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What is Native Ad Buying


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Native ad buying is one of the most exciting new digital advertising mediums on the Internet. It represents a true way to scale your traffic, revenue, and profitability.

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What is Native Ad Buying

  1. 1. Your story. Your audience. Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. Background With deep roots in performance marketing, our founders envision an evolution of programmatic native advertising where it’s more powerful, easier to use, more cost- effective, and ultimately results-driven. Co-founders: • CEO David Osman • CTO Anders Bjoras Prior to starting Storygize, David and Anders worked together for more than a decade at the leading performance marketing network, CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction). David served as SVP Operations, overseeing most divisions of the company during his tenure. As one of the founders of Commission Junction in 1998, Anders ultimately ran several software development teams as VP Engineering. After leaving CJ, David and Anders reflected on the growing demand from top brands across all major verticals to reach, engage, and convert audiences via content rather than using discounts and promotions. As native advertising became more widely adopted by large publishers, the opportunity for greater efficiency and scale emerged. Thus, they founded Storygize in 2015.
  3. 3. About Sto-ry-gize /ˈstôrēˌjīz/ verb energize a brand story via programmatic native advertising. “marketers storygize their content to inspire and convert customers efficiently, at scale”. synonyms: vitalize, electrify, expand audience; optimize spend; see results. We know great content inspires customer conversions. But how do you reach your intended audience at scale? Storygize helps brands connect with more customers by using native ads to guide targeted audiences to your carefully crafted content. We measure engagement and optimize to your goals. How do we do it, you ask? We aggregate native ad inventory, automate ad creative, buy programmatically, optimize by clicks and engagements, and track subsequent conversions. In other words, we’re the most efficient, scalable, results-driven native ad solution.
  4. 4. Good Content Marketing Content  marketing is  the marketing and  business  process  for  creating  and  distributing  relevant  and   valuable content to  attract,  acquire,  and  engage  a  clearly defined and  understood  target  audience  – with  the   objective  of  driving  profitable  customer  action.
  5. 5. Native Content Ads Drive your targeted audience to your owned media properties. Ads match the form and function of the top brand websites on which they’re placed.
  6. 6. Why Go Native? People See Them 25% more consumers were measured to look at in-feed, native ad placements more than standard banners. Viewed as Editorial Consumers looked at native ads 2% more than editorial content and spend the same number of seconds viewing. Mobile Branding 97% of mobile media buyers report that native ads were very or somewhat effective at achieving branding goals. Purchase Drivers Native ads registered 17% higher lift in purchase intent than banner ads.
  7. 7. Native is More Effective 25.0% 32.0% 52.0% 20.0% 23.0% 34.0% Users  Who  Saw  Ad Lift  In  Brand  Favorability Lift  In  Purchase  Intent Native Ads and Banner Ads Compared Native  Ads Banner  Ads $1,457   $204   $56   Linkedin Facebook Outbrain Average Cost Per Acquisition Native
  8. 8. Native Drives Inspiration
  9. 9. Inspiration Drives Conversion
  10. 10. Awareness When   using   a  brand   lift   study,  native ads  driv e  3x  higherbrand    awareness   and  purchase int ent Direct Response Drive   increased   sales  f rom  y ournative     ad  c ampaigns  with  475% return on  ad spend. Engagement Place  y our  c ontent  front  and  center     on t he world’s best sites t o get 250%     higher  ad engagement. Native Works for any Media Strategy
  11. 11. Let’s Talk about Engagement We  measure  and  provide  insights  on: • Clicks • Unique  visitors • Time  spent  with  brand  content • Scroll  depth • Time  spend  with  subsequent   site  content • Clicks  to  outbound   links These  metrics  inform  good  optimization   and  investment  decisions.  
  12. 12. Your  story.  Your audience. The Storygize Solution
  13. 13. Grow your business.Energize your brand.Share your story. Storytelling with results. Drive more traffice, more egagements, and conversions. Why Storygize?
  14. 14. Quality website and mobile apps. Share your story with potential customers —wherever they are — via top online publishers. More Websites, Larger Audiences
  15. 15. More Opportunity Storygize teams up with the biggest and best native inventory suppliers to cast the widest net possible for your target audience.
  16. 16. More Ad Formats & Placement Options
  17. 17. Expert Service Our team of experienced performance marketers handles everything. We’ll test and optimize, and keep you informed, working with you to strategize to tell your story and meet your goals. Full Transparency View traffic sources, as well as content and advertisement performance, with easy-to-interpret reports. Understand your return-on-ad spend and the incremental impact that your content plays on your business. Advanced Targeting Engage and convert your audience with contextual and behavioral audience targeting, personalized re-targeting, message sequencing and more. Programmatic Ad Buying We’ll deliver your story to premium websites and mobile apps —wherever your audience consumes relevant content —using sophisticated automation plus data insights tomaximize efficiency. All in One Place
  18. 18. Maximize the impact of your content. Convert more prospects into buyers and demonstrate measurable results. Grow your business. Test, optimize, and scale campaigns on one platform. Gain real-time insights to help you spend wisely. Save time & money. Discover placement opportunities acrossmultiple channels and find what performs well for your brand, your content, and your goals. Extend your reach. Experience the Benefits
  19. 19. All in one place.
  20. 20. Thank You