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2018 Staffing Your Bonner Program


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Overview for how you can staff your Bonner Program, shared at the 2018 New Bonner Directors and Coordinators Orientation.

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2018 Staffing Your Bonner Program

  1. 1. Staffing Your Bonner Program
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover • Bonner Program Staffing Standards • Staff Roles • Campus-Wide Center for Civic Engagement • Organizational Charts
  3. 3. Bonner Program Staffing Standards
  4. 4. Staffing Standards • 40 students: to 1 staff • During Bonner Program start up: clarify roles of staff and appoint director • Bonner Director reports to Senior Administrator • Creatively leverage available staffing (e.g., work study, VISTAs placed with partners)
  5. 5. Bonner Wiki: Bonner Program Staffing
  6. 6. Bonner Director • Oversees the operations of the civic engagement center and Bonner program • Serves as a key advocate and leader for community and civic engagement on campus • Supervises and provides support to the Bonner Coordinator and other Center staff • Often plays a central role in promoting academic connections
  7. 7. Bonner Coordinator • Designs, facilitates, and assesses the education, structure, and programming for Bonner Program • Provides ongoing mentorship and support to Bonner students • Monitors Bonners’ performance and completion of hours and expectations • Manages all components, including recruitment and selection • Manages sites and positions
  8. 8. Student Leadership Roles
  9. 9. Bonner Senior Interns Who? • 1 - 4 motivated students, mostly rising Seniors or Juniors, who serve in key program management roles How to pick? • Identify students who have strong understanding of Bonner Program and/or how service is organized on your campus • Groom students in junior year (or before) What they do? • Coordinate the Bonner Leadership Team (BLT) and students • Organize and help lead meetings and training & enrichment activities • Help manage service sites, serving as a liaison • Help manage BWBRS When/Where? • Senior Interns have a track at Summer Leadership Institute • Many also were Congress Reps or attend Congress
  10. 10. Senior Intern Training • Every summer and through online connections • Intensive training in: ‣ Program management ‣ Peer leadership ‣ How to design and facilitate workshops • See Senior Intern Handbook
  11. 11. Bonner Wiki: Bonner Senior Interns
  12. 12. Bonner Leadership Team (BLT) Who? • Student leaders who assist in the governance and visioning of a Bonner Program on campus How to pick? • Determine the purpose of the team • Decide where student voice is at the forefront of achieving Bonner Program goals • Select or elect students to serve on the BLT What they do? • Dependent on each school’s specific needs • Serve as student leaders and help guide the Bonner Program in specific roles When&/Where? • Bonner Congress • Bonner Summer Leadership Institute
  13. 13. BLT Structures: Sample Structures Class Based Roles Committee Based Roles Chair Based Roles Family Based Roles
  14. 14. BLT Selection • Early application process (early spring) ‣ Written application ‣ Interview • Selection approaches: ‣ Voting ‣ Internal Appointment ‣ Combination
  15. 15. BLT Training • Orientation • Strengths Assignment • Team Building • Skill Development • Facilitation • Meeting Design
  16. 16. Bonner Wiki: Bonner Leadership Team
  17. 17. Bonner Congress
  18. 18. Bonner Congress Who? • Two motivated students from BLT who show leadership and desire to strengthen program, school, and community How to pick? • Educate yourself and prospective students on the role • Work with students to identify idea for their Congress Proposal • Create a process that includes student voice (voting, presentations, nomination committee) and administrator input What they do? • Design & implement a plan for an ideas to action project to build or strengthen their Bonner Program, campus, or community • Attend two meetings annually • Provide student voice and perspective to the Bonner Foundation When/Where? • Online (emails, Bonner Congress Group, Wiki) • Fall Meeting and track at Summer Leadership Institute
  19. 19. Bonner Congress Meetings • Every fall and summer • Inspiring learning • National networking • Connect with national and international partners • Attend workshops • Engage in visioning, planning and sharing best practices
  20. 20. Bonner Wiki: Bonner Congress
  21. 21. Campus-Wide Center for Civic Engagement
