe In Open Movement Building
    39. 39. I Believe In Open Leadership Development Government: All NDP leaders signed up and took the lead 38 MP Pledges Community: 380 voter signups 290 FB Group members ChangeCamp movement: 9 towns, 100s of community organizers across Canada
    40. 40. Tweetsgiving Movement Building
    41. 41. Tweetsgiving Strategy
    42. 42. Tweetsgiving Community Accountability
    43. 43. Tweetsgiving Go Where the People Are
    44. 44. Tweetsgiving Leadership Development
    45. 45. Who's Ready to Share?
    46. 46. Breakout Sessions: Planning Your Online Campaign @N00/3942558779/
    47. 47. Report Backs and Feedback
    48. 48. References Tweetsgiving: I Believe In Open: Free the Jenna 6: 7/09/jena_and_the_internet.php
    49. 49. Thank You! Debra Askanase, Social Strategy Director Community Organizer 2.0; @askdebra Amy Sample Ward, Global Community Development Manager NetSquared;; @amyrsward Ivan Boothe, Creative Director; @rootwork