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Fundamentals of Media Planning & Buying


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Planning to be a digital media buyer & planner? Don't miss out on the fundamentals of digital.

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Fundamentals of Media Planning & Buying

  1. 1. Digital Media Buying & Planning Fundamentals
  2. 2. why we trust content it is your permanent real estate1 it comes with compounding returns it evolves with the environment 2 3 }Because content is the king
  3. 3. how content works ++++++ Paid & OwnedEarned what and how we produce where and how we distribute
  4. 4. But Discovery of content is important
  5. 5. how content reaches the audience on digital CONTENT
  6. 6. Hence, everything comes down to..
  7. 7. Paid Media: Google & Affiliates
  8. 8. most common type of media buying Consideration Conversion AcquisitionAwareness (Total cost/total impressions) x 1000 You only have to pay when user click on your ad You only have to pay when user click on your ad Paid every time a consumer take action (eg., making purchase)
  9. 9. Types of targeting Hence it’s important to reach out to right set of targeting
  10. 10. Demographic Targeting • Enables you to target based on household characteristics: i. Income ii. Age iii. Gender iv. Ethnicity v. Interests
  11. 11. Geo Targeting • Enables you to connect with your audience online based on where they use their computers whether at home, work, vacation or from a public place.
  12. 12. Behavioural Targeting When a consumer visit a website The amount of time they view each page Create a profile that links to that visitors web browser The searches that a consumer makes, the links that they click on Refers to a range of technologies and techniques used by online website publishers and advertisers which allows increased effectiveness of ad campaigns by capturing data generated by website and landing page visitors
  13. 13. Look Alike Targeting Targeting prospects who have similar characteristics to current customers - Used to build larger audiences from smaller audience segments to create reach
  14. 14. Purchase Based Targeting Leverages a combination of online and offline purchase data to deliver your message to consumers who are most likely to buy your products - Uses multiple offline and online data points from media vendors and third-party data partners to reach relevant households with digital media impressions - Clients can purchase “off-the- shelf” targets such as “Heavy Buyers of x” or Commission a Custom Target defined by specific campaign objectives
  15. 15. Retargeting/Remarketing Tailored web ads based on consumers’ online behaviours - Generally 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store - retargeting brings back the other 98% - Works by keeping track of the people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them - Retargeting ads may appear just about anywhere they might go online - Maintains brand traction and recognition - Brings “window shoppers” back when they’re ready to buy - Able to segment visitors and and tailor the retargeting ads to each group
  16. 16. Demographic Targeting A contextual advertising system scans the text of a website for keywords and returns advertisements to the webpage based on those keywords Targeted advertising in which the content of an ad is in direct correlation to the content of the web page the user is viewing
  17. 17. Type of advertising
  18. 18. Google Search Google Display Re-marketing Facebook Advertising Twitter advertising Affiliates Networks
  19. 19. Generic Keywords These set of keywords would drive maximum traffic with maximum conversion numbers but with a decent conversion %. Category & brand Keywords Brand keywords would have maximum ROI but limited traffic, Category or product keywords, which would be less in search volumes with limited conv. Competition Keywords Few Category Keywords which will have maximum searches but low CTR& less conv. Long Tail Keywords These would cover PR or any association of the brand. Search engine marketing: ownership of the keywords
  20. 20. SEM GDN ICM Placements YouTube Text ad, banner, Video Genre based sites Text ad, banner, Video Keywords Text ad, banner, Video Search Syndicates Keywords Text ads Keywords Text Ads Mobile Keywords WAP Text / Banner Ads Paid Media: SEM
  21. 21. Gmail Sponsored Ads v Use Gmail Sponsored Ads through google content network, upon clicking on the ad a lead form opens inside the mail. v Target females with age targeting & use keywords like pregnancy, pregnancy reports, yoga etc.
  22. 22. Funneling your keywords v Target brand generic & competitors to drive traffic & transaction numbers.
  23. 23. v Use sitelinks & a call to extension in the ad copies. v Use Review Extensions to create reliability among users about Brand Keyword. v Also run customized ad copies for the keywords like cord cell banking & keywords insertion in the ad copies. v Since re-marketing is banned for the pharma sector target more & more generic keywords to cover the product & generate leads. Generic Keyword Targeting
  24. 24. Brand Keywords •Bid to maintain # 1 position •Will drive HIGH ROI with less impressions Generic & Query Keywords •Bid to maintain avg. position in top 3 search results •Will drive maximum impressions & be optimized for high ROI +Brand Competition keywords •Bid to maintain avg. position in top 3 search results for optimum ROI Long Tail & others •Bid to maintain avg. position in top 5 search results for optimum ROI Delivery by Bucket
  25. 25. • Content Integration: On parenting sites-to drive advocacy • Content Marketing: Seeding video/owned content from ‘Brand’ owned/earned channels across relevant sites • Targeted Banners & Mailers: Parenting sites • Content to be integrated shall include following articles like: • Myths around pregnancy • FAQs Sites: & iparenting Sample Content Targeting
  27. 27. DSP 3 DISPLAY SSPs DSP 2 DSP 4 Other Technology Platforms DSP 1 VIDEO MOBILE SOCIAL PRIVATE MARKETPLACES AD EXCHANGES 1ST & 3RD PARTY DATA THE GREAT AGGREGATOR Manages and integrates multiple platform partner technologies TECHNOLOGY AGNOSTIC Maintains strategic relationships with best in class solutions, but is open to integrating any true DSP partner with an additive feature set MULTICHANNEL Provides scalable multi-channel programmatic solutions managed in an integrated way 1 2 3 DSP serving as a specialized marketing services platform that integrates technology, data and inventory to manage audiences for our clients. Programmatic buying
  28. 28. Thank You Linkedin: Facebook: Email: catchanujj@gmail Twitter: @catchanuj