John Brown


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John Brown

  1. 1.  Who is John Brown?  What happened at Harpers Ferry?  Why it got so much attention? (The Kansas Nebraska Act and The Dread Scott Decision)  How is it related to the Civil War?
  2. 2.  He was born into a deeply religious family in Torrington, Connecticut, on May 9,1800.  He was raised by a father who strongly opposed slavery.  At age 5 he moved to Ohio, a state known for its antislavery views.
  3. 3.  He became interested in the abolitionist movement in 1835.  He gave land to fugitive slaves.  He and his wife agreed to raise a black child.  He participated in the Underground Railroad.  John Brown was hung for what he did at Harpers Ferry on December 2, 1859.
  4. 4. John Brown kissing a black baby in his last moments.
  5. 5. Primary source of John Brown’s address to the people before his Sentence of Death
  6. 6.  He led 21 men including 5 blacks in a raid on a federal armory and arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia  He hoped to start and arm a slave revolt  They captured  Half the raiders were killed and the rest, including Brown, were captured  Southerners cheered his death but the northerners saw him as martyr to the abolitionist cause
  7. 7. People who took part in the raid Blacks 60 men were Whites 21 people took part in taken hostages the raid(2 of which by John Brown were his sons): and his men 5 Black 16 white
  8. 8. John Brown holding hostage at Bay with a rifle
  9. 9.  Law that created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska  Allowed voters to decide whether or not to allow slavery  Renewed southern hopes of expanding slavery  Outraged anti-slavery Northerners
  10. 10. The supreme court’s ruling that:  African Americans were not considered U.S. citizens  Congress did not have the right to ban slavery in federal territory. Angered abolitionists:  Made them realize action must be taken
  11. 11. The Dread Scott Decision Harpers Ferry Raid The Kansas/Nebraska Act The US Civil War
  12. 12.  John Brown’s actions were a short term cause to the Civil War and effected America on a social and political level.  made abolitionists realize that diplomacy was not going to get rid of slavery  showed the southerners that the north was ready to use force on a much larger scale  increased political tensions between the two
  13. 13. Painting of John Brown
  14. 14. Primary source of a song written about John Brown
  15. 15.  Events such as The Kansas/Nebraska act and The Dread Scott Decision led to the Harpers Ferry raid  Which in turn lead to the Civil War