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CloudBridge and Repeater Datasheet


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Comprehensive listing of data for current CloudBridge and Repeater line

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CloudBridge and Repeater Datasheet

  1. 1. Citrix CloudBridge and Branch Repeater Datasheet   CloudBridge and Branch Repeater Accelerates, controls and optimizes applications to all locations—datacenter, branch Key benefits offices, public and private clouds • Accelerates services— desktops, applications and and mobile users multimedia—to branch office and mobile users • Improves the performance of any WAN that exhibits latency, congestion and packet loss Citrix® CloudBridge™ and Branch Repeater™ provide a unified platform that accelerates • Significantly improves applications across public and private networks to provide superior application performance XenDesktop and Citrix® and end user experience. CloudBridge and Branch Repeater offer a broad base of features XenApp™ capacity and performance over WANs including protocol acceleration support, market-leading VDI acceleration for Citrix® XenApp • 2000 appliance accelerates and XenDesktop, secure and optimized between clouds and sophisticated quality of service 5,000 simultaneous XenDesktop (QoS). CloudBridge and Branch Repeater combine these key technologies with extensive sessions • Simplifies IT with integrated bandwidth and application usage reporting for cloud-enabled application optimization. Citrix appliance options to reduce technology optimizes the user experience while giving IT fine-grained control over public and server footprint private network resources. • Enables IT agility with flexible deployment options offered by Available as a virtual or physical appliance, CloudBridge and Branch Repeater provide physical and virtual appliances • Securely extends the deployment choices that help improve the user experience, reduce IT capital and operating enterprise data center network costs by enabling on-demand network resource provisioning. CloudBridge and Branch (L2 or L3) to the public clouds • Accelerates the cloud Repeater evolve network-centric WAN optimization controller (WOC) infrastructure into a connection to maximize service-centric solution. distributed application performance Features HDX™ WAN optimization • Improves XenDesktop and XenApp response time and maximizes network bandwidth utilization by optimizing the flow of WAN traffic to mitigate the effects of distance and impaired networks • Reduces XenDesktop and XenApp bandwidth consumption by applying optimal compression techniques based on traffic characteristics, infrastructure capabilities and network conditions. • Orchestrates with XenDesktop and XenApp to provide intelligent acceleration of the Citrix delivery protocol by sensing and responding to network and traffic conditions • Allows users to define which types of XenDesktop and XenApp workflows receive the highest priority • Stores XenApp streamed applications locally in the branch for rapid delivery. • Synchronizes the application whenever there is an update or a patch available so that branch users always get the latest  
  2. 2. Citrix CloudBridge Datasheet   QoS • Provides intelligent and adaptive mechanisms that not only optimize traffic, but also guarantee QoS and quality of experience (QoE) by enabling network administrators to assess network usage, classify apps and services traffic, control bandwidth consumption using granular L2-L7 policies, monitor network congestion and delays affecting user experience and remediate those problems quickly to minimize support calls • Identifies and prioritizes delivery of virtual desktops and virtual apps to a branch based on user group (e.g., the XenDesktop group), application (published or non-published), branch location and other parameters. Protocol support • Manages TCPand SCPS flows • Accelerates any TCP-based application including file transfers, e-mail, SSL, business applications such as enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management, computer-aided design solutions, data backup and replication • Identifies and accelerates the most widely deployed Microsoft applications that branch and mobile users access, including file sharing (CIFS, SMBv2, signed SMB v1/v2), Exchange® (including encrypted MAPI and Exchange 2010) and SharePoint® (HTTP/HTTPS) • Prioritizes mission-critical traffic by aligning bandwidth utilization with business needs to ensure no change in application performance occurs during periods of severe congestion • Mitigates TCP performance penalties from network latency, congestion and packet loss while simultaneously reducing WAN bandwidth utilization and eliminating redundant traffic Security and data protection • Accelerates encrypted XenDesktop and XenApp traffic (basic, advanced/RC5, SSL), including ICA, and secure web applications while maintaining the highest levels of security • Encrypts disk compression history using AES-256 to help prevent theft of sensitive data and support compliance with security mandates and regulations • Interoperates with Citrix NetScaler Gateway™ appliances and the secure access plug-in for Citrix Receiver™ to help optimize all traffic within the secure VPN for remote and mobile users Integrated Windows® services • Natively integrates branch acceleration and optimization with essential branch services (file, print, DHCP, DNS, WINS, AD, DFS) powered by Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2 • Allows IT to securely deploy an Active Directory® database at branch offices using a read-only domain controller • Acts as a streaming server for Microsoft® App-V and a secondary site for Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager, thus eliminating the need for dedicated servers • Includes a management pack for Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager 2007 and supports Windows management instrumentation to leverage existing server management tools and