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Online reputation management for samsung mobiles


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Online reputation management for samsung mobiles

  1. 1. Summer Training Presentation onOnline Reputation and Digital CrisisManagement for Samsung Mobiles India External Mentor: Mr. Praval Singh Co- Founder Internal Mentor: Mr. V. P. Arora Faculty Jims
  2. 2. IntroductionTo start with, think aboutpeople, not platforms/ tools/channels.Platforms might change with time– people remain the same, prettymuch.People connect with each otheron ‘social objects’.Agencies, brands and individualsneed to identify them and reworktheir communication
  3. 3. Learning at Media RedefinedHow do brands communicate with people and engage them.How to segment customers on the basis of keywords search, andprofiling them.Analyzing the difference between potential customers, Influencersand starters and monitoring their activity.Use of social media tools to influence, engage and identify the socialobjects around which consumer would want to connect with brand.Analyze how the campaign’s reward and recognitions helps incultivating the relation between brand and the customer.Learn how digital Crisis effects the reputation of an brand and howthreaten it would be at times.
  4. 4. Social Profiling Bucketing & Profiling of Customers/ Fans At Media Redefined, we culled out the customers of Samsung Mobiles across social . Bucketed and Profiled them on the basis of Conversations, Handsets and their Influence levels. As a pilot, 900+ Customers were profiled 2 months; across Facebook and twitter. Some 150+ bloggers in the same time.“Social Media Marketing: Enabling Others to Advocate for Your Brand/ Business Through a Focused Approach & Compelling Content”
  5. 5. Measuring Tools
  6. 6. A Fine Print own purchased got bought haveTracking Sales and Prospects using contexts
  7. 7. A Fine Print( Cont.)
  8. 8. Customer Profiling: Device based (Macro) Galaxy S Wave Other Samsung Mobiles (Jet, Metro, Omnia, etc.) Corby Galaxy Models Monte Galaxy Tab Star
  9. 9. What Do We MeasureVolume of reactions -comments, tweets, retweets, shares, likes, video views, check-insQuality of reactions(followers, Klout, PeerIndex, etc)Top Influencers/ commenters/ contentcreators (youtube)Traffic ( per post, overall, etc.Profiling customers into Buckets – Thinkof a Facebook app with classifiedcontent!
  10. 10. Reporting and Analysis
  11. 11. Finding and LearningsThere were more than 25+ product updates made on the landing page of SamsungMobilesOn the daily basis there were more than 14950+ active users participating on the page.The facebook fan pages was the most traffic drawn tool for Samsung followed bytwitter updates regarding products and services.People were communicating about the product and services offered by Samsung amongeach other’s and assistance if required, by member of page were immediatelyentertained.
  12. 12. Digital Crisis and Management