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Board fellows kickoff presentation 2013


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Presentation given to more than 200 attendees at the Berkeley Board Fellows program kickoff for 2013.

Oct 7, 2013
International House, Berkeley CA

For more information on the Berkeley Board Fellows program, visit

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Board fellows kickoff presentation 2013

  1. 1. Governance for Social Impact Program Kick-off October 7, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda 6:00 WELCOME Nora Silver, Director and Adjunct Professor, Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership Richard Lyons, Dean, Berkeley-Haas School of Business 6:15 BERKELEY BOARD FELLOWS PROGRAM Paul Jansen, Adjunct Professor, Haas School of Business; Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company; Board Chair, CARE 6:30 VOICES OF EXPERIENCE Outstanding Board Mentor 2012 Ken Shachmut, Board member, Clinic by the Bay; EVP & CFO - Safeway Health Inc., SVP - Safeway Inc. Board Fellows Tamara Patterson, MBA 2015, Board Fellows, 2011-12 and Board member 2013, Friends of the Urban Forest Ashley Bliss-Herrera, MPP 2014 Community Alliance for Learning, Board Fellow 2012-13 6:40 BOARD MENTOR AND BOARDS FELLOWS DISCUSSIONS
  3. 3. Berkeley Board Fellows Growth
  4. 4. High Program Quality Board Mentors: How satisfied were you with your Board Fellows? Berkeley Board Fellows program survey results 2013 Board Fellows: Please rate your overall experience with the Board Fellows Program
  5. 5. A Sample of 2013 Board Fellow Organizations
  6. 6. Purpose Students • • • • Work at the highest level of an organization with dynamic and experienced board members Understand governance and develop practical governance skills Understand the intersection of the business and nonprofit sector Make an impact on your local community Nonprofits • • • • Access new skills and a fresh perspective Receive a valuable work product Develop skills in recruiting and working with young, professional board members Mentor future social sector leaders
  7. 7. Nonprofit Governance Basics • Watch introduction to nonprofit boards video – • Access online resources – mic_Board_Report_w_Assessment_Grid.pdf – -resources.html
  8. 8. Fellow Commitment 8-10 Hours per Month Board Service • Fellow actively participates as a non-voting board member Board Committee Participation • Fellow serves on a board committee or task force, usually based on the content of the project Board-Level Project • Fellow completes a project on a critical board need (working in pairs when matched)
  9. 9. Sample of Past Projects MARKETING • Brand audit • Market research • Analysis of the organization’s value to clients OTHER • Program evaluation • Implementation plan for alumni affiliation • New online fundraising tool • Progress reporting tools to inform the board on a major organizational overhaul FINANCE • Financial analysis of underperforming programs • Financial sustainability model to determine fundraising needs • Financial reporting development STRATEGY • Strategic plan for leveraging social networking technology • Feasibility study of a new service • Development plan for recruiting next generation board members
  10. 10. Mentor Commitment INTRODUCE COACH Guide and coach the fellow Provide a formal introduction to the organization, the board, and its work INTEGRATE ENCOURAGE Include the fellow in all board meetings and connect with key board/staff/stakeholders Encourage the fellow to actively contribute his/her perspective
  11. 11. Program Year (October – May) Kick-off Session (October) Coaching sessions (November) Deliverable: Update (December) Fellows Workshops (February) Final deliverable (Mid-May) Regular attendance at board and committee meetings Oct 7 Kickoff Nov 1 Project scope due Dec 5 Fellow Workshop 6-8pm Feb 6 Board Workshop 3-5pm May 1 Finale
  12. 12. Dates Affecting Students’ Availability Fall Final Exams……….….....……. Dec 14th-18th Winter Break (travel)…………Dec 19th-Jan 20st MBA Classes Resume.…..………..……..Jan 21nd Exam Week..………………..………..Mar 10th-14th Spring Break…………...….…………Mar 24th-28th Spring Final Exams….……..……..May 12th-16th
  13. 13. Voices of Experience: Board Mentor Ken Shachmut, Best Mentor 2012 Board member, Clinic by the Bay EVP & CFO - Safeway Health Inc., SVP - Safeway Inc.
  14. 14. Berkeley Board Fellows Kick-Off Meeting Reflections on Mentoring Clinic by the Bay – San Francisco Ken Shachmut Board Member & Treasurer October 7, 2013
  15. 15. Agenda • Clinic by the Bay • Our project – Last year and this year • Best practices – Learnings from our experience • Challenges • Advice for new Mentors
  16. 16. Clinic by the Bay • San Francisco’s Volunteers in Medicine free healthcare clinic • Serves the working uninsured who are not eligible for government healthcare services • Volunteer providers • Program facts – – – – Medical and dental services 1,400 patients, 6,000 visits in 3 years Operating budget $1.2 million – 46% in-kind, 54% cash Funded through private donations
  17. 17. Project: Board Information Dashboard Last Year This Year • Board information needs • Final design • Existing approaches – VIM and elsewhere • Board sign-off • Metrics, data sources & calculations • Implementation requirements – – – Financial Volunteer Clinical outcomes • Dashboard structure • Board consensus • Volunteer training • Implementation
  18. 18. Mentor Best Practices for a Three-Way Win Organization • Choose a real project Haas BBF • Prepare well, value BBF time • Work closely with • Set clear ED / Comm Chairs expectations • Treat BBF as full Board Member Mentor • Same as for Haas BBF (at left) + • Structure the work • Be available when needed • Apply 80/20 rule • Consider BBF on • Expect to be • Meet regularly Board committees challenged with BBF • Listen to BBF • Give your energy • Prep BBF for ideas on all and your all Board presos subjects • Have fun! • Provide useful feedback
  19. 19. Challenges: Mostly Logistics if MBP Applied • Manage expectations on timing – your Board, your ED and your BBF • Remember that your BBF’s primary responsibility is to his/her studies • Schedule meetings and calls in advance; you have to balance your schedule, classes & job interviews
  20. 20. Advice for New Mentors • Value your BBF – He/she is very bright and will add real value to your organization • Keep the project on track: As Mentor, you are responsible to your Board for project results • Share your passion for your organization, its mission, and its work • Expect to guide your BBF . . . and to learn from him/her
  21. 21. Upcoming CBTB Events Medical & Dental Provider Luncheon 3rd Birthday Celebration • Providers interested in volunteer opportunities • Meet the Board, MD, patients and help us celebrate • CREDO Restaurant 360 Pine Street, SF Wednesday, October16 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm • Scoma’s Restaurant Fisherman’s Wharf, SF Monday, November 4 • Contact me for information • Contact me for information
  22. 22. Contact Information • Clinic by the Bay 4877 Mission Street, San Francisco • Eliza Gibson, Executive Director eliza@ • Ken Shachmut, Board Member & Treasurer EVP & CFO, Safeway Health Inc. SVP, Safeway Inc.
  23. 23. Voices of Experience: Board Fellows Tamara Patterson, MBA 2015 Board Fellow 2011 Board member 2013 Friends of the Urban Forest Ashley Bliss-Herrera, MPP 2014 Board Fellow 2012 Community Alliance for Learning
  24. 24. How Board Fellows Add Value • Skills and expertise (own and accessed) • Preparation • Teamwork • Ask and speak up • Fresh set of eyes • New contacts
  25. 25. Resources • CNPL Faculty and Staff • Coaches • Nonprofit Boards Class – Spring, 2 Sundays (Fellows) • Student and Mentor Program Guides (pdf) • Fellows have access to: • Other Online resources • • • Boardsource • • Foundation Center • • Chronicle of Philanthropy boardbasics All information available at
  26. 26. Coaches Coach Industry Allison Sparks Social Justice, Economic Development Bob Miller Children & Youth, Education Colin Boyle Human Services Delphine Sherman Education Irvenia Waters Healthcare Jamie Allison-Hope Children & Youth Lynne LaMarca Heinrich Arts & Culture Jay Espovich Human Services Paul Jansen Int’l Development, Environment Nora Silver Environment  Provide guidance and resources  Assignments based on board experience and industry knowledge
  27. 27. Mentor-Fellow Discussion • Fellows and Mentors are at the same table • Find others from your nonprofit • Take the rest of the time to discuss the upcoming fellowship (next slide) • Coaches are seated with their group and will introduce themselves
  28. 28. Mentor-Fellow Discussion • Personal introductions • Integrating fellow into the board – What kind of board is it? Members? Style? – Getting engaged- introduction, committee – Meeting dates • Project Scope (due November 1st) – Problem to be solved – What information/analysis is needed – Deliverables – Timing – Process for working with mentor/organization
  29. 29. Stay Connected & Tap Into Resources Email: Facebook: Board Fellows website: The Business of Making a Difference Starts Here