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Successful beginnings


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Published in: Education
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Successful beginnings

  1. 1. HHSD Induction Program PASCD November 19, 2012Melissa Leonard and Diane Heitzenrater
  2. 2. PASCD Annual Conference November 19, 2012Successful Beginnings:Preparing New Teachers Hatboro-Horsham School District Diane Heitzenrater Melissa Leonard
  3. 3. A Look at Hatboro-Horsham School District Suburban Philadelphia - Montgomery County Population – 4,861 K-12 Public School Block Scheduling in Middle and High School Facilities-1 HS, 1MS, 5 Elementaries
  4. 4. Induction Program Goals• Teacher is the most important element of the learning experience• New teachers need support to facilitate success• Support positive teacher morale
  5. 5. Induction Program Goals• Research slide
  6. 6. Induction Program Goals• Put theory into practice• Prevent isolation• Transmit our culture• Create strong relationship
  7. 7. Back to Beginnings…• Program began in earnest 10 years ago with a Assistant Superintendant and 3 classroom teachers.• 2 Days• Act 48 and Strategic Plan guided the development of the program of today
  8. 8. It takes a Village… District Induction Team Oversee implementation of district program Address needs and consistent implementation Building Induction Team Building Principal or Assistant Principal Mentors Inductees Professional staff members as needed (coaches/special ed)
  9. 9. HHSD Induction Today• Summer Academy• Mentor training and support• Ongoing support by induction coach• Classroom visits/Formal visits• After school meetings• Online Professional Learning Community• Support of Instructional Coaches
  10. 10. Summer Academy– Collage
  11. 11. Mentor Selection Teacher who has demonstrated commitment All new teachers including LTS get a mentor Selected by Principal Compensation
  12. 12. Teacher Mentor Preferred Qualities• Continuous learning• Conferencing skills• Effective• Listening skills• Attitude• Flexibility
  13. 13. Teacher Mentor Roles and Responsibilities • Mentors do not evaluate • Confidential in nature • Serve as a liaison • Promote professionalism
  14. 14. Induction Coach Serve as an educational leader Teacher on Assignment Build teacher capacity
  15. 15. Essential Duties And Responsibilities Develop protocols Provide training Support reflective practices Best practices
  16. 16. Visitations Informal Formal• Walk through • Scheduled visit• Mini-visits • Pre- conference• Meetings • Full classroom visit• Reflective questions • Post-conference• Regular feedback • Continued work
  17. 17. After School Meetings
  18. 18. Online Professional Development• Ning• Moodle• “Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners by Paula Rutherford• “What Great Teachers Do Differently” by Todd Whitaker
  19. 19. District Instructional Coaches Collaboration Ongoing support Specialization
  20. 20. Year II Induction Program Overview• One Day Summer Induction Academy• District Level Induction Meetings (2 Per Year)• Professional Learning Communities (6 Hours)• Building Induction Meetings
  21. 21. Year II Induction Program Overview• Peer observations• Informal & Formal Classroom visitations• Formal Supervision and Evaluation Process• Monthly PDE 427 Portfolio assessments
  22. 22. What Else is New?
  23. 23. Why it’s Great!
  24. 24. Thank You for Coming!
  25. 25. Questions?