Social media for trade show promotion skyline exhibits oct 2010


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Social media for trade show promotion skyline exhibits oct 2010

  1. 1. Leveraging Digital Marketing For Trade Show Promotions: Social Media Michael Thi Mi h l Thimmesch h Skyline Exhibits
  2. 2. 500 Million + 190 Million + 75 Million + 300 Million + 126 Million blogs
  3. 3. Listen. Listen Connect. Connect Publish. Publish
  4. 4. My Assumption: You Know A Bit About Social Media Already. Your Permission: ou e ss o To Ask Questions If I Assume Too Much.
  5. 5. Which Is True? Social Media Is Social Media Is Just Another J t A th Completely Marketing Media Different Than Any OOther Marketing Media
  6. 6. Which Is True? It’s the same: It’s different: > Target market g > No big media g > Publish > Permission > Create awareness > Less formal > Drive leads > Less salesy
  7. 7. How To Act Properly On Social Media Sites: • Be human • Be interesting • Be useful • Be consistent
  8. 8. Post Promote Content Content
  9. 9. Post Promote Content Content C t t C
  10. 10. Which Social Media Sites For Trade S Show Promotions? ? Pre-Show P Sh At-Show At Sh Post-Show P t Sh ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  11. 11. Obvious Insight #1: It is much harder to launch into social media just to promote your trade show presence, than to add trade show promotions to an existing social media presence.
  12. 12. Plan A: When you ALREADY have Social Media followers: • Tweet to your followers on Twitter • Post to your friends on Facebook • Update your connections on LinkedIn • Post for your channel subscribers on YouTube • Post for your blog RSS feed subscribers
  13. 13. Plan B: When you DON’T have Social Media followers: • Use the show’s hashtag on Twitter: #CES • Post comments and news on the show’s and show s industry Facebook Groups • Ask questions and post news in the show’s show s and industry LinkedIn Groups • Publish a video on YouTube rich with the show’s name as a keyword • Um, ask Joel about email marketing , g
  14. 14. Plan B Example: Getting Re tweeted by your Re-tweeted show’s Twitter account
  15. 15. Big Advantage To Already Having A Social Media Following: You Can Do BOTH Plan A and Plan B!
  16. 16. Social Media Touch Frequency Schedule
  17. 17. 2 or 3 Months Before The Show
  18. 18. 1 Month Before The Show
  19. 19. Days During The Show
  20. 20. Attend Sessions During Show
  21. 21. 1 Week After The Show
  22. 22. Use Hootsuite to Pre-Schedule Tweets, Facebook Posts, More
  23. 23. Use Hootsuite to Pre-Schedule Tweets, Facebook Posts, More
  24. 24. Many, many more touches with Social Media
  25. 25. What Content Should I Post On Social Media?
  26. 26. What s What’s Working in Social Media From Skyline Survey of Exhibitors
  27. 27. What s What’s Working in Social Media From Skyline Survey of Exhibitors
  28. 28. Twitter for Pre-Show Promo Pre Show “We used Twitter to tell our followers we would be at a specific conference, and we said the first 25 people to talk to us there and mention the tweet would get a free t- shirt. It really drove people to our booth.” -- Lisa Rabb, HigherEdJobs
  29. 29. Takeaways: 1. Tweet to offer your free giveaway 2. Tweet with twitpic photo of your booth 3. Tweet to let attendees see your booth staff 4. Photos for social media have lower standards 5. Tweet to say what show you are at 6. Tweet from multiple Twitter accounts
  30. 30. Twitter for At-Show Promo At Show “We tweet routinely from the floor of the trade show. We tweet the questions people ask and the responses.” -- John McCarthy WebMetro McCarthy,
  31. 31. Twitter for At-Show Promo At Show
  32. 32. Takeaways: 7. Tweet during the show as a participant ti i t 8. Tweet about questions in the booth 9. Tweet with the show’s #hashtag
  33. 33. Twitter & Facebook for Promo “We t t “W try to use the branded promotional th b d d ti l pieces we will have at the booth, in our social media marketing efforts the month prior and the month of the show, to build that brand connection among the 2 marketing channels.” -- Amber Hedin, St. Cloud Window Inc.
  34. 34. Takeaways: 10. Integrate your offline and online trade h t d show promotions.ti 11. Put more information on a Facebook update than a Twitter tweet.
  35. 35. on & “We tweet and update Facebook live from the events, which followers like to events come in and see who is tweeting.” -- Ryan Molitor, Raven Industries
  36. 36. RT Press picture of new products Day 1 starting New product launch Ready to leave for the show Retweet a “see you there”
  37. 37. Day two of show, we’re hot y , Afternoon reminder Tweet up Hot new product Show started, humor Sh t t d h RT Press picture of new products Day 1 starting New product launch Ready to leave for the show Retweet a “see you there”
  38. 38. Contest at show, tied to brand
  39. 39. Takeaways: T k 12. 12 Tweet more often the week and day before the show 13. 13 Tweet when leaving for the show 14. Tweet the start of each show day 15. Tweet new product launch 16. RT press or other show mentions p 17. Promote and join at-show Tweet-ups
  40. 40. Takeaways: T k 18. 18 Tweet during the show 19. Use humor 20. Brag when b 20 B h busy 21. Tweet at-show contest 22. Tweet from multiple Twitter accounts 23. 23 Facebook: Fewer but more Fewer, substantial updates than a tweet.
  41. 41. on “We launched a product at a specific We event, on location I filmed a video took pictures and posted them on the spot, the reaction and comments from our followers were immediate. Mostly the ones that y were not attending the event and would have to wait to see the new product.” -- Claudia Olvera, Verifone
  42. 42. New products Speakers Contest Show Microsite: events/eta-2010.aspx
  43. 43. Takeaways: 24. 24 Promote new products speakers at products, show from your company, contests. 25. 25 Integrate social media with show show- specific microsite 26. Upload id 26 U l d videos and photos d i d h t during show to also reach non-attendees.
  44. 44. Some More Advice From Exhibitors
  45. 45. Use h U show to grow Twitter f ll t T itt followers “We've gained followers on Twitter (not exactly sure how many) because of our tweeting during a trade show.” -- Kevin Dudley, Spokane Regional CVB
  46. 46. on “Be “B sure to share your postings ( at t h ti (or t least give a social media overview) with your booth staff It backfires on you when staff. a customer mentions something on Facebook or Twitter and your booth staff has no idea what they are talking about! ” -- Jill Stevens, Little Caesars Pizza Kit
  47. 47. on “I encourage my clients t have a " li t to h "game" " or similar activity that requires their customer to go to the web site or Facebook page. This works well when I have seen it used ” used. -- Mark Brandyberry, Ivy Tech Community Brandyberry College-Lafayette
  48. 48. on “We “W regularly use f l l facebook, T itt b k Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to drive traffic to trade shows and drive interest in our clients' clients exhibits prior to a show, and we use these outlets to maintain dialogue with targeted prospects after the show.” -- Sally Behringer, Nicholson Kovac, Inc.
  49. 49. on “We have used LinkedIn ads with great “W h d Li k dI d ith t success in trade show promotion activities. activities ” -- Ch i S k ll M Chris Sakell, Merge eClinical Cli i l
  50. 50. on “We tweet from our Twitter account where “W t tf T itt t h we're going to be, and ask followers to retweet. retweet We also use hashtags of industry experts, i.e. #eventprofs, i e #eventprofs or of the show itself if it has one, i.e., #NBTA.” -- Mark Rechner - Experient
  51. 51. Good Use of Twitpics
  52. 52. What if this is you? “My company has chosen to block all My social media.” -- Kathleen Meadowcroft, StageRight Corporation
  53. 53. Better Prepared For Social Media For Trade Show Promotions? • Know which websites to use • Know when to post messages • Know what to post to get results
  54. 54. Leveraging Digital Marketing For Trade Show Promotions: Social Media Michael Thimmesch Mi h l Thi h Skyline Exhibits Twitter: @skylineexhibits T itt @ k li hibit