  22. 22. Start-Up Model • Bonner Program director may wear multiple hats • Begin with 5-10 students (usually freshmen with some upper class student leaders) • Progressively add more students each year (by class) • Link with campus-wide service programs from outset (for events, projects) Bonner Program Director (manages Bonner Program) Bonner Leaders (5-10 students with two serving as Congress Reps) Other Campus Faculty and Staff (engaged in community service learning) Site/Project Leaders (campus-wide volunteer management)
  23. 23. Intermediate Size Center Bonner Program Director (overall management) Other Campus Faculty and Staff (engaged in community service learning) Center Director (manages Center & oversees Bonner Program) VISTA(s) (training, enrichment, community partnerships) Site/Project Leaders (for teams of students at 6-15 sites) Bonner Senior Intern(s) (training, enrichment, community partnerships) Bonner Congress Reps (Foundation link, student voice, special projects) Bonner Leadership Team (class reps, committees, community fund)
  24. 24. Established Center Service Learning Staff (supporting academically-based service) Community Service Federal Work-Study Program Other Student Service Clubs (1x or occasional service projects) Bonner Program Director (overall management) Other Campus Faculty and Staff (engaged in community service learning) Center Director (manages Center & oversees Bonner Program) VISTA(s) (training, enrichment, community partnerships) Site/Project Leaders (for teams of students at 6-15 sites or clusters) Bonner Senior Intern(s) (training, enrichment, community partnerships) Bonner Congress Reps (Foundation link, student voice, special Bonner Leadership Team (class reps, committees, community fund)
  25. 25. Bonner Wiki: Campus Wide Centers
  26. 26. Centers in Bonner Network
  27. 27. Assistant Dean of Civic Engagement Assistant Director of UCARE Administrative Lead Fellow Communications Fellow External Outreach Fellow (Community Partners) Internal Outreach Fellow (Ursinus Partners) Major Events Fellow
  28. 28. Advisor Student Coordinator Student Coordinator Alt Breaks Co- Directors Community Co-Directors Director of Communication Events Co- Directors Public Relations Co- Directors Committee Chairpersons Committee Chairpersons Desk Attendants Committee Chairpersons Committee Chairpersons
  29. 29. Center Director Center Assistant Director Scholar in Residence Service Learning Coordinator Volunteer Resource Coordinator MSU StudentsSite Coordinators AmeriCorps Members Project Coordinator
  30. 30. Director of Programs Director of Academic Integration Assistant Director, Faculty Development, Dake Program, CETL VISTA Fellow, Community Policy Institute VISTA Leader VISTA Leader VISTA Leader (HUD) Assistant Director, Bonner Program, Global Service Internship Assistant Director, Quality Assurance, Summer Service Scholars Assistant Director, Postgrad Programs (VISTA, Dake) Coordinator of NEXT Consulting Program Coordinator of Community Partnerships and Communications Office Assistant Coordinator, VISTA HUD ConnectHome Bonner Student Leadership
  31. 31. Assistant Vice President Community Initiatives and Center (CCE) CCE Director Assistant Director, Community Relationships Associate Director, Community Engaged Learning Associate Director, Operations Associate Director Student Engagement & BSP Director Admin Coordinator, CCE Program Coordinator, Community Engaged Learning Admin Specialist & Data Reporting Analyst Director, 
 K-12 Associate Director, Community Relationships & URD Assistant Director, Student Engagement & BSP Program Manager, Student Engagement & BSP Admin Coordinator, Student Engagement & BSP CCE Fellow, Student Engagement Assistant Director, CCE Communications & URD Admin Coordinator, Community Relationships & URD CCE Fellow, URD Catalyst, Community Relationships & Community Engaged Learning Bonner Student Leadership Team
  32. 32. Sharing in the Room • Guest presenters • National Bonner Interns & Staff • Participants
  33. 33. Suggested Exercises • Map your current Center structure • What is the story of your Center? How did you get here? • What infrastructure must you improve?
  34. 34. 1. Ensure your school is meeting the staffing requirements. If you are not, invite Foundation Staff for Alignment Visit and engage senior leaders in dialogue with Foundation Leadership. 2. Review resources and determine the best structure and composition for your Bonner Leadership Team. We recommend the size should be 15-20% of your total Bonners (i.e., 12 for a 60 person program; 4 people for a start-up of 20). 3. Personally recruit Senior Interns and Congress Reps for talent and diversity. 4. Examine your site structure also and engage Site / Issue Leaders. 5. Train student leaders in core skills using available workshops. 6. Review Self-Assessment Tool to gauge current level & functioning of your center. 7. Do recommended exercises to identify goals and areas to improve. 8. Work with Foundation staff to identify models and resources. To Do Checklist (p. 31 in Handbook)