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Windows 2008 Overview


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Windows 2008 Overview

  1. 1. Overview<br />Amit Gatenyo<br />Infrastructure & Security Manager<br />Dario IT Solutions ltd<br />054-2492499<br /><br />
  2. 2. Technology Investments<br />Virtualization<br />Security<br />Web<br />Windows Server Virtualization – WS2008 contains everything needed to support machine virtualization. Hyper-V™ enables IT organizations to reduce costs, improve server utilization, and create a more dynamic IT infrastructure.<br />Presentation Virtualization - Terminal Services accelerates and extends application deployments to any device, improving remote worker efficiency, while helping keep critical intellectual property secure and radically simplifying regulatory compliance<br />Network Access Protection - helps prevent unhealthy devices from accessing corporate resources, NAPenables policy validation, network restriction, remediation and ongoing compliance to ensure network health is not compromised.<br />Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) - helps reduce corruption and compromise of the system.RODC improves security of branch office servers and reduces risk of stolen information from branch DCs.<br />Active Directory Rights Management Services - helps prevent unauthorized access and use of documents, data, and e-mail. RMS enables document owners to identify authorized users and manage restrictions on usage of documents. <br />Internet Information Services 7.0 – Powerful Web Application and Services Platform<br />Manage with Ease - More efficient administration tools including delegated administration and shared configuration<br />Powerful Hosting of Applications and Services - Expanded application hosting for .NET, ASP, PHP Web applications and XML services.  Web server extensibility throughout<br />Lower Infrastructure Costs - Improved scalability and enhanced security and reliability with automatic application sandboxing<br />Solid Foundation for Your Business Workloads<br />Reliability<br />Management<br />Server Core Installation Option - Minimal installation option for increased reliability, security, and management <br />Next Generation Networking - New TCP/IP stack improves scalability, performance and security. <br />Failover Clustering – Improved setup, validation, management, and geo-clustering deployment simplifies implementation of highly-available failover clusters and helps ensure business continuity.<br />Dynamic Partitioning - Datacenter and Itanium. Delivers mainframe-class reliability. Increases workload resources, and allows one to hot- add and replace processors and memory without rebooting,<br />Server Manager – “One-stop shop” to guide you through installation, configuration, management, and reporting of server roles and features.<br />Windows PowerShell™ - Achieve greater control and productivity using a powerful new command shell and scripting language for accelerated system administration and task automation<br />Power Management – Reduce energy consumption and maintain server performance through processor power management features.<br />High Performance Computing – Increase scalability and performance of HPC workloads and improve management of clustered file systems.<br />
  3. 3. Most Flexible and Robust Windows Server Operating System to Date<br />SolidFoundation<br />Reliability<br />Management<br />Windows Server Manager<br />PowerShell<br />Power Management<br />Server Core<br />Next Generation Networking<br />Failover Clustering<br />
  4. 4. Windows PowerShell<br />Solid Foundation<br />New Command-line shell and Scripting Language<br />Improves productivity and control<br />Accelerates automation of system admin<br />Easy-to-use <br />Works with existing scripts<br />SolidFoundation<br />Partners<br />Admin GUIs layered over PowerShell<br />One-to-many remote management using WS-MGMT<br />
  5. 5. Managing Windows Server 2008<br />Solid Foundation<br />Server Manager<br />Initial Configuration<br />Product Installation<br />
  6. 6. Group Policy Preferences<br />Solid Foundation<br />Improving IT productivity<br />Reducing need for logon scripts<br />Limiting configuration errors<br />Enhancing end-user satisfaction<br />Minimizing image maintenance<br />Reducing overall image count<br />
  7. 7. Windows Server Core<br />Solid Foundation<br />Server Core<br />Security, TCP/IP, File Systems, RPC,plus other Core Server Sub-Systems<br />Hyper-V<br />AD DS<br />DHCP<br />AD LDS<br />DNS<br />IIS 7.0<br />GUI, CLR, Shell, IE, OE, etc.<br />File<br />Media<br />Print<br />Only a subset of the executable files and DLLs installed<br />No GUI interface installed<br />Nine available Server Roles<br />Can be managed with remote tools<br />
  8. 8. Key New Networking Features<br />Solid Foundation<br />Windows Filtering Platform<br />Receive Window Autotuning<br />Provides filtering capability at all layers of the TCP/IP protocol stack <br />Integrates and provides support for next-generation firewall features<br />Automatically senses network environment and adjusts important performance settings<br />Allows increase of the size of the TCP/IP send / receive window<br />Policy-based Quality of Service<br />Receive-Side Scaling<br />Previous Windows operating systems limits receive protocol processing to single CPU<br />RSS resolves this issue by allowing network load from a network adapter to be balanced across multiple CPUs<br />Prioritize or manage the sending rate for outgoing network traffic<br />Both DSCP marking and throttling can be used together to manage traffic effectively<br />
  9. 9. The Receive Window Limitation<br />Solid Foundation<br />North America<br />Satellite<br />IntercontinentalFiber<br />64 KB<br />128 KB<br />256 KB<br />512 KB<br />Maximum Throughput (Mpbs)<br />RTT ms<br />
  10. 10. Windows Firewall w/ Advanced Security<br />Solid Foundation<br />Firewall rules become more intelligent<br />Policy-based networking<br />Combined firewall and IPsec management<br />
  11. 11. Remote Infrastructure Benefits<br />Solid Foundation<br />Optimization<br />SysVolreplication<br />DFS replication<br />Protocols<br />Security<br />BitLocker™<br />Server Core<br />Read-Only Domain Controller<br />Role separation<br />Administration<br />Print Management Console<br />PowerShell, WinRS, WinRM<br />Server Virtualization with Hyper-V<br />Restartable Active Directory<br />Hub Site<br />Remote Site<br />
  12. 12. Scalability and Reliability<br />Run the largest workloads and fully utilize multicore servers with a single WSS08R2 server instance<br />Get standard workloads to function with fewer locks and greater parallelism<br />Support more than 64 processor cores for a single OS instance <br />OS Componentization<br />Support more roles and broaden current role support (e.g., the addition of within IIS)<br />PowerShell scripting in Server Core<br />.NET framework on Server core, which in turn should drive app support<br />Improvements to Failover Clustering<br />Better Server Workload and Scaling<br />Improvements to Enterprise Storage<br />
  13. 13. Scalable,<br />Reliable<br />Improving AvailabilityFailover Clustering<br />Custer configuration validation<br />PowerShell support<br />IPSec improvements<br />Increased resiliency<br />Enhanced monitoring<br />Read-only access <br />Cluster workload migration<br />High availability roles<br />Improved fault tolerance<br />Live Migration (Cluster Shared Volumes)<br />
  14. 14. Scalable,<br />Reliable<br />Increasing Performance<br />Scaling Out<br />Adding additional servers to a workload<br />Scaling Up<br />Increasing system resources<br />
  15. 15. Scalable,<br />Reliable<br />Increasing PerformanceScaling Out<br />IP Stickiness<br />PowerShell support<br />Application health awareness<br />IIS NLB Cluster<br />Shopping Cart website<br />SQL DB<br />IIS NLB Cluster<br />
  16. 16. Scalable,<br />Reliable<br />Increasing PerformanceScaling Up<br />Up to 256 logical processors<br />Enhanced processing<br />Improved performance for storage devices<br />
  17. 17. Scalable,<br />Reliable<br />Improving Network StorageEnhanced Performance<br />Reduced processor requirement for wirespeed<br />Optimized NTIO<br />Load balancing for up to 32 paths<br />Improved iSCSI connection<br />Storage subsystem optimization<br />Faster Chkdsk<br />
  18. 18. Scalable,<br />Reliable<br />Improving Network StorageIncreased Availability<br />Load-balancing policies<br />Multiple paths to storage<br />Enabling failover<br />Configuration snapshots<br />Version capture<br />Enabling storage system quick restore <br />
