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5 principles of awesome Digital Marketing Strategy


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5 Principles of digital marketing that managers should follow to create awesome strategy for them brand & clients.

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5 principles of awesome Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. 5 Principles of Digital Marketing Musicians Should follow to create awesome Music Managers Strategy
  2. 2. Brief is always the “Base” of a composition, not a part of it. Decode the brief, Why, When , What & for WHoM..
  3. 3. "Target Audience is like ‘Guitar Strings’, each one behave differently, when triggered correctly". Make sure you address them differently..
  4. 4. "Music is always inspired by deep thoughts, and so is the idea. Think, research & then create". Don’t rush on your Big Brand Idea..
  5. 5. "The way you play the drums are critical, it adds weightage to your tunes. Different drum sets helps you to create different magic". Chose your platforms wisely & use them effectively..
  6. 6. Sync your instruments together, hit the right strings of your guitar & keep in mind "Your Brief’ is the ‘Base". Your Music might not be perfect, but your approach should be perfect..
  7. 7. Don't miss out on listening to top tracks of all time.. Reading articles dumber-its-making-us-more-meta-ignorant.html behind-apples-think-different-campaign/#4c25e0a362ab rewrite focus-on-this-instead-468387533
  8. 8. Thank You