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Mobiuso - Keys to Sucess in Partnering with an Overseas Studio

D.TALKS held by D.CAMP on Mar 17, 2017

"Keys to Success in Partnering with an Overseas Studio" by Mobiuso

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Mobiuso - Keys to Sucess in Partnering with an Overseas Studio

  2. 2. Discover, design, develop and deploy.
  3. 3. Keys to success in partnering START WITH A CAPABILITY NOT A “SET OF ENGINEERS”. Build a trusted software development capability not a set of remote engineers who you have to manage. It is still about having the right people on the team DE-RISK TECHNOLOGY. Knowledge of the desired tech-stack should be a baseline not a reason to make a make a decision. Have a senior CTO level resource in-house to challenge technology decisions and choices PROCESSES MATTER. Agile can be chaos without good QA, Architecture, etc. Dig deep for day to day processes beyond video conference for daily stand ups (baseline)- skeletons, hardening sprints, code reviews, scope control, warranty periods. Communication is critical (local PMs can be helpful, time zone overlap can be very helpful)
  4. 4. Are they on your side? EVIDENCE OF PAST WORK TRACK RECORD Learnings from work with Fortune 500 companies and startups is necessary. Look for specialization. ABILITY TO SCALE BEYOND CURRENT NEEDS Leverage past experience – vendors able to scale offerings for you are better. ALIGN INCENTIVES CASH + EQUITY PAYMENT STRUCTURES Share your burden of risk along with your rewards. Create a long term partnership SETUP A REMOTE ENGINEERING OFFICE Does your partner support Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) to allow you to build and own a team?
  5. 5. Can you get all three? BETTERFASTER CHEAPER ▪ “Faster” than you can do it in house ▪ “Better” not “more” than you can build in-house ▪ “Cheaper” than in-house ▪ Not the “cheapest” possible partner
  7. 7. Our work, Skyscape, has been highlighted at Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2013 as the first app featured in the conference (video). We built 600+ mobile medical apps and acquired 2.2M+ HCPs as customers. Ultimately the company was acquired by the Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company Merck in 2013. We built a mHealth company and got acquired, after being spotlighted in Apple WWDC 2013.
  8. 8. We are a global company. Boston | New York | Seoul | Mumbai | Ahmedabad Thought Leadership Engineering Campus Design Campus
  10. 10. We have very strong coverage of tech stacks. Many of our engineers have been with us since 2000 and we have delivered 750+ projects worldwide. Today we have a strong ability to handle technology needs with ease. We DE-RISK TECHNOLOGY so our clients can FOCUS ON BUILDING THEIR SALES AND MARKETING and grow their businesses. Our work includes crisp native mobile apps (iOS+Android), secure web apps & back-ends, big-data visualizations, IoT, medical device development using Bluetooth low energy protocol, etc.
  11. 11. Role Commitment Description Avg. Cost Charged in Korea Avg. Cost Charged by Mobiuso Developer Full-Time (Dedicated) Advanced Engineer (고급기술자) 5,973,240 원 PM Part-Time (Shared) Project Manager (기술사) 4,590,883 원 (Full-Time Cost: 9,181,767 원) QA Part-Time (Shared) Advanced QA Technician (고급기능사) 1,964,476 원 (Full-Time Cost: 3,928,953 원) Total Cost 12,528,599 원 5,600,000 원 ($5,000 USD) Higher quality work, faster, at lower price. We do fixed-cost projects and also provide long-term managed software development capabilities. Our long-term clients can use a dedicated full- time developer assigned solely to their projects along with the services of a Project Manager and QA Engineer for $5,000.00/month/full-time- developer. We also have experienced Software Architects, UI/UX Design Specialists, System Administrators, etc. who are available on an as needed basis. We do not require long term contracts and allow cancellations with 30 days notice. Cost comparison for hiring a team of a 1 dedicated developer + 1 shared QA + 1 shared PM (1 month) 국내 비용 근거: 2016년 SW기술자 임금실태조사(통계승인 제37501호) Cost Saving = 56%
  12. 12. Your Innovation Partner CASE STUDIES CONSUMER APPS
  13. 13. ▪ The App allows two anonymous users of the app across the world to get a taste for each others daily activities via Google Street View hyper- lapses of their daily experience. e.g., A user in New Zealand sees a hyper-lapse of someone in NYC get up at 6am, go for a jog in central park and then ride a bike to her mid town job and return home at 7pm. While the New York user sees someone in New Zealand get up at 6:30am, take a walk in Christchurch and drive to a job in the CBD and later that day board a flight from Christchurch to Wellington. Tech Stack ▪ iOS (Core Locations & CLVisit), Swift, Node js , Syncano (MBaaS), Google APIs, Foursquare API, Open Weather API , AWS EC2 , S3 & Joyent Cloud, Mixpanel. 20 Day Stranger Media art project utilizing Google Street View hyper-lapse To be featured by &
  14. 14. ▪ An App that is being used by pop star Alicia Keys celebrities to encourage do-it-yourself documentaries. ▪ App provides a template that guides a user through the most important steps needed to create the scenes in a short film around a theme. ▪ Server based intelligence stiches the clips recorded by the user into a movie and allows the user to share the result on social media. Tech Stack ▪ iOS (AVFoundation), Objective C, Node js , MongoDB, Gearman Job Server, AWS EC2, S3, FFMPEG (Video Processing) , HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JS, Angular JS, MEAN JS (Scaffolding), Mixpanel DIYdoc. An App to make a short documentary film
  15. 15. ▪ Consumer directed camera app with photoshop lite capabilities (various filters, markup, stickers, and themes to modify photos). ▪ Strong integration with social media and on-device calendar. ▪ Automatically picks a creatively marked-up photo featuring recipient as a digital greeting card for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Snaptica Pro Consumer camera app for editing & social share
  16. 16. ▪ App plus web portal allows nursing students and professors to monitor learning goals and progress. ▪ Students review assigned audio/video and text based skills content & take short quizzes to demonstrate content mastery. ▪ Students also create a portfolio of patients seen with their symptoms which is useful when applying for actual nursing jobs. ▪ Faculty can remotely review the students performance, assign individually directed exercises and grade students performance. Skillshub NCLEX prep & Nursing skills learning app
  17. 17. ▪ Developed the concept, designed, and built the App prescription workflow for Physicians to prescribe Apps and digital content to patients in hospitals. ▪ We also designed the patient workflows to enable them to download and use the Apps Tech Stack ▪ ASP .Net Multi Tenant Architecture, RESTFul web APIs consumed by Physician & Patient Interfaces, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), DAL uses NHibernate. Happtique Developing concept to prescribe Apps to patients
  18. 18. ▪ An App we created to allow users to organize and quickly find and play their audio and video content on their mobile devices. FAVbox Versatile & stylish AV organizer
  19. 19. ▪ This is a fun App for medical students to take quizzes and simultaneously prep for exams such as USMLE (Physicians) and NCLEX (Nursing). Snap World An app for medical students
  21. 21. ▪ Enabled Samsung to test Tizen and OMWW created software called Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) that allows any one of the millions of Android Apps to run natively on Tizen OS without any modifications. ▪ We built sophisticated automated and manual test case suites to exercise hundreds of Android Apps on Tizen. ▪ Our toolset automatically downloads popular Apps and executes test cases. QA service for Samsung Tizen QA for launch of Tizen phones
  22. 22. ▪ This app helps Oncologists to diagnose Myelomas (skin cancer), using guidelines published by the International Myeloma Working Group. ▪ Also provides an easy way to find and enroll patients into Myeloma clinical Trials that test innovative drugs to treat aggressive cancers. Myeloma Ally An App for Diagnosis & Patient Management
  23. 23. ▪ An iPad app directed at Oncologists created for Cellgene and provides information on the novel mechanisms of action of Pomalyst and Revlimid. ▪ It delivers scientific content and data in an engaging manner via audio, video, and interactive text. Pomalyst & Revlimid Oncology Drug Info
  24. 24. ▪ Innovative augmented reality app for Unites States Postal Service to enable recipients to play AR experiences associated with print mailings. ▪ App brings mail to life as seen in this video. Tech Stack ▪ Java, Objective-C, Aurasma AR SDK for iOS and Android USPS AR Augmented reality app
  25. 25. ▪ App helps monitor progression of error rates in fine motor control diseases like Parkinson’s, Arthritis etc. ▪ We created a custom keyboard for Android devices to capture typing error rates no matter which app the user used e.g. email, texting etc. ▪ We also developed the backend to visualize and post process the data. Tech Stack ▪ Android, AnysoftKeyboard, Java, HTML, CSS , Bootstrap, js, Backbone js, D3/C3 js for charting Paragon Measure A mobile keyboard to diagnose Parkinson's
  26. 26. ▪ A clean energy startup using IoT to turn solar panel power output from analog into a digital signal allowing greater efficiency gains across panels in series. ▪ We built the big data & IoT infrastructure to monitor hardware and support bi- directional flow of data and commands. Tech Stack ▪ Node js, Java, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, HTML, CSS , Bootstrap, js, Angular js, D3/C3 js for Charting, AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure Igren Energi Solar Optimizer
  27. 27. Special offerings for Korean clients: FREE QUALITY ASSUARANCE FOR MOBILE & WEB APPS FOR 2 WEEKS Mobiuso team will develop and execute a comprehensive test suite for your mobile/web apps of interest.. Deliver test suite documentation along with results of testing. (Offer expires in June 2017) FREE ARCHITECTURE REVIEW FOR 2 DAYS Mobiuso’s senior Architects will conduct a end-to-end architecture review of your mobile apps (iOS and Android), Web Apps, backend, and cloud infrastructure to ensure your solution meets security, scalability, performance, and code quality needs to help you rapidly grow your solution (Offer expires in July 2017) RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP FOR 1 WEEK Participate in a Google Ventures “Sprint” inspired workshop to rapidly create a prototype for your idea. Mobiuso Business Analysts, UI/UX specialists, Architects, QA Specialists and Engineers will collaboratively investigate your idea and develop a set of deliverables including a click-through prototype to help you make rapid progress.
  28. 28. Your Innovation Partner HAHN RYU Country Director, South Korea +82 10 6691-2292 ADDRESS Wework Euljiro Jeo-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu Daeshin Finance Center 16th Floor Seoul, South Korea WEBSITE THANK YOU!

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D.TALKS held by D.CAMP on Mar 17, 2017 "Keys to Success in Partnering with an Overseas Studio" by Mobiuso


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