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Publication Plan

  1. 1. Publication Plan
  2. 2. EPICPositioning Statement: For music that rocks!Frequency of Publication: WeeklyPrice: £1.80Distribution: Newsagent and supermarkets, music shops, rockmusic merchandising shops (e.g. PULP) and gig venues.Rationale: The approach of the magazine is from the fans’ perspective. We offerarticles and interviews that fans want to know about. We also offer fans the chanceto communicate with big names in the rock world to find out exactly what theywant to know for themselves. We want fans to have as much insight into life as amusician as possible.
  3. 3. Style: The magazine will be informal and will use humour. Itwill also offer strong opinions but not be overly serious. The magazine is for all rock music fans between the ages of 14and 25, therefore fairly simple vocabulary and syntax will beused. It will follow a similar style of writing and presentation to magazines of a similar style, and will also include slang. Images will be the dominant feature of layouts.
  4. 4. Regular Content•Editor’s Letter•Have Your Say! (fan letters)•Gig Reviews•New Music Alert•In The Studio With... (different band/artist every week)•Fan Focus (Photographs by fans)•Tour Diary (different band every week)•Album Reviews•Tracks of the week (playlist of fans, rock star and writer)•Test your favourite rock stars (fans ask different rock stars general knowledge questions)•News Flash! (latest news in the rock world)•Competitions and Posters
  5. 5. Feature Content•Harbour Season launching a new EP (interview – double page spread)•All Time Low on writing their next new album (interview)•Six minutes with You Me At Six (interview)•Opening doors with Enter Shikari (interviews)•The many injuries of Andy Biersack, BVB (article)•In the lab with My Chemical Romance•We Are The In Crowd on breaking the scene•Foo Fighters on 17 years in the music business•How to become a rock star•Gig memories with Young Guns•Asking Alexandria answer your questions•50 best rock songs of all time• Why you should buy official merch and not the fake stuff outside• Article on illegal downloads• What is the full gig experience? - fans opinions on what a gig should be.• Paramore - a year after the departures• Top 10 albums voted for by you• What makes a good rock music video?• Deaf Havana on their new album• Hey Monday talk about their favourite tour memories
  6. 6. House StyleCoverlines: Franklin Gothic Heavy and Franklin Gothic MediumHeadlines: Tw Cen MT CondensedStandfirst: Copperplate Gothic Bold 14pt. Byline will be included instandfirstCaptions: Copperplate Gothic Bold 8ptFeatures first paragraph: Drop capital Tw Cen MTCondensed, 4 lines deep and first two words in capitals.New paragraph: first two words in bold capitalsBody text: Arial 11ptColour Scheme: Red, Blue, Purple and Black