  19. 19. Deliver Rich Web-based Experiences Efficiently and Effectively<br />Web<br />Web Application Services<br />Internet Information Services 7.0<br />Windows Media Services<br />
  20. 20. IIS 7.0 Key Investments<br />Deploy<br />Web<br />Enhanced Web Administration atEvery Stage in the Application Lifecycle<br />Host<br />Troubleshoot<br />Simpler application deployment to Web farms and UNC shares<br />More secure, reliable application hosting<br />Web<br />Manage<br />Reduced downtime from faster troubleshooting<br />Greater productivity using delegated management and better tools<br />
  21. 21. Managing Your Web with IIS 7.0<br />Web<br />Secure HTTPS<br />IIS7<br />IIS7<br />IIS7<br />UNC<br />SharedConfig<br />Delegation<br />Internet<br />Manage Remotely <br />Better Tools<br />Intuitive, Task Oriented GUI<br />.NET Management API<br />Unified WMI Provider for IIS/ASP.NET<br />Powerful Command Line Support<br />Rich Runtime State Information<br />Automatic Failure Tracing and Logging<br />XML<br />XML<br />XCopy Deploy<br />Web.config<br />AppHost.config<br />Administrator<br />App<br />Shared app hosting<br />Site Owner<br />Web farm<br /><ul><li> Secure remote management
  22. 22. Admin tools
  23. 23. Delegated management
  24. 24. Shared configuration for Web farms</li></li></ul><li>Optimize Your Infrastructure and Improve Server Availability<br />Presentation Virtualization with Terminal Services RemoteApp<br />Server Virtualization with Hyper-V<br />Virtualization<br />Application Virtualization<br />Desktop Virtualization<br />
  25. 25. Hyper-V<br />Virtualization<br />Reliable and scalable platform<br />4-way multi-core support<br />32GB or more guest memory support<br />New hardware sharing architecture<br />32-bit and 64-bit guest support<br />VM snapshots<br />Run on Server Core<br />Live backup<br />Clustering support<br />Live Migration<br />Minimal trusted computing Base<br />Integrated Management<br />Complete scriptable user model<br />System Center Virtual Machine Manager<br />Centralized view of VMs<br />Rapid VM creation<br />End users can request and place VMs<br />Configurable rules and boundaries<br />Comprehensive Support<br />Support for Windows, Linux, and Xen-enabled Linux<br />Familiar set of tools<br />VHD format is available as Open Specification Promise (OSP)<br />Virtualization<br />
  26. 26. Interoperability<br />Licensing<br />Supportheterogeneityacross thedatacenter<br />License .VHD <br />XenSourceagreement<br />Novell Agreement<br />Deliver cost-effective, flexible and simplified licensing<br />Virtualization InvestmentsA multiple level approach<br />Management<br />Infrastructure<br />Applications<br />Create agility<br />Better utilizeserver resources<br />Partnerwith AMDand Intel<br />Ease consolidationonto virtual infrastructure<br />Better utilizemanagementresources<br />Free upIT spend<br />Acceleratedeployment<br />Reduce the costof supportingapplications <br />Turn applications into dynamic,real-time services<br />Support <br />
  27. 27. Presentation Virtualization with TS RemoteApp<br />Virtualization<br /><ul><li>Deploy RemoteApp programs to users through TS Web Access or through a file share or other distribution mechanism
  28. 28. RemoteApp console used to make application available
  29. 29. Also used to make programs available with TS Web Access
  30. 30. Only supported by Remote Desktop client 6.0, or later
  31. 31. Make RemoteApp programs available from the Internet with TS Gateway
  32. 32. Remote programs integrated with local computer
  33. 33. Helps improve the end user experience and reduce training requirements</li></ul>Remote Desktop client required<br />Terminal Services<br />Gateway Server<br />
  34. 34. Improved Remote Access/Management<br />Virtualization<br />Central Office<br />Comprehensive Remote Access and Remote Management Solution<br />Terminal Services<br />Windows Remote Management<br />Secure SocketTunneling Protocol<br />Home Office<br />Remote/ Mobile User<br />Remote Site<br />
  35. 35. Summary<br />Greater administrative control<br />Enterprise-class foundation <br />Rich Web-based experiences<br />Increased server consolidation<br />Increased automation<br />Remote administration<br />Anywhere access<br />Enhanced security<br />
  36. 36. Thanks for listening<br />Amit Gatenyo<br />Infrastructure & Security Manager<br />Dario IT Solutions ltd<br /><br />054-2492499<br />