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IDM Pipeline May 2012


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IDM Pipeline May 2012

  1. 1. Interactive Digital Media PipelineSingapore-Russia Cofounders and Startups
  2. 2. Robotic platform PASSED CHECK PROTOTYPE SEED 1. Robotics social game platform Details of product/service Team Background:Huge penetration of mobile devices  Group of hardware engineers with more than and progress in wireless and microelectronics tech. 10 years experience in industrial telemetry. Problem: absence of cheap and reliable robot platforms for householders. Solution: smart combination of smartphones computing power with the mechanics of moving machines. Result: new generation of entertainment solution Market Current Results and plans Real interest of the  Works with Android devices. Control via WiFi  Two-level strategy: of 3G. Two types of devices at affordable market: Romotive* More than half of has raised $115k costs revenue will come through Kickstarter from selling apps  Vast possibility of upgrades and inclusion of and have 1000 pre- different sensors order.  Real world and augmented reality games,*competitor with less profoundtechnology competitionsSuggested follow-up: presentation, skype with the developers
  3. 3. Games PASSED CHECK PROTOTYPE SEED 2. Bringing psychology online Details of product/service Team Problem:Most people faces psychological Includes professionals with:10 years problems (or just problems) during their life of experience in game development, Solution: Crowd sourcing online platform where couching, content developers proven psychiatrists are ready to help. Just login into website and call for help Investment offer $150.000(share discussed) for • Web service improving and Patent filing Similarity and trends: Vislinsky Game is • Prove of business model for psychiatrists • Promoting the service * Value proposition/Results achieved  Psychiatrists passes competency check  Psychiatrists receive additional monthly salary, working just a few hours per day  The game approach was tested and received positive feedback from the customersSuggested follow-up: presentation, skype with the developers *Classes&Careers
  4. 4. Mobile Apps PASSED CHECK PROTOTYPE SEED3. Well care about your App rating Details of product/service Value propositionProblem: 20% applications has not run on users  Your application have not any error!devices. And them getting minimum rating – 1 star  Clients are satisfied by your application!Solution: We get your application as is. Run it on  Your application has good rating at Google Play!all devices. As a result we will give you a report.  Sales grow!Report contain a bug report Teamof every error on devices.  Team includes years of IT development,Your programmers could fix including mobile app development and testingapplication using this report.  Have developed the most popular App on Google play among other Kazakh developers Market Marketing strategy Mobile Apps on Google Play [1]  Try to buy 200 devices and look: OR  10 minutes -  35 hours by $10 by using working your our service tester specialistSuggested follow-up: presentation, skype with the developers [1] Source: Androlib
  5. 5. Advertising PASSED CHECK TEAM SEED4. Newadd source for mobile apps Details of product/service Company/Team Platform for product/logo placement in mobiles  Experienced CEO, previously with Inphodrive, apps. Brand becomes the element of app. Homi, Beyond Technologies, responsible for sales across Asia and Europe  The add is  Signed the portfolio of applications on Appstore delivered via  Developing the platform now in - application graphics and  Looking for $300 KSGD funding to get the first wallpapers revenue and break even Market Advantages  As an advertiser - you will have access to the US Mobile Add Revenue, $mln portfolio of in-app banners with age, gender, location and any other segmentation, unlimited customer base and online statistics of your campaign (much more than convenient banners)  As an app owner – you can increase revenues from your applications 2-3 times Follow-up: exec summary, skype with CEO
