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Quick 5 tips: How To Create Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign


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Social Media is considered to be the best and most effective way of communicating and addressing your target audience in an efficient manner.

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Quick 5 tips: How To Create Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. If you are planning a new marketing strategy for yourbusiness and you have no idea how to start or what pathto follow that will be successful and cost effective, youshould go for the social media marketing. Most of themajor brands as well as small companies are using thismedium to promote their products & brands on socialmedia. Social Media is considered to be the best andmost effective way of communicating and addressingyour target audience in an efficient manner.You don’t have to be a marketing genius to setup anysocial media campaign, it’s a simple process if followedcorrectly.
  2. 2. Here are the five steps that will help you to create and implementa successful Social Media Campaign. Select your Platform Target Audience Implementation Engage Your Audience Evaluation
  3. 3. Select your PlatformFirst of all you need to decide which social platform worksbest for your campaign. You need to know which socialplatform is more preferable and most suitable according toyour nature of business and where the desired audience isavailable i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest etc.Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are widely used andpreferred for marketing for B2C services. On the otherhand, if you are in B2b services then LinkedIn is moresuitable according to your needs.
  4. 4. Target AudienceYou should have the idea of what kind of audience you aretargeting. It includes all the demographics (e.g.gender, age, education) and in order to get a trueunderstanding, you must need to examine more socio-graphic information on how consumer interact with thesocial media. This could include the information such as(which websites do they visit regularly, which is moreinteresting for them). In addition to this information, aneffective campaign needs to center around what value thecompany will be bringing to the consumer.
  5. 5. ImplementationOnce you are done with the identification of anappropriate platform, you should start working on the ideaand start decorating your business page, put somebeautiful images which will attract users to company’sprofile. Your presentation and content are the two thingsthat gives a strong impression on the users. Put some notesabout company’s back ground and setup a profile that willdescribe the nature of your brand and its services.
  6. 6. Engage Your Audience In social media, it is easy to attract a consumer to join acampaign (e.g. ‘like’ a Facebook group or follow a Twitterstream). However, it is much harder to get a consumer toactually engage with the campaign and remain connected.The consumer needs to see that there is value with theengagement in order for them to continue to follow theexecution and becoming more invested in the campaign.Choose your post wisely so it does not backfire on yourbrand, always try to post something that will trigger theuser to get engage itself in the discussion and generatetheir interest.
  7. 7. EvaluationAfter specific time of period, evaluate your performance inorder to determine how successful your campaign is andwhat impact it creates among the users and yourconsumers. The most important metric is to know how itworks out for your business and how it helps you to createan image among the consumers and other users.
  8. 8. Need Feedback Above are just some basic tips for a successful social media campaign, although it seems very simple and easy and they are, but in order to get the right result you must understand the true power of social media before step in into it.Created By: Cygnis MediaWebsite: