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Rethink Brief Overview 2012


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Rethink Brief Overview 2012

  1. 1. Delivering Exceptional CandidatesProposal for Preferred Supplier StatusPresented by Iain Blair, Lewis Gould andHarriet Kirby-Turner11th January 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Overview of The ReThink Group Overview of group strategy Overview of our performance vs market ReThink’s differentiators! How we will work with 3663 Monitoring service levels / performance Proposed terms – high level Conclusion Q&A
  3. 3. Company Overview Founded in March 2005 Part of The ReThink Group plc – is an AIM listed company that provides business & technology recruitment & consulting services 4 operating companies in the group Operates from 10 locations – 5 in UK, 2 in Ireland & 3 international Over 214 group headcount circa 200 consultants Proven growth strategy – organic & through acquisition New markets & new geographies 950 perm placements in 2011 Growth to 820 contractors on billing contractors in 2011 £56.4m turnover in 2010 – 13% increase on 2009 £80.0m turnover forecast 2011 - 41% increase on 2010 All consultants are members of the IRP
  4. 4. The ReThink Group Company Structure Pharmaceutical & Consulting Business & Life Sciences Technology Recruitment Process Outsourcing Technology SaaS ReThink Executive Commercial/Executive Software Sales Managed Services ReThink Energy Engineering Support
  5. 5. Worldwide Locations
  6. 6. UK and Ireland
  7. 7. Strategy for the Group To continue to grow organically and via acquisition or merger To build a business with a balanced portfolio of revenue and profit lines Expansion Expansion and internationally – 1 2 investment in Aiimi Europe, Middle East, Asia Pac Expansion in Expansion in 4 3 other high value our RPO Business recruitment markets
  8. 8. In a world of shameless mediocrity, ReThink loves being different
  9. 9. Being Different unexpected honesty We won’t pretend a square peg fits in a round hole. So we don’t waste your time with a compromise. Honesty is the only policy. Honesty is our way. unconventional people Our way means we’re all stakeholders. We care about what we do for you, not about what process usually dictates. That’s unconventional. uncommon understanding Consideration. Expertise. Determination. That’s what it takes for us to understand you and your business. That’s uncommon. That’s our way. unparalleled success Success doesn’t come from being the same, it comes from being different. We’re proud to have always done things our way, and our results speak for themselves.
  10. 10. Differentiators Our People  Our Values – a massive part of our recruitment criteria  Managers remunerated not just on sales  Average of 7 years experience in recruitment in each discipline  Rewarded for retention of customers as much as winning new ones  All our consultants are accredited by Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP)  Run a monthly competition where staff nominate colleague who have evidenced one of our core values  All of our staff are shareholders – long term objectives and strong retention
  11. 11. Differentiators Our Technology  Web based applicant tracking system  Access from any computer or mobile device  Effective and efficient candidate tracking  Standard, custom-built and ad hoc reporting capability  Comprehensive and integrated candidate sourcing solutions  CRM provides visibility into client communications, job history, candidate history, meetings and notes  Integrates with leading calendar and e-mail applications
  12. 12. Finance Finance Reporting Finance technician Financial accountant Business consultant Payroll Accountant Payroll Manager IT Helpdesk Service Management Infrastructure Management Development, Test, Config Architects Business Systems  Program and Portfolio Management  Project Managers  Business Analysts  Business Change
  13. 13. Operations Business Support Analysts Program Directors Heads of ServicePurchasing / Procurement Procurement Manager Buyer Category Manager Category Lead Head of Procurement Purchasing Director
  14. 14. Supply Chain Distribution Centre Migration Project Manager Project Manager New Distribution Centre 3rd Party Logistics Engagement Manager Capacity Planner Process Manager International & EuropeanTransport Transport Management Fleet Management Distribution Management
  15. 15. Our Proposed Solution Understand our customer, understand your proposition Dedicated team of experts Effective relationship management - accountability Open, honest, ongoing communication Trusted advisor – challenge the norm Maximise all sourcing opportunities – full market coverage across all of UK  Networking & referrals  Targeted job boards & databases  Social media – LinkedIn  Featured client on the ReThink Recruitment website
  16. 16. Monitoring Service Delivery No track record with 3663 All Service delivery reviews are based on core recruitment metrics  Cost per hire  Time of hire  Quality of hire  Customer (client and candidate) satisfaction For ReThink  Responsiveness of client  Openness  Commitment and trust  Attractiveness to candidates There is a separate folder which includes examples of different kinds of service reviews for other customers.
  17. 17. Proposed Terms of Business Our fees range from customer to customer dependanton service applied For PSL business this ranges due to volume from 15%to 20% for permanent business – our largest customer is15% For contract PSL business our margins tend to bebetween 16% and 22%. However, most of our customerswe work with, we are “open book” and we often work to abudget. There are far better ways to drive good value than“attacking” agency margin – this often drives the wrongbehaviours!
  18. 18. Conclusion The right sector experience – we understand how fast paced your business is Strong track record in 3663’s areas of recruitment Experience & expertise Tried, tested & trusted operating model Values focussed business – it’s all about our people Understand market dynamics Create unique propositions for our customers Deliver top talent Fun to work with!
  19. 19. Any Questions?