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civil law kane stewart


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Published in: Business, Sports
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civil law kane stewart

  1. 1. Civil Law By Kane Stewart
  2. 2. what happened <ul><li>Mark plays 5 a side football and one evening and there was a trampoline club before , but they left out a bench on the side and while the game was on mark side stepped a player and ran into the bench. And when he went down he feel on his arm. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Mark solicitor Mark has a good case and he could claim a lot of money for his damages. The only problem is that his case could take along time to happen and it could leave him in a lot of stress and it can Evan go to the courts.
  4. 4. My verdict <ul><li>I think that mark should claim for what happened because it wasn’t his fault it was the staff in the group before for not putting the bench away. </li></ul>