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Virtual Plastic Surgery app / iSurgeon


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Welcome to iSurgeon where you can "perform" plastic surgery on your friends and family right on your iPhone. iSurgeon is designed to allow users to simulate plastic surgery by easily modifying face and body features on their phone screen.

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Virtual Plastic Surgery app / iSurgeon

  1. 1. Virtual Plastic Surgery app (Case Study)
  2. 2. Available on:The ClientThe client is a plastic surgery practice with certified surgeons in board. The surgeons have extensiveexperience in the latest cosmetic surgery techniques.
  3. 3. The App Challenges An interactive iOS app designed to allow - Building a high-performance image users to simulate plastic surgery by easily warping engine for iPhone modifying face and body features on their - Developing the app as a casual game phone screen. with high performance and excellent user experienceUnique Features Technologies• Game Mode: Simulates four surgical • TouchyFX - Codewalla’s in-house procedures: Nose Job, Tummy Tuck, Butt visual effects engine for high- Lift and Breast Augmentation performance image wrapping.• Advanced Surgery Mode allowing • ObjectiveC “operation room” procedures on photos • Cocos2D• Instant sharing of "after-surgery" results to • CocoaTouch Facebook or e-mail to friendsClient Says:“The team at Codewalla exceeded my wildest expectations in service and performance. They produced myiPhone App called "iSurgeon" in a timely manner and on budget. They provide outstanding support andhave a creative team that is smart, talented and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them toanyone considering developing an iPhone app.” --- Dr. Michael Salzhauer, Bal Harbor Surgery
  4. 4. Overview: Services:Codewalla is a specialized software consultancy Application Developmentfirm based in New York, LA and Pune. • Strategy Collaboration • Design DirectionCodewalla delivers big entertainment and top line • Requirement Analysisbrand recognition through the creation and launch • Information Architectureof intuitive new products, games and applications. • Visual DesignRecent engagements include Fortune 100 • Programmingcompanies, consumer, and social network • Testingapplications. • Deployment • Maintenance • Operations and MonitoringFollow