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2019-01-07 bchs announcements


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Weekly Announcements for Barrhead Composite High School

Published in: Education
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2019-01-07 bchs announcements

  1. 1. Monday - Lunch at 11:30am – PM ELT – 7-9 TAG/ELT Tuesday - Lunch at 11:30am – PM ELT – 7-9 TAG/ELT Wednesday - Lunch 12:00pm – AM ELT – 7-9 TAG/ELT Thursday - Lunch 12:00pm – AM ELT – 7-9 COI Friday - Classes start 9:20AM - Lunch at 12:00 - Sr. Gryphons Home Basketball Tournament Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  2. 2. Save the date …  Jan 7 – First Day of Classes after Christmas Break  Jan 14 – English 30 Diploma Exam – Part A  Jan 15 – Social Studies 30 Diploma Exam – Part A  Jan 23 – Last Day of Sr. High Semester 1 Classes  Jan 23 – Math 30 Diploma Exam  Jan 24 – Course A (Block 1 on a Monday) Exams and English 30 Diploma Exam – Part B  Jan 25 – Course B (Block 2 on a Monday) Exams and Social 30 Diploma Exam – Part B  Jan 28 – Course C (Block 3 on a Monday) Exams and Biology 30 Diploma Exam Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  3. 3. Save the date … (con’t)  Jan 29 – Course D (Block 4 on a Monday) Exams and Chemistry 30 Diploma Exam  Jan 30 – Sr. High Make up Exam Day  Jan 30 – No School for Gr. 7-9 students  Jan 31 – First Day of the Second Semester Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  4. 4. Monday, Jan 7 Pizza Sub & Salad Tuesday, Jan 8 Cheeseburger & Fries Wednesday, Jan 9 All Day Breakfast Thursday, Jan 10 Pizza Friday, Jan 11 Butter Garlic Chicken Pasta & Caesar Salad Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  5. 5. Have you Thanked a Custodian Today? Be sure to thank a custodian if you see one today. Better yet, show your thanks by respecting their work and keeping our school clean, neat and tidy. And don’t get blinded by the shiny floors. WOW! They did a great job. And NO, their great work is not a valid reason for you to wear sunglasses in school. Sorry. (Nice try, though) We are on a WEEK B
  7. 7. Jr. High Announcements
  8. 8. Then sign up for an audition! A list of times for Lunch time Auditions for Junior High Drama club are posted on the door of room 7. 1)Write your name in one of the audition times 2) Come to room 7 when you signed up for a time 3) Show off your acting skills in a 5 minutes audition It’s that easy. The rehearsals will take place Monday and Wednesday 3:20-4:30 afterschool and during the next round of COI. Students will be required to rehearse 2 Saturdays and attend The one act Drama Festival in Barrhead May 2 and 3 Any student in grades 7-9 are welcome to audition. If you have any questions please see Mrs. Sutherland Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  9. 9. Jr High Students: Need some help with Math? • In January, extra help will be provided on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 3:30 – 4:30pm • Come to Rm 13 • All junior high students welcome Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  10. 10. Sr. High Announcements
  11. 11. Diploma Exam Prep at Barrhead Composite Diploma exam prep courses (through Rock the Diploma) will be offered, at a reduced rate of $70, to students who attend Pembina Hills high schools. Classes will take place at Barrhead Composite High School in January 2019. Please register at the School Office. See the BCHS web page or the letter available in the office for full details. Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  12. 12. Grads! The Portrait Photography class is done soon! If you want grad photos, you need to get your order in! Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  13. 13. OFF-CAMPUS EDUCATION Time sheets for December are due for all work experience and RAP students. Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  14. 14. The recruiter from Concordia University Edmonton is here January 16 in the library from 9:30 to 11:30, with a presentation during ELT. If you want to find out if this smaller university is for you, do speak with the recruiter or attend the info session. The school is non-competitive with average required between 60% and 65%, so it is great choice for many students who can’t meet the 75% or higher average needed for other universities. Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  15. 15. Students who have applied or will be applying to a MacEwan should to log in to the university’s student portal to check on the status of their application and if there are any items on their to- do list. Outstanding items on a to-do list will delay an offer of admission. Apply early for first-qualified, first-admitted programs. The Bachelor of Science program is filling up quickly, with a new application deadline of March 30. Bachelor of Arts is still June 30. Be sure you are applying to the correct term, Fall 2019 or later. Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  16. 16. The University Preparation program offers high school equivalencies for academic upgrading in subjects including Math, Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies, Physics, English and more. University Prep requires speaking with an advisor at MacEwan and starts later in September. Some students have done this Fall 2019 and then entered the program of their choice at MacEwan for Winter 2019. Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  17. 17. MacEwan University welcomes students with disabilities and offers a range of services, information, and resources! Students will have to meet with a Learning Specialist with Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) to arrange accommodations even if they do not have documentation. SSD recommends that students have their first meeting well in advance of starting classes. Ideally, this means 2-4 months before the start of the term. It takes time to prepare an accommodation and service plan. Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A
  18. 18. During Info Session Weeks from February 4 to 9 and March 4 to 9, prospective students can attend any one of the free information sessions. Full details on information sessions on offer during Info Session Week and throughout the year are available at Jan 7-11 is a WEEK A