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2013 state of arts humanities montgomery county


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2013 state of arts humanities montgomery county

  1. 1. State of theState of theArts & HumanitiesArts & Humanitiesin Montgomery Countyin Montgomery CountyMay 1, 2013May 1, 2013
  2. 2. In Montgomery County arts,heritage and culture—• Enhance quality of life• Drive the economy• Convene communities
  3. 3. Quality of Life• MC named one of the most attractive places to live in the nation(CNN Money "Best Places for a Long Life," 2008)• 73% (2007) and 81% (2009) in MC Resident Survey ratedaccess to arts and cultural activities excellent and good• World-class performing centers and culturally-diverseneighborhoods make MC Maryland’s SMART BusinessLocation says MCDED• Tourists rank attendance at cultural events and venues in thetop 10 reasons to visit MC
  4. 4. So, what do we have?
  5. 5. The Inventory!• 58 performing venues• 60 galleries• 22 theatres• 50 historical venues• 150 small, midsize and emerging arts& humanities groups• 27 book stores• 33 dance studios• 28 music stores• 14 recording studios• 9 art supply stores• 32 music schools• 1500 independent artists & scholarsAnd growing!
  6. 6. Seven Grant Categories• Advancement• Capital Improvement Project• General Operating Support• Mid Size Organization• Small Organization• Individual Artists and Scholars• Artists and Scholars in the Community
  7. 7. FY13 BudgetIn FY13 AHCMC awarded 116 grants totaling$3,214,945 to:• Large Arts and Humanities – $2,665,223• Mid-Sized Arts and Humanities - $262,698• Small Arts and Humanities -$33,860• Individual Artists and Scholars - $35,800• Arts Integration Residencies - $20,570• Artists and Scholars in the Community - $12,500• $129,000 for the Public Arts Trust
  8. 8. FY14 Budget Recommendation• An $120,000 increase to Arts and Humanities NDA allocated asfollows:•$2,511,163 Large Organization Grants•$240,000 Advancement Grants•$391,807 Small, Midsize Organization Grants•$349,330 Arts and Humanities Council•Total FY14 Arts and Humanities NDA - $3,492,700• $1 million per year for five years for the Cost Sharing CIP to assist artsand humanities organizations with facility construction or improvements,new construction, expansion of a project, renovation of an existingstructure or physical plant repairs• $200,000, recommended in the Department of Economic Developmentbudget, be managed and distributed by AHCMC to match Executive Ballproceeds.• Two pools of funds in increments of $100,000 be put on the Council’sReconciliation List and appropriated to the Arts and Humanities NDAshould funds be available at the end of the budget session• $129,000 in funding for the Public Arts Trust for maintenance andconservation of the County’s public art collection
  9. 9. Public Arts Trust•Mission – Build and inspirecommunities through placemakingand nurture artists engaged in publicart•Vision – Enhance the quality ofcommunity and place through publicart projects
  10. 10.• Manage Collection ofover 800 pieces• On-line Virtual Tour andMobile App
  11. 11. Celebrating Our Diversity
  12. 12.• Multimedia website celebrating MC’s folk andtraditional artists• Personal narratives by artists from Africa, Asia, LatinAmerica, North America and Europe.• Audio, imagery, podcasts
  13. 13. Stewards of Our Environment
  14. 14. Nonprofit Energy Alliance. org•Began in May 2010•Comprised of 64 leading-edge nonprofits•Collective savings of approximately $536,000•Removed 3,500 cars off the roads•2012 Washingtonian Green Giant Award•2012 Maryland Clean Energy Award
  15. 15. Marketing & Fundraising Initiatives
  16. 16. MarketPower
  17. 17. On-line events calendarSearchable by date, region, genre,organization name
  18. 18. Multi-Platform CoOp Ads
  19. 19. • Designed and created by the Arts & Science Council, Charlotte,• NC to expand the support to the local cultural sector• 14 communities nationwide• Site has raised over $1.9M in support, posted over 1,000projects and received more than 8,900 donations as of 1/31/13• 46% of the power2give donors had not given previously• Coming to Montgomery County in June 2013!
  20. 20. Providing leadership that sustains arts andhumanities organizations, artists and scholars andinspires participation in our County’s rich culturalassets