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Program Presentation

  1. 1. YOUR CATCHY LABEL HERE Sharing & Exploring through Meaningful interactions. A true Sem adventure
  2. 2. • An interim program in which teachers will lead intensive courses/projects of their own creation in an attempt to engage students in a unique manner• All students from each grade level will sign up for one 2-week course/project• Regular courses will not take place during this 2- week interim to allow students to devote themselves fully to their project
  3. 3. • 2 weeks• Before Spring Break• 2012-2013 school year
  4. 4. • The whole school: all teachers, all students• Part-time Faculty will also be involved (flexibility as to what they can offer or collaboration with an existing project)
  5. 5. • CREATIVITY• An innovative way to represent Sem’s mission• A program that allows teachers to invent a course that wouldn’t otherwise fit in their curriculum• A hands-on, out-of-the classroom experience• COLLABORATION• Among teachers (the project can either be individual or created in collaboration with another teacher)• Among students (all grades involved, across grade levels)• With local and/or global communities
  6. 6. • LEADERSHIP• Giving our students a chance to appreciate our leadership in a different way• Fostering peer leadership. No grade level distinction• Acquiring career skills through meaningful interaction with professionals
  7. 7. How can you be a part of this?•FACULTY INVOLVEMENT
  8. 8. • A minimum of 20 APPROVED project proposals needed• To reach this goal, teachers should submit at least 2 proposals. The most popular among students will be chosen for the interim• It has to fit in 2 weeks• Travel encouraged (Foreign, domestic or local treks)• Collaboration with professionals encouraged• About 6 hours a day of interaction with students, Monday through Friday. Think of tablet use and independent work if you cannot meet this criteria• There must be an end product to be assessed since this will count towards graduation requirements• Consider how the project should be assessed: A regular grade? A skill- based evaluation?
  9. 9. • From all submissions, we will include:• projects from every discipline• community involvements (across disciplines)• projects involving traveling (across disciplines)• projects with a Sem focus (strengthening and improving our own community – ex: residence floor plans, a marketing video, a newspaper)• projects with partnerships with fellow schools (from elementary to college)• Internships at local companies, museums, etc.
  10. 10. • Students will be asked to rate 3 to 4 projects in order of preference to keep a well-balanced enrollment• one project only per student• 8 to 10 students per project is desired• Their performance will be assessed through the presentation of an end-product• 4 successfully completed interim projects are required for graduation
  11. 11. • SHARING OUR SUCCESS STORIES WITH THE COMMUNITY• An invitation to “Interim Project Night” sent out to parents/families, outside mentors, alums or any friend of Sem• Display booths in the PAC to showcase each project as well as an online component to share with the wider community• Awards recognizing students work, Faculty & mentors