Getting the most out of RDS (Terminal Services)


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  • עד היום עבדנו בשיטת client-centric remoting היום אנחנו עוברים ל-host-centric remoting כדי לתמוך ב-Flash, Silverlight, 3D וכו'עם VDI אנחנו צריכים גם 3D ויכולות גרפיקה גבוהותלא מחליף RDP אלא בא כתוספת ורלוונטי גם ל-RDS וגם ל-VDIיכולותRemoteFX משנות את המשחק – גם התקנים זולים עם יכולות גרפיות בסיסיות ביותר יכולים לקבל 3D מלא, לעבוד עם Aero ועם Video\\Audio
  • Graphic intensive applicationsPowerPointMemory intensive applicationsSQL server clients CPU intensive applications Risk modeling applicationsDisk intensive MSDE SQL server per user Network intensiveTransaction tracking/Monitoring applications---That frequently refresh data within the application from the network
  • Getting the most out of RDS (Terminal Services)

    1. 1. Amit GatenyoInfrastructure & Security Manager, DarioManagement & Windows Server MRD,
    2. 2. TS RemoteApp™ RemoteApp™TS Gateway RD GatewayTS Session Broker RD Connection Broker RemoteApp and DesktopTS Web Access Web Access / ConnectionsTS Easy Print RD Easy Print
    3. 3. • Rich, local-like user experience for remote workers• Platform for partners to optimize for a variety of configurations• Virtualized graphics and advanced codecs for highest fidelity
    4. 4. • Support for simple, low-cost end point devices• Works with VDI and higher-density session-based remote desktops• RDP with RemoteFX enables host- or client-side rendering
    5. 5. • Increases user productivity with full- fidelity remote user experience• Anywhere access to any screen content, including rich media and 3D• Display of any media content today and tomorrow will “just work”
    6. 6. Differentiating Innovation• Content and GPU independent intercept & rendering• Single GPU for multiple Hyper-V guests• Applications run at full-speed on host• Screen deltas sent to client based on network and client availability• CODEC designed for text and image content• Single CODEC for VDI and RDS sessions• HW and software manifestations by design
    7. 7. Problem MitigationBursty CPU usage WSRM for CPU quotasMemory Consumption WSRM for memory quotasNetwork usage Change RDP compression algorithmDisk Activity Separate disks for OS, Pagefile, application data, user data Disk Quotas
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    13. 13. RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access Unified access to RemoteApps and Virtual Desktops from Windows 7, Vista & XPWeb Single Sign On. only a single logon for RemoteApp & Desktop connections Forms based logon for RemoteApp & Desktop Web AccessImproved Application Compatibility Improved Windows Installer (MSI) compatibility Remote Desktop Server IP Virtualization Multi-User Platform Enhancements Fair Share CPU Scheduling prevents users from impacting one another User Profile Cache Quota Removes need to delete profiles at logoff – speeds up logon. Ensures profiles never overrun disk space; least used profiles deleted
    14. 14. RemoteFX RemoteFXRemoteFX Adaptive MediaFor WAN Graphics Remoting Metro Style RemoteFXRemoteFX Remote USBMulti Touch Desktop Redirection AppChoice of Available for BroadSoftware or Sessions, Range ofPhysical VM’s and ClientsGPU, vGPU Physical Supportedfor VM Machines
    15. 15. Amit GatenyoInfrastructure & Security Manager, DarioManagement & Windows Server MRD,