expertise Flexible and centralized management • Enables network administrators and operations teams to easily control the entire CloudBridge infrastructure from a single, unified console • Offers simple configuration, replication and software upgrades across multiple appliances. • Provides multiple conduits for day-to-day operation including a web-based GUI and a scriptable command line interface • Generates real-time and historical reports to help gain a comprehensive understanding of system-wide performance gains, as well as alarm and activity information through the built-in GUI, logs, syslog and SNMP traps • Centralized licensing enables network administrators to deploy, manage and consume licenses from a central Citrix license server, simplifying branch deployments Plug-and-play for any network • Automatically discovers remote peer appliances and includes application service profiles to help you instantly identify and optimize common enterprise traffic • Preserves full TCP/IP headers, VLAN tags and QoS markings, requiring no changes to existing networking equipment, security devices or traffic monitoring tools • Offers maximum flexibility with a choice of inline, web cache communication protocol or policy-based routing deployment, along with the option to deploy appliance pairs spanning redundant WAN links for high-availability  
  3. 3. Citrix CloudBridge Datasheet   networks Platforms Versions Options CloudBridge 600 series 2-port Copper Bypass NIC CloudBridge 600-001 Deployed in branch offices to accelerate Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 1 Mbps and optimize WAN traffic and provide and 10 HDX sessions branch to cloud connectivity. CloudBridge 600-002 Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 2 Mbps and 20 HDX sessions CloudBridge 600-010 Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 10 Mbps and 100 HDX sessions. CloudBridge with Windows Server 700 2-port Copper Bypass NIC series CloudBridge with Windows Server 700-001 Deployed in branch offices to provide a Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 1 Mbps complete branch-in-a-box by natively and 10 HDX sessions with Windows Server 2008 R2 integrating branch acceleration, cloud connectivity and optimization with CloudBridge with Windows Server 700-002 essential Windows services and Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 2 Mbps management. and 20 HDX sessions with Windows Server 2008 R2 Includes a fully licensed and activated version of the Windows Server operating system. Branch Repeater with Windows Server 700-010 Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 10 Mbps and 100 HDX sessions with Windows Server 2008 R2 CloudBridge 2000 series Deployed in small and medium CloudBridge 2000-010 enterprises or large branches and Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 10 Mbps regional datacenters. and 50 HDX sessions. Supports up to 250 CloudBridge Plug-ins. CloudBridge 2000-020 Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 20 Mbps and 100 HDX sessions. Supports up to 750 CloudBridge Plug-ins. CloudBridge 2000-050 Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 50 Mbps and 300 HDX sessions. Supports up to 1,000 CloudBridge Plug-ins.  
  4. 4. Citrix CloudBridge Datasheet   CloudBridge 3000 series Deployed in headquarters and regional CloudBridge 3000-050 datacenters. Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 50 Mbps and 300 HDX sessions. Supports up to 1,000 CloudBridge Plug-ins. CloudBridge 3000-100 Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 100 Mbps and 500 HDX sessions. Supports up to 1,000 CloudBridge Plug-ins. CloudBridge 3000-155 Compact 1U appliance for WAN links up to 155 Mbps and 500 HDX sessions. Supports up to 1,000 CloudBridge Plug-ins. Citrix CloudBridge 4000 and 5000 Four 10GbE SX bypass ports series CloudBridge 4000-0310, 4000-0500 and 4000- Eight 1 GbE TX bypass ports 1000 High-performance, datacenter-class 2U appliance for WAN links between 310 device designed for large-scale VDI Mbps and 1.0 Gbps, up to 2,500 HDX and acceleration implementations sessions and 3,000 CloudBridge Plug-ins. involving thousands of users. Eight 10GbE SX bypass ports CloudBridge 5000-1500 and 5000-2000 2U appliance for WAN links up to 2 Gbps, up to 5,000 HDX sessions and up to 4,800 CloudBridge Plug-ins. Platforms Versions Options CloudBridge VPX™ Minimum Requirements This virtual appliance is deployed in CloudBridge VPX Express branch offices and datacenters to XenServer 6.0 environment: accelerate and optimize application 2 GB RAM delivery to the branch. CloudBridge VPX CloudBridge VPX-002 60 GB disk supports both Citrix® XenServer®, 2 virtual NICs 1 virtual CPU Microsoft® Hyper-V and VMware® vSphere™ hypervisors CloudBridge VPX-010 VMware vSphere 4.1 - 5.0 environment: 2 GB RAM 60 GB disk 2 virtual NICs CloudBridge VPX-020 2 virtual CPUs CloudBridge VPX-045 CloudBridge Plug-in for Citrix Receiver The CloudBridge Plug-in is deployed on individual desktops and laptops to accelerate application delivery for remote and mobile users. About Citrix Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) is a leading provider of virtual computing solutions that help companies deliver IT as an on-demand service. Founded in 1989, Citrix combines virtualization, networking and cloud computing technologies into a full portfolio of products that enable virtual workstyles for users and virtual datacenters for IT. More than 230,000 organizations worldwide rely on Citrix to help them build simpler and more cost-effective IT environments. Citrix partners with over 10,000 companies in more than 100 countries. Annual revenue in 2010 was $1.87 billion. ©2013 Citrix Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Citrix®, XenDesktop®, XenServer ®, NetScaler ® XenApp™, Branch Repeater™, VPX™, Citrix Receiver™ and Citrix Access Gateway™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc. and/or one or more of its subsidiaries, and may be registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective