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Student Success and Experience Committee: 12-6-17


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Presentation given by the Student Success and Experience Committee on December 6, 2017.

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Student Success and Experience Committee: 12-6-17

  1. 1. Student Success and Experience Working Group December 6, 2017 Report Co-chairs: Martha Sales & Jerry Daday
  2. 2. Vision for Student Success & Experience • WKU students are the center of an inclusive, supportive, and personalized learning environment that prepares them to lead successful, productive, and fulfilling lives • Student success should not be what we do at WKU • Student success should be who we are at WKU
  3. 3. Bold Ideas for Student Success • Every student admitted to WKU will graduate • Our commitment is to create a supportive, personalized experience; remove bureaucratic barriers • WKU students will develop and grow a professional identity rooted in three life skills • (1) Intercultural competence; (2) Social and personal responsibility; (3) Inquiry and analysis • These life skills are integrated into everything we do • Courses, academic programs, applied learning experiences, student affairs programming, student employment • WKU faculty and staff commit to modeling and living these life skills every day • Please note: we are still working on definitions for these skills
  4. 4. Bold Ideas for Student Success • Every WKU student will complete an academic plan, a financial plan, and a professional plan by the end of the first year • Every WKU Student will know the cost of 4 years of attendance upon admission (tuition, fees, housing and meal plans, etc.) • Lock cost of attendance by cohort; full transparency; essential for academic, financial & professional plan • Every WKU position will be linked to student success • Explicitly articulated at the beginning of EVERY job description • Contributions to student success will be used as a metric in the annual review process and in T&P for faculty • What have you done to contribute/promote student success?
  5. 5. Bold Ideas for the Student Experience • Every WKU Student will complete High-Impact Practices (HIPs) • Research shows these provide applied learning experiences; build community among students, faculty, and staff; instill the development of soft skills; & increase student success & retention • Suggest one HIP for each year of enrollment • Two could be coordinated centrally by university: First Year Experience & Learning Communities • Others offered by departments in AA and SA (e.g. project based learning; undergraduate research; service learning; study abroad; internships; capstone experiences) • Importance/necessity of inclusive excellence (everyone must participate) • Participation in HIPs must be tracked (e.g. electronic transcript; e-portfolio)
  6. 6. Some items in our parking lot • Any plan must be flexible and adaptable to meet the diverse needs of • Online learners, Adult learners, Transfer students, International students, Students at regional campuses • Are we offering the right courses at the right time in the right format? • Is flextime possible? Can offices be open earlier/later? • How can we engage alumni and parents in student success/experience? • Bookend experience (recruitment – enrollment – graduates/alumni)
  7. 7. Some items in our parking lot • One commonality for ALL students is the academic/course experience • Student success rests on high quality instruction and + interactions between faculty-students • How can we ensure students have transformative experiences in the 150 hours outside of the classroom? • Can the academic calendar be adjusted to help students with employment? • Fall Semester – Mid-August to Thanksgiving • Spring Semester – Early January to end of April
  8. 8. Important Disclaimer • All of the information in this presentation should be considered working ideas and strategies • The SS&E Working Group welcomes . . . • New ideas & strategies not contained in this presentation • Comments/feedback on ideas & strategies contained within this presentation • Please submit your feedback on the WKU Strategic Planning website: • • If you have specific questions, please contact or