  6. 6. Online Advertising PASSED CHECK TECHNOLOGY SEED5. Real-time control of interactive banners Details of product/service Market Platform which gives advertiser ability to track  To create more aggressive and targeted advertising campaign in real-time and even advertisement interact with a client via banner  Campaigns for a short-life span products, As a client you will get a real-time command services, events center for your campaign. You can:  Marketing agencies to perform live research on - See all statistics and dynamics in real-time customers viewing ads - Get details about client who is looking at your ad  Newbies in web advertising to learn how to make now campaign more effective on the fly - Change content of the banner on the fly (no need to reload page for user). E.g., add “only 3 minutes to Technology event starts!”  Strong technical team, developed real-time web - Interact with user – chat, give special offers, get messaging API Easy to implement, feedback works on all platforms. - Play games with customer or let customers play  Experience with: games with each other inside banner - Real-time data exchange over the web - Collect information about user actions on the page: scroll, zoom, pressing keys, feeling forms, selecting - SaaS and PaaS development text, etc. - Powerful and user-friendly web interfaces Follow-up: exec summary
  7. 7. Focus Groups PASSED CHECK PROTOTYPE SEED 6. Track customers’ emotions Details of product/service Company/Team Problem: No decent way to estimate and track  The project is at intersection of medical peoples emotion and thus misreading in diagnostics psychology and signals analyzing content valuation and focus groups surveillance.  Core developer has been in the field of research Solution: Determine user emotion by measuring since 1970s unconditioned physiological processes  Successfully Know-how: determines the physical state of implementation of GSR human by galvanic skin response (GSR) technology for mobile sleep prevent system Market Benefits for customer web-sites Focus group  Capture real emotional feedback (physiological reactions) while consuming content – similar to lie detector  "True Ratings“ - not only number of people but Media ratings systems and Content valuation also sensed emotions  No direct competition Suggested follow-up: executive summary, skype with researcher
  8. 8. Social Networking PASSED CHECK PROTOTYPE SEED7. “Rootmates” social connector Details of product/service MarketProblem: For passengers in each countrytaxi is New York Taxi Industry revenue 1990-2005expensive, peak hours difficult to get.Solution: Mobile App forcars and passengersmatching, includes: Thumb-Up Service – See available Drivers near to You – Drivers see you also – Call/email/sms your companion On-The-Way Service – Publish your way – Driver: See Passengers following your way – Passenger: See Drivers moving along your way Peer-to-Peer Taxi Available to start right now – Publish cost of your service in your Profile – Passenger nearby sees your profile  Mobile Client based on the Layar application – You see passengers searching for driver nearby  Available on Android and iPhone Traditional Taxi Service  Instant Thumb-Up Service – Create special Taxi Account  Instant On-The-Way Service – Publish your available car GPS locations  Easy to use Mobile Route Painter – Passenger sees your contacts and location – Get hot notices about passengers pressing  User Profile “Searching” button and Call your customers Suggested follow-up: presentation and demo, skype with CTO
  9. 9. language Learning PASSED CHECK PROTOTYPE SEED 8. Unlock depth of foreign language while watching movies Details of product/service Team  CEO 15 years in IT. Experience in data mining over Problem:Vast amount of premium content (audio 10 years. 4 years in language learning. IOS books, recent movies with subtitles, videos from (Objective-C) and cross-platform development YouTube) in foreign language are available, and for mobile (HTML5) still it is not convenient for language learning. Solution: Smart TV and PC app that allow you smartly browser HD video content with subtitles and unlock movie scene through completing various task. Market Value proposition 60 AvailableNow Two billion people worldwide are want  Customized video player with subtitle browser for foreign language 52  Search in dictionary databases and the semantic 47 meaning recognition 41  Set of apps on English language Training Soon 34 Market in China will reach 60  SaaS app to vocabularypracticing 31 mill $ in 2013  Ratings and social networking applications 27 24  Practice pronunciation through voice recognition 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13Suggested follow-up: presentation, skype with the developers
  10. 10. Conferences PASSED CHECK STARTUP9. Virtual networking events – extra efficiency for conferences Details of product/service FunctionalityProblem:  Integration with social networks Not enough time on the conference to network (logging, instant introduction) Networking is blind  Precise pre-matching services Number of global must-have events increasing  Video networking eventSolution: Professional speed-dating video-twitter  Recorded video functionalityattached to the real-world conferences. Bringing  Instant video call backadd value to the physical  Exchange contacts (Add to Linkeidn,Product:SaaS service for event holders follow on Twitter etc)(conference organizers)  Schedule the meeting on the event Market The market and strategy  The global conferences market is about $200 bln  Entry market will be high-profile professional conferences with 1000+ attendees  We can consider partnership with event management SaaS  Attendees can login with Twitter or Facebook accounts Suggested follow-up: skype with CTO
  11. 11. HR PASSED CHECK ALPHA STARTUP10. The ultimately efficient specialists search Details of product/service FunctionalityProblem: Job seekers have to create lots of CVs  Social network app and mobile app allows keepon different services. Recruiters spend a lot of your profile always up-to-datetime looking through candidate’s profiles in  Premium functionality: the incognito mode, widesocial networks. range statistics, contact employers directly, etc.Solution: You cancreate a job profile right from Teamyour favorite social network in a few minutes.Recruiters get a relevant shortlist of candidates  CEO has 7 years of management experience inand receive information about person at once in Internet marketing. CTO has 7 ears ofall social networks. management experience in IT Source: IDC estimates Market Marketing strategy  Users – people who are active in their career planning, active users of social networks  Monetization– premium services for job-seekers and employers. Basic functions for free  Entry market – small businesses, dealing with recruitment themselves, active candidates.  Partnership with recruitment agencies Suggested follow-up: presentation, skype with the developers
  12. 12. HR JVIN S’PORE PROTOTYPE STARTUP11. New way to source and screen job applicants Details of product/service Team Problem: Money is spent on real estate, people  Nick Sedlet: Yale University, Goldman Sachs and paper. Candidates are matched manually, quant, Chinese-language, debating champion little to no technology  Dain Lewis: Yale University, General Growth, Solution: Employers get candidates that match Properties Analyst, Designer/ Photographer their needs & proof that they are good :– Online interviews, Automated work samples, Cluster  Elli Sharef: Yale University, McKinsey Analyst, analysis used for matching algorithm, Pandora-style University of Phoenix, Director of Strategy system for employers to give, feedback on candidates (like/dislike) Market Current Results Huge Market: 60 Million hires in the US each year After the launch 5 month ago Lots of money on the table: 1/3 of corporate  40% weekly growth, 100% fill rate, more than 38 recruiting budgets spent on employment clients agencies alone; agencies make $100Bn in revenues in the US per year Laser thin margins: Margins of major employment agencies are 2-3% Suggested follow-up: presentation, skype with developers
  13. 13. Cloud storage JV PROTOTYPE SEED12. Peer-to-peer cloud storage service and platform Details of product/service Team  CEOage35, 18 years in IT, serial entrepreneur: Problem:Increased need in cloud data web development, hosting/ISP, voice transit. storage.Scattering of user’s hardware storage  COOage26. backup system expert, system capacity. Peer-to-peer platform Solution: architect. Worked for Yandex, Masterhost on that allow to combine storage backup management. capacity of individuals groups or companies.  CTOage30. Development team lead, 10 years’ experience working for Nortel and other telecom Opportunities: ISP cancreate own “Dropbox”- equipment vendors. like service for own subscribers in own network. Value proposition For ISP  Localization of traffic inside particular regions.  New revenue stream. loyalty through new services  Low roll-out costs.Usage of existing infrastructure For end users  All data is secure, no privacy violations.  Improving speeds/reliability because cloud build under one ISP or in near geographic location.  Low price or even free if user contribute its own *Source: IDC space .Suggested follow-up: presentation, skype with the developers
  14. 14. Dating JV ALPHA STARTUP 13. New dating paradigm Details of product/service Product key features Problem:The Internet Dating industry is  Interactive face flow showing only online users dominated by a 10+ year-old business model,  Any connection has to be mutually accepted. focusing on user database search and email-type  3-minute instant two-way chat sessions. messaging as the key tool for connecting users.  Option of safe anonymous random connection. Team  Solution: Speed online  Group of highly skilled and experienced dating instead of Catalogue professionals in usability Internet marketing and Matching sites. solutions and high load web services. Market Growth rate Online dating audience (mill)  Registrations : 120 000 (+1,5% daily) China US Russia India  Active users: 30%  DAU / MAU: 23% (for users with 1+ 140 40 18 15 connections and 60+ minutes online) ARPU per year — $20 in Russia and $239 in US Average time spent daily byThe online dating industry is worth $1,049 billion per year. It’s a authorized user is 76 min.bigger industry than porn.Suggested follow-up: presentation, skype with the developers
  15. 15. Mobile Technologies JV ALPHA STARTUP14.The enabler for Internet of the Things Details of product/service Company/Team Realtime data delivery is a complicated task and  CEO – London BS MBA alumni with experience in common bottleneck for many web projects business development for major websites in Partcl [Particle] is realtime cloud service turning Europe and APAC a simple web-page into a powerful web  Company incorporated in London and signed first application with real-time widgets. contracts with hospital chain Partcl saves hundreds of hours of  Partcl is raising 500 KUSD to build the widget development & solves infrastructure problems data portal and to become the key element of the Internet of the Things Works across all platforms, desktop and mobile. Market Advantages Partcl provides a reach library of live Bln $ data streams: financial, weather, etc. Just add an HTML-like tag to your web-page or blog: <partclcell_id="prt:fin.cur.eurusd.pri ce"> charges $25/mo for the same data, not live, not customizable. Follow-up: presentation deck, whitepaper, skype with CEO
  16. 16. Ecommerce JV PILOT SALES STARTUP15. Extension of US success of Augmented Reality Details of product/service TeamAugmented reality fitting room for e-shopping • Matt Szymczyk – CEO, serial entrepreneur 1. Turn on your • Alexander Goldberg – CTO, former NASA webcam Robotics employee 2. Steps back and WSS uses facial tracking to overlay the apparel item in front of you Market (Revenue Model) Benefits for customer web-sitesLicensing and Rev Shares Conversion Rate: Add To Banana Flame─ Increase Conversion Projects Cart has seen a 50%─ Dresses Ecommerce increase in 6% conversion onaccounted for $200+ bln globally 4%─ Clothing is the second popular the “Add To purchase in web Cart” button since the─ Business Model 7/10 - 7/11 8/11 - 10/11 launch of WSS. • CPC or Rev Share Time Frame • AR projects Suggested follow-up: presentation, demo, skype with CEO
  17. 17. Social Networks JV ALPHA STARTUP16. Increase value of professional SN Details of product/service Team Includes professionals with: 15 years of technologyProblem: a lot of inactive contacts at and media experience, venture capital focused onprofessional social networks. Such contacts emerging technologies, Ph.D. Mathematician. Alsodon’t do business with each other. Missing an includes serial entrepreneur who has founded andopportunity. exited from multiple companies.Solution: an application for professional social Investment offernetworks for people to have a small talk before $350.000 foradding each other to the contacts. • Launch BetaRecommending right people to connect with • Social MarketingandOpex Market Advantages Millions of users Individuals: contacts made in a Link Roulettes Integrates via API Viade with other PSNs o, 35 event are stronger as they involve an emotional connection Groups: adding Link Roulettes events turns LR can bridge Ushi, 40 static groups into dynamic communities the gap across Linke dIn, 1 LinkedIn: provides a tool to release the potential networks of 150,000 professional interest groups 20 Xing, 10 Follow-up: presentation deck, participation in alpha eventmskype with CEO
  18. 18. Ad, Social Media JV PROTOTYPE STARTUP17. Tourist mobile info in native language Details of product/service About the productG-Towncombines websites,  Large Coveragesmartphone and social – Publish your deals Sydney wide for no extra costnetworking to allow you the  GPS Directory – Check on the map what businesses aroundbusiness owner to reach out  Efficiency &Modern Analyticstourists in their native language. – Simple interface to manage ad campaign. Access to the data conceding people who have viewed your dealG-Town targets Chinese in  Featured StoresAustralia, including tourists and – Companies and deals will be featured week to weekforeign students Market Current ResultsAccording to Google market data  12 paying clients even the product is in 4/5 people in Australia own a smartphone. prototype 90% of smartphone users will purchase an item  Visit advertised on their smartphone  You can download "GTown" app 80% of smartphone users will utilize their smartphone alone to find businesses or information Suggested follow-up: presentation, skype with developers