How to become a Web Developer


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How to become a Web Developer, and checkout some good resource to learn web development basics.

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How to become a Web Developer

  1. 1. Start your career in a booming field
  2. 2.  A moderate amount of programming and  Computer science experience  Willingness to learn  Ability to research thoroughly  Patience If you’ve got these skills, you’re lucky. The web industry is looking for people like you. Now, get started on becoming a web developer.
  3. 3. Add these to your syllabus
  4. 4. Information Architecture Interface Design  By learning to take large quantities of information and organize it into a hierarchy of information chunks, students not only learn basic web formatting but also an ability to separate the relevant from the irrelevant.  The user experience is paramount in the study of Web Design. By learning how to engage the audience, you are also developing the skills needed to market yourself.
  5. 5. Visual Design Principles Web Communication  The saying is true – a picture is worth a thousand words. Regardless of your profession, the ability to express yourself visually and influence others through visual elements is a valuable talent.  As the digital world grows, everyone must learn how to communicate in this developing medium. Just as our programming was once reformatted from radio to television, we must change the way we communicate for the web.
  6. 6. Web Technologies  Learning the technical tools needed to develop your own websites will give you an edge over competition in any field. Whether you want to publish your work, display your photos, create a portfolio or build a company website you will have the basic skills needed to get started.
  7. 7. Top 5 online web schools
  8. 8.  While many web training sites look colourful, attractive, and welcoming, with video and colourful graphics, W3Schools looks a bit flat and boring at first glance. But don't be put off!  If you're looking to start from the beginning with the most basic lessons in HTML and CSS, the site offers a steady progression of interactive tutorials that explains everything in plain and simple language and, more importantly, lets you play with markup live on the site, so you can see what effect the tiniest changes can have on how a web page appears in the browser.  For a beginner who doesn't know quite where to start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it still provides a very user- friendly, straightforward and free way to get going.
  9. 9.  Google's lessons in "HTML, CSS, and Javascript from the Ground Up" presents the basics of building websites with video tutorials presented by Google's own developers. A perfect place for beginners to start with their web design training.
  10. 10.  The good people who work at the Opera browser created and maintain this free and comprehensive resource introducing the basics of web design and web standards. Like W3Schools, it's based around plain text and not exactly visually seductive. But the writing is lively and easy to follow, which more than makes up for that.
  11. 11.  Treehouse is a video-based service, offering web design training in HTML and CSS, web development (including HTML5 and Javascript), and creating iOS apps (using Objective-C and Xcode), all wrapped up in a clear and easy- to-navigate user interface.  Treehouse charges a subscription for its services, but the videos are very professionally produced, and you get a wealth of lessons covering almost every aspect of web design and development.  Not only does Treehouse provide great content but there's also a game element to the site that tests you on what you've learned and rewards you with achievement badges. So if you need extra motivation to learn, this is a great site to use.
  12. 12.  Like Treehouse, offers a wide range of video-based tutorials that can teach you how to design websites (as well as covering other design-related subjects) for a monthly fee. has been around since the dawn of the web (it launched in 1995), and also produces books, videos, and documentaries. An authoritative source of web design training videos, you can get a taster by checking out its free tutorials.