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Antal International Global Solutions

  1. 1. Antal International An Introduction to our Global Network Contents o Background of Antal International o Our Solutions o Geographic Coverage o Functional Capabilities o Methodology & Fees o Value Added Services o Sectoral Specialisation o What Others Say o Antal’s Values o Contact
  2. 2. Purpose of this Document The purpose of this document is to provide you with and up to date fact sheet covering the capabilities and strengths of Antal International as a provider of recruitment solutions and strategic business partner in EMEA, CIS, CEE and China. Background of Antal International Founded in 1993 and headquartered in London, UK, Antal offers recruitment solutions to local, and multinational clients globally. Headquartered in London, UK our network comprises over 50 physical business units in 21 countries and has sourced and placed executive talent in over 75 countries worldwide across a broad range of functions and industry sectors. Antal International is ranked in the Top 10 Global Search & Selection organisations by the Herald Tribune and achieved ISO 9002 accreditation in 2001. Past successes include Fast Track 100 Status, Best International Recruitment Firm, Recruiter Awards for Excellence, Exporter of The Year, GrowthPlus 500 as well as being recognised in the BT Vision 100 list of Europe’s Visionary companies and finalist in the 2004 and 2005 HSBC Award for Enterprise. Virgin Fast Track 100 Europe’s BT Vision 100 GrowthPlus 500 Best International Recruitment Firm
  3. 3. Our Solutions… Antal’s Global Network provides: • Local and International expertise • Local teams with linguistic & culture affinity to your company and the local market • One point of contact. • Effective project management ability • Seamless national, international and cross-border talent searches • Range of services from once-off hiring to multiple roles • Teams in functional discipline and sector matrix – enabling specialist sourcing • Where requested, Personality and Role profiling to gain a “better fit” hire, reducing your staff turnover • A managed global Talent Pool and track record in sourcing talent • Bespoke Salary Surveys specific to your sector, location & skill function. • RPO, Recruitment Process Outsourcing for volume hiring. Sole Agency / Managed Agency ability. • Provision of Interims / Contractor solutions in key markets
  4. 4. Geographic Coverage Antal International has fully staffed offices in the following countries and placed talent in over 75 countries. ALGERIA INDIA RUSSIA United Kingdom, London - Antal HQ + 23 UK offices AUSTRIA IRELAND SAUDI ARABIA AUSTRALIA ISRAEL SERBIA AZERBAIJAN ITALY SHANGHAI With physical local offices in the following locations; BAHRAIN IVORY COAST SINGAPORE BELGIUM JAPAN SLOVAKIA Austria Belgium Croatia BRAZIL KAZAKHSTAN SLOVENIA BULGARIA KENYA SOUTH AFRICA China (Beijing, Shanghai, HK) Czech Rep CAMDOBIA KOREA SPAIN France (Paris,Nancy,Strasbourg) Germany CHINA LATVIA SWEDEN Hungary Italy Latvia CIS LEBANON SWITZERLAND Luxembourg Netherlands Poland CROATIA LITHUANIA TAIWAN CYPRUS LUXEMBOURG TANZANIA Romania Russia / CIS Switzerland CZECH REP MACEDONIA THAILAND Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) DENMARK MADRID TUNISIA South Africa (Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg) DUBAI MALAYSIA TURKEY ESTONIA MEXICO UAE Thailand Turkey (Izmir, Istanbul) EGYPT NETHERLANDS UK UAE – Dubai USA (partner with GRN and Princeton One) FINLAND NIGERIA UKRAINE FRANCE NORWAY USA In our business units Country, Functional and Business Sector GERMANY PAKISTAN UZBEKISTAN GHANA PHILIPINES VIETNAM specialists are teamed to provide clients with substantial GREECE POLAND YUGOSLAVIA resourcing experience and unrivalled strength and depth. HONG KONG PORTUGAL ZAMBIA HUNGARY ROMANIA ZIMBABWE This enables us to resource better-fit candidates and within shorter timescales, understanding the requirements and your environment more fully. Antal International has delivered to clients in the countries shown on the left.
