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Enterprise Mobility @ Neev
Mobile devices provide customers timely access to rich information and enable decision making.
With a plethora of mobile phones, smartphones & tablets available in the market today, it is now easy for the workforce to access business data on-the-go.
Platforms we work on:
Windows 8
Middleware frameworks

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Enterprise Mobility @ Neev

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobility @ Neev
  2. 2. About Neev Web Mobile Magento eCommerce SaaS Applications Video Streaming Portals Rich Internet Apps Custom Development iPhone Android Windows Phone 7 HTML5 Apps Cloud AWS Consulting Partner Rackspace Joyent Heroku Google App Engine Key Company Highlights 250+ team with experience in managing offshore, distributed development. Neev Technologies established in Jan ’05 VC Funding in 2009 By Basil Partners User Interface Design and User Experience Design Part of Publicis Groupe Member of NASSCOM. Performance Consulting Practices Quality Assurance & Testing Outsourced Product Development Development Centers in Bangalore and Pune. Offices at Bangalore, USA, Delhi, Pune, Singapore and Stockholm.
  3. 3. Why Enterprise Mobility? • In the current dynamics of the enterprise world and the ever changing business dynamics, it has become necessary for the frontline workforce to make quick & informed decisions. • Mobile devices provide customers timely access to rich information and enable decision making. • If the enterprises get the mobile applications wrong, it will result in dissatisfaction among customers leading to them losing out business. • With a plethora of mobile phones, smartphones & tablets available in the market today, it is now easy for the workforce to access business data on-the-go.
  4. 4. Benefits of Enterprise Mobility • Increased efficiency of operations. • Enhanced productivity of the workforce. • Quick & informed decisions in real-time. • Increased customer satisfaction. And more...
  5. 5. Neev’s Approach to Enterprise Mobility Enterprise mobility has 3 broad Mobile aspects: strategy • Define enterprise mobile strategy • Formalize solution approach Technical solution approach adhering to the strategy Application development • Application development
  6. 6. Enterprise Mobile Strategy Consulting engagement with enterprises to define & implement mobile strategy. • Decision by higher management on mobile strategy enables enterprise systems • Plan long-term strategy • Align it to organization goals • Cost-benefit analysis • Select high impact processes to be mobile-enabled • BYOD concept • MDM, MAM (Good technology, Fiberlink, Airwatch) • Enterprise store
  7. 7. Technical Solution Approach Decide on the solution approach based on following parameters:  Does the application require lot of user interactions?  Is there requirement for rich user interface including (device-specific) animations?  Does the requirement necessitate leveraging device capabilities such as camera, location aware notifications, syncing with calendar etc.?  Should the application allow ability to work in offline mode?  What are the target devices & operating systems on which the application should work?  How critical is code maintainability? Should there be a single code base targeting many platforms?  Does the application enable data only for viewing or allow data to be modified as well?  Does the app need to interact with existing enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM?  How critical is security of data?  What is the cost of developing the solution?
  8. 8. Possible Approaches to Solution • Native • Hybrid (HTML5) • Cross-platform • Middleware
  9. 9. Neev Approach to Mobile Application Development Agile project methodology for application development based on the technical solution approach. Platforms we work on: • Android • iOS • Windows 8 • HTML5 • Middleware frameworks
  10. 10. Neev’s Mobility Framework We have a framework defined that acts as a visual aid allowing Neev to holistically look at the current mobility maturity of the organization, help bridge the gaps and enable more business opportunities.
  11. 11. Neev Approach to Mobile Application Development
  12. 12. Neev Mobility Competencies Competencies Android iOS Domains worked on Travel, Automobile, Gaming, Educational, Entertainment, Media Finance, Retail, Gaming, Entertainment, Media Language Java Objective C SDK Android SDK iOS SDK 6.0 IDE Eclipse XCode 4.5 Maps OSMAnd, Google Maps MapKit Framework Physics Engine JBox 2D,Box 2D Cocos2D, Box 2D, Cocos2DX, Bullet 3D Push Notifications C2DM, GCM Apple Push Notification Service Social Gaming Network OpenFeint, GameCenter OpenFeint, GameCenter Analytics Google Analytics, Flurry Google Analytics, Flurry Social Media Integration APIs FaceBook, Twitter, FourSquare, Tumblr, Google Plus FaceBook, Twitter, FourSquare, Tumblr, Google Plus, LinkedIn Ad Integration AdMob AdMob, iAD Testing JUNIT, Robotium, Perfecto Mobile Test Flight, Monkey Talk Graphics Library OpenGL OpenGL Database/Data Mgmt. SQL-Lite DB, Couch DB Core Data, FMDB Framework, SQLlite Build Automation Hudson Hudson
  13. 13. Neev Mobility Competencies (Contd..) Competencies Android iOS Performance MAT Tool(Memory Analyzer Tool) Memory Profiling, Time Profiling Web Service Parser Jackson, SAX Parser SOAP Services, REST Augmented Reality Wikitude - Security Proguard AES Algorithm GPS Enmia Listener, GPS Native, New Google Location Service CoreLocation Code Review Tool Sonar, Lint - Object Relational Mapping Framework ORM Lite - JSON Marshalling - KVC Framework Crash Reporting Tool - Crashlytics Java to Object C Translation - j2objc Tool Media - OpenAL Framework(For Audio/Sound), AV Foundation 3D Game Engine - Ogre 3D Networking Framework - MKNetworkKit, ASIHTTPS, NSConnection Cocoa Framework - Core Plot/CoreLocation/CoreImage Frameworks
