How to Advertise your App


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Internet paid advertising has gone social. With the advent of social media advertising companies are approaching social media more aggressively than ever. This presentation provides an overview of why you should advertise your products on Facebook? And what would you need to get started with Facebook advertising.

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How to Advertise your App

  1. 1. Facebook Advertising An overview of what & why you need to advertise product or services on Facebook?
  2. 2. Facebook Advertising  Why?     For what?     Turn your product into a Brand It is a wonderful opportunity to reach more than 1 billion people Facebook advertising is easy to use and can be set up within minutes To sell any product like clothing, utensils, tools, etc. Facebook, mobile, and web apps. For any kind of services How?  Follow this presentation to get an overview of what and why you need to set up an advertising campaign.
  3. 3. What you need?  What you need to setup ads on Facebook:  A landing page Facebook page  Website   A payment method Debit/Credit Card  PayPal 
  4. 4. What you need? (Cont.)  Ad copy & Image to display  Keywords & Demographics  Keywords  Region  Age group  Time  Budget
  5. 5. Landing Page  If you are using your own website then point the link to that in your Facebook ad.  You may set up a Facebook page as a landing page for your advertising   Facebook page must have some content in it. If not, add at least a cover photo and a display picture.
  6. 6. Payment Method  You need a payment method to pay for your daily budget  You need to select a type of payment   Pay per impression Pay per click  Facebook accepts debit/credit cards for payments  You can also use PayPal account to pay for the daily budget
  7. 7. Ad copy and image  A better ad copy display true picture of what you are offering     Clear Precise Short Image must be original, clear and should represent your product or service:    Don’t use copyrighted images Use relevant image Avoid using images that may reflect nudity, hate or any other offensive material
  8. 8. Keywords & Demographics  Select appropriate keywords for your product or service:     Appropriate Specific Search For example: For a digital agency target keywords as:    Facebook app development iPhone app development Digital media marketing
  9. 9. Keywords & Demographics (Cont.)  The age group and region are important factors:   Age group: Select a range which best suits your product or service. For example for a Facebook App Development company select age group between 23-50. Region: Select your targeted region. For example United States or if you want to be more specific then select a state as all people living in New York
  10. 10. Keywords & Demographics (Cont.)  The time, duration and budget of the ads are also important factors to consider: Time: Select a time when you think most number of your targeted people will be using Facebook.  Duration: How many days you want to run your ad. For example for 1 month or 15 days. Budget can be set in two ways:   Daily budget: This type of budget will allocate a fix amount on day to basis for certain duration. The ads will stop as soon budget expires  Campaign: This type of budget will display ads continuously for a certain number of days. 
  11. 11. Conclusion  Facebook advertising is a very easy and fun way to engage your potential customers  It is very easy to set up your ads in Facebook.  You can monitor progress of your ads through Facebook Insights.