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Magazine Proposal


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Magazine Proposal

  1. 1. AS Level Magazine Proposal. By: Cameron Lawlor
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  4. 4.  Rock 2 Raggae 1 Pop 4 Hip-Hop/R&B 11 Alternative 2 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Genres
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  7. 7. A very detailed proposal. You have identified your target audience andprovided a sophisticated approach to your magazine. Looking at all theevidence provided in your presentation, I feel that you have a verystrong idea of what needs to be produced for your magazine.You have covered institutional aspects of your magazine well.Impressed by your knowledge and understanding of the matter.TARGETS:Know your demographic inside and out. If you know what they like, youcan use this to appeal.Understand the importance of images used. The front cover image isarguably the most important thing in your production so get it right.Colour scheme has to influence and appeal the audience. Try not touse more then three colours through out to show professionalism.