  14. 14. Neev Mobile UI/UX Design Competencies Cross Platform : Front-end UX/UI Design Graphic Design HTML5 / XHTML Axure (for wireframing) Adobe Indesign Responsive Design Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash Adobe Illustrator 3Ds Max CSS/CSS3 jQuery / JavaScript Adobe Flash Autodesk Maya (3d) Adobe Dreamweaver Combustion CorelDraw Adobe Premiere Pro CodeIgnitor GWT(UI/UX) Ajax Sound forge Adobe After Effects (Videos) Google charts, High charts Twitter BootStrap, JSON FPDF Adobe Flex Swish Max Image Ready
  15. 15. Case Studies Enterprise Mobility - B2B Apps by Neev
  16. 16. Order Management App – Hershey’s Solution Highlights • The Hershey Company is the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America. Neev delivered an innovative mobile-based solution for Hershey’s Mexico. • Neev transformed a slow, paper-based order-taking process for Hershey’s Mexico into a quick and easy mobile-based system which drastically improved the productivity of field salesmen and made the order management process highly responsive and efficient. • In Hershey’s Mexico, sales people used to collect orders for new sales on paper. This led to a long turnaround time. Besides, sales people could not carry laptops as there was a high risk of laptops getting stolen. Hershey’s needed a mobile application for taking and tracking orders that would run perfectly on Blackberry and iPhone devices. • The solution had the core features of a web-based order management system that could run perfectly on Blackberry and iPhone browsers. Neev developed the UI for the mobile website. • The mobile website works on Blackberry and iPhone browsers.
  17. 17. An App for Cab Drivers – Taxi For Sure Solution Highlights • TaxiForSure.com is an aggregator of car rentals and taxis in India. They work with various taxi operators and enable them with technology to ensure that customers get an easily accessible, safe, reliable taxi ride ‘for sure’ • The Android mobile App was built to communicate the cab location and availability to the central server. It also provided a two-way interactive platform to communicate trip/booking details from server to every cab and commit pick-ups. • Some of the features built in the app include: Authentication, location and route tracking, navigation, metering, Pick-up or rejection confirmations, Pushing jobs from back-end servers to the device. • Node.js was used for server side scripting.
  18. 18. Sales force App for Mighty Auto Parts Solution Highlights • Mighty Auto has a large network of distributors spread across US. • The Android app is an user friendly mobile app for use by its sales force. • Offline capability to work seamlessly in low signal strength zones as well. • Search capabilities. • Backend ERP integration to pull and push live inventory data.
  19. 19. Data Visualization App for 24/7 Customer Care Solution Highlights • 24/7 Customer care is India’s largest BPO serving many Fortune-1000 companies. • The iPad app is a bird’s eye view of the statistics of day-to-day operations targeted at the client’s senior management. • Statistics are built in a compact way with a feature of blowing the graphs to view the finer details. • Easy scrolling across graphs and categories. • Entire UI/UX including graphical presentation is created for iPad rendering.
  20. 20. Data Collection App for Ashoka Solution Highlights • Ashoka is world’s leading association of social entrepreneurs who bring innovative solutions to social problems. • The main challenges of organizing a survey are veracity of data, digitizing the responses, survey organizers skipping questions, changing survey questions and distributing the new sheets in remote areas, delay in digitizing and analyzing the results. • Veracity of data is ensured by geo-location and pictures. Survey creators have control of the questionnaire and mandatory question cannot be skipped. Questionnaire can also be changed frequently and published. The new questionnaire is reflected in devices within seconds across the distributed network. The responses when submitted are stored immediately in the database avoiding any delay, and analysis is provided in near real-time. Any loss of data or typos while digitizing are avoided as responses are collected and submitted digitally.
  21. 21. The Neev Edge • End-to-end consultative approach for software solutions through needs assessment, process consulting and strategic advice. • Internal QMS are ISO 9001-2008 certified and CMM level 3 compliant. • Continuous process and service level improvements through deployment of best-ofbreed processes and technologies. • International Standards and best practices on Project Management including PMI, ISO and Prince-2. • Proven EDC Model of delivery to provide predictable results. • Scrum based Agile development methodology.
  22. 22. Clients
  23. 23. Partnerships
  24. 24. Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India - Bangalore India - Pune The Estate, # 121,6th Floor, #13 L’Square, 3rd Floor Dickenson Road Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Bangalore-560042 Pune – 411007. Phone :+91 80 25594416 Phone : +91-64103338 USA sales@neevtech.com Sweden Singapore Neev AB, Birger 1121 Boyce Rd Ste 1400, Pittsburgh PA 15241 Phone : +1 888-979-7860 #08-03 SGX Centre 2, 4 Jarlsgatan 53, 6tr, Shenton Way, 11145, Stockholm Singapore 068807 Phone: +46723250723 Phone: +65 6435 1961 For more info on our offerings, visit www.neevtech.com