  5. 5. Functional Capabilities The following list of functions is provided to give you an indication of the roles we have delivered. Marketing Finance Technology Sales Banking Brand Management Financial Control IT [Perm & contract] Key Account Sales Risk Management Category Management Management Accounting Communications Relationship Management Financial Markets Product Development Financial Planning Development, R&D Regional Sales Structured Finance Marketing, Public Relations Mergers & Acquisitions Architects Sales Management Corporate Banking Point of Sale Audit, Internal Auditors Project Management Technical Sales Corporate Finance Alliance / Partner Marketing Investor Relations Program Management Channel Sales Fund Management Trade Marketing Taxation, Analysts Network Design Customer Services Compliance, Audit Channel Marketing Systems Engineering Customer Support Pre Sales Human Resources Supply Chain General Management Other Legal Human Resources Sourcing Product Unit Manufacturing, Production Para-Legal Talent Mgt & Acquisition Contracts Management Business Unit Quality Assurance Attorney Compensation & Benefits Distribution, Logistics Line of Business Operations In-House Counsel Training, Development Transportation Country/ Regional/ Global Engineering Property Lawyer Planning & Policy Board / NED Technical Consultants Procurement It is not an exhaustive list. Our consultants are aligned within a Matrix Portfolio Management ® system in which they focus on a specific skill-set and aligned to an industry sector. A powerful “knowledge combination” affording a unique overview of your market and the talent located within it.
  6. 6. Methodology & Fees We believe in using whichever methodologies are most appropriate to the assignment. This ensures the most successful cost effective and expedient solution. We will typically recommend the use of one approach or a mix as agreed. Our unique 4-Way Methodology™ encompasses Search, Selection, Portfolio Networking and Internet to thoroughly search the “whole market” for talent and forms a highly effective sourcing solution. Executive Search A direct “headhunt” approach into a pre-selected, researched target market. Primarily useful where talent is likely to be working in direct competitors and is secure, well rewarded and performing - the ultimate passive candidate. It enables adoption of ”hire to hurt” strategies to gain competitive advantage and market insight. Targeted search is highly effective. Candidates sourced match your skill set and your corporate culture. We use our knowledge & experience to identify companies employing suitable candidates. Then determine which candidates are established as being "best in the field". We follow advanced in-house interview processes and manage the interview & offer process to ensure successful on boarding of talent sourced. Employing this methodology is ultimately more expedient, efficient and effective. We provide strict confidentiality, an extensive network of contacts, objectivity in candidate evaluation, and negotiation experience and expertise.
  7. 7. Selection Advertising • Combined with Search to reach widest talent market. • Substantially accelerates the timescales • An excellent marketing tool for clients • Generate benchmarks for internal applications • Our media discounts are passed onto you. • Attracts candidates in a disparate population • Range of National, Trade & International media • Advantage in significant talent “funnel generation” • Networking the response generates referrals to better-fit talent. • Helps achieve true diversity and equality in the selection process. • Can be dual branded or anonymous, utilising our recognised brand for confidentiality. Professionally written, placed, filtered and response networked, Selection Advertising provides a base of candidates highly motivated for the role and for your employer brand.
  8. 8. Database & Portfolio Networking / Cross Border Searches We manage a Global Talent Pool of Rising Stars. These individuals are highly motivated to move for the right opportunity. We share information internally ensuring that each relevant consultant can assist on a search. Over 25% of assignments are filled by sharing between offices and consultants, something not achieved to this level elsewhere in the staffing industry. By pooling our resources in each locality we can initiate seamless cross border searches across a region to secure the best talent for a role. Online / .com There are over 12,000 job boards competing for candidate attention - in addition to your own career pages! We simplify the myriad of choice. Not all executives post their details online, many use it as a shop window. In certain areas use of the web has proved very effective. The key is knowing when and where to advertise for a role / sector or skill set. Web responses are networked and allowing us to handle the volumes saves you time, money and protects your employer brand. Bespoke Recruitment websites and funnel portals can be designed for specific campaigns. Our global network has led to unrivalled partnerships and purchasing power with some of the leading career sites such as; Monster, Stepstone, TotalJobs ,Executivesontheweb, Jobserve Globalworkplace, JobPilot, Xiaopin, 51job, Careerworld, e-financialcareers and more local, niche sites in addition to our own job board, When sourcing we also employ social networking web resources on sites such as LinkedIn, X-ing , Facebook, Friends Reunited and others to take your role and employer brand to new areas in the search for talent.
