Barack Obama


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Barack Obama

  1. 1. Barack Obama Andy& Laura
  2. 2. black history in america Black people used to be packed on to a boat and sent to America to be slaves for white people. Black people never used to have rights and had to do what white people said to do. White people used to go round killing black people for no reason.
  3. 3. events in 1950s and 60s Martin Luther king try to change peoples views about black people. He got assassinated Rosa parks didn’t give up her seat for a white person. Jesse Owen got 5 gold medals.
  4. 4. Barack obama he got 338 electoral vote that was more than double McCain's He is for the democratic party. He got 207 million votes. Barack Obama Mc Cain He promised lots of things like to get the soldiers out of Iraq and to sort out the economy. The white house has 153 rooms.
  5. 5. It shows democracy is working in America. He’s the first black president He has promised to change things and to sort out the economy. why is it a historic win