  9. 9. Fees We charge fees appropriate to the position, location the amount of time, expertise and resources expended in the successful conclusion of the recruitment solution in line with local market conditions and your budget / volumes. We prefer to understand your requirement fully, tailor an appropriate solution and price our services accordingly depending on the sourcing methodology and the assignment structure, e.g. retained, contingent or variations to suit you. Antal has the ability to integrate with clients procurement and payment systems online and offers contractors and interim placements online timesheet facilities. In addition we offer a replacement guarantee and actively follow up placed candidates to ensure the change / on-boarding process that they experience on joining your company is working to your benefit. Feedback is relayed to you allowing you to act early to overcome any settling-in issues. We have found that this process can substantially aid your employee goodwill and retention. In addition to ensure the best fit candidate, we find it useful to spend time in a client’s offices, where agreed and practical, to take the cultural temperature / climate of the workplace and people so we can achieve a better fit, first time and in line with the human dynamics. We act for you to source and secure the skills you need.
  10. 10. Value Added Services, Assessment, Benchmarking and Profiling Good decisions on recruitment, selection, training and development of their people are clear priorities for all managers. Where requested we recommend using our external Assessment Partners who provide fully multilingual assessment reports and profiling tools that offer valuable help to analyse selected candidates and role/ functions to international standards including comprehensive reporting against peers, defining role benchmarks, selection guidance, coaching pointers, individual working patterns, characteristics and succession / future role planning. Training, Marketing, Management, Coaching and Development We have relationships with a number of Business Development Coaches and Sales Training partners who provide courses across EMEA, Asia, CIS and CEE covering Managing, Selling, Marketing and Business skills improvement through to NLP training. The range covers facilitated learning experiences related to teamwork, leadership & problem-solving skills to reinforce the processes of learning & self-discovery. The partners chosen provide top quality, effective training designed to meet your objectives. Your people are important and deserve top quality, effective training and development. HR on Demand Antal’s established pool of external HR Consultants in UK and EMEA specialise in the working with clients on projects around the Assessment, Development and Retention of staff and advanced career planning. Our partners supplement and complement your existing HR capabilities. Their focus is on improving the bottom line of your business by making & saving you money, saving you time & workload. Through the team and innovative technology they deliver cost effective results.
  11. 11. Sectoral Specialisation While Antal International’s brand is generalist our talented people are specialists. Our consultants are dedicated to particular Sectors of industry – their “specialisation” or “practice” - in addition to being Discipline / Functional focussed. The benefits to you are a unique overview of your sector and the key talent within it with cross-sector teams cooperating to bring new talent in. Across our organisation, teams cover the following industry sectors: Aerospace / Defence Automotives Banking Beverages Chemicals Construction Consumer Goods Distribution Electronics Energy Engineering Financial Services FMCG-Food Retail Electronics Healthcare Information Technology FMCG-Non Food Insurance Leisure Legal Manufacturing Media / Advertising Pharmaceutical/ Biotech Professional Services Accountancy Public Sector Real Estate Technology Telecommunications Transport Utilities / Mining Most of our global Senior Management had extensive experience in different industry sectors and skillsets, often at a senior level, prior to joining Antal International. We can truly add value over & above traditional recruitment, adding significant value to the process by sharing our information, knowledge & experience. Global recruitment knowledge coupled with know-how gained from “in- the-field” career history enables us to offer recruitment expertise and additionally a global network of shared intelligence and resources. Many of our team have been where you are today and have recruited for and then managed or in some cases even done the role you require filled. A unique insight.
  12. 12. What Others Say… a selection from recent Client Service Reviews o “performed a completely professional job in finding appropriate candidates for this position, were also totally professional in being available, offering constructive advice and following up on this assignment at all stages”. o " we've had a very positive experience with Antal who within 6 weeks solved a vacancy which had been dragging for 7 months with another firm…very good understanding of Company profile. All candidates proposed had a very good base fit to company culture.” o “Broad international network leading to truly international talent hunt: I have been offered people coming from 3 countries, Italy, Belgium and Germany. I know from search reports that candidates have been identified in an even broader number of countries.” o “I have been working with Antal International over recent months and the results speak for themselves. The fee was no greater than those charged by other companies, with whom we incur cost even if there is no placement.” o “I rarely recommend recruitment firms (once every ten years!), but I think Antal warrant it in this situation. They were great to work with, kept me on the straight and narrow and made sure we kept the process on track. I delegated all of the interview arrangements and they were also helpful in the final closing negotiations.” o “Another great strength is their headhunting: They have been able to understand quickly such an unusual market as ours and to find the best candidates even we are very demanding.” o “Efficient working process, briefing via teleconference with all countries involved, weekly tracking of search status, permanent availability on the phone, regular e-mail reporting and contacts, quick responsiveness to client's requests. Antal delivered committed results: contract was for them to offer 3 valid candidates by end July. It was fully met.” o “Ability to work in an integrated manner across a broad geographical region, with strong centralised key account management ensuring pro-activity, service focus, and quality of delivery. Are always pushing both sides to get things done” o “I would like to thank you all for the excellent job you did regarding the recruitment of our Sales Director and for our new Marketing Director Europe.” o “Your methodology of selection, the very good understanding of my business and my needs, together with an excellent analysis of each candidate gave me entire satisfaction. The very good follow-up of each step in the recruitment phases really showed your full commitment to the mission given, as well as a perfect co-ordination between both offices. The teamwork was brilliant.” o “I want to commend you and your associates, on the swiftness and professional handling of my file after I submitted my résumé to your firm. I have been very impressed by the rapidity and efficiency of the contacts with your associates.” o “On a separate subject... India is going real well, our brands are exceeding our expectations.. Always good.!!! We now have nearly everyone in place and that your local guy has been a great help. Our view of this has been consistent since we started this.” o “Net, it's been a true pleasure on all counts to work with them."
  13. 13. Our Values Accountability - repeat assignment guarantee on searches. Knowledge - we pool knowledge, experience & global resources A “can-do” attitude - 100% client focussed. We don’t over commit; we commit to deliver. We are innovators, with bespoke online solutions for funnel generation. Partnering Ethos - we value the relationship and are value driven. People Matter - When two corporations interact, it is the people who make things happen. We never lose sight that staffing is fundamentally a people business, placing people who will interact with your existing staff, clients and consumers and who will perform within your culture. Continuous improvements in quality and efficiency of process Integrity, with our staff, stakeholders, clients and candidates The Antal Difference 1. EMEA, CIS, CEE & ASIA: Un-rivalled In-country & geographic coverage 2. We Share Information, knowledge & experience for the benefit of clients & candidates 3. Matrix Portfolio Management (MPM®) 4. Four-Way Fulfillment Methodology 5. Leaders in "Rising Star"® Recruitment
  14. 14. Contact Depending on your preference, we offer a range from a single point of contact through to Regional & Global Key Account Managers and multiple in-country contacts to service your needs. Our shared aim is to build long-term beneficial relationships with you and the business leaders in your company evangelising your procurement and HR procedures and representing your employer brand to the wider candidate marketplace and third party suppliers. To find out more about how we can tailor a recruitment solution for your organisation please contact us on the details below or visit to locate your nearest specialist. Finally, thank you for taking the time to get to understand us better, we hope we have been able to demonstrate how and where Antal International can deliver value to you and help you attract the best talent, wherever the need. Antal International Global HQ: 64 Baker Street, London, United Kingdom, W1U 7GB Tel.: +44 (0) 870 770 0020 , Fax: +44 870 770 0021, Email: Web: Antal’s global network has physical offices in UK (London HQ + 23 UK business units), Belgium, Bulgaria, China (Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong), Croatia, Czech Republic, France(4), Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Nigeria, Netherlands, Poland, Romania(7), Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg), Spain (Madrid & Barcelona), South Africa (3), Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey(2), UAE/Dubai. Accountancy - Sales - Marketing - Human Resources - Banking & Finance - Information Technology - Technical - Legal - Logistics - Engineering - Operations - General Management “Global Recruitment Solutions